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Blake Lively, Jennifer Lawrence & Emma Watson Frontrunners To Join Taylor Lautner In ‘Incarceron’

Blake Lively, Jennifer Lawrence & Emma Watson Frontrunners To Join Taylor Lautner In 'Incarceron'

Lautner Also Attached To ‘Bourne’-Esque Spy Vehicle

With filming now underway on the final “Twilight” movie, the two-part werewolf-falls-in-love-with-a-baby extravaganza that is “Breaking Dawn,” the franchise’s three leads are starting to look to their careers beyond the confines of Forks, Washington. Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are, to their credit, trying to work with top talent on high-class projects, with the former signing last week to star in David Cronenberg‘s “Cosmopolis,” while the latter will appear, most likely looking bored and sleepy, in Walter Salles‘ adaptation of Jack Kerouac‘s “On The Road” later in the year.

But the one actor that Hollywood is pinning their hopes on being the true breakout star is Taylor Lautner, who plays the frequently shirtless werewolf Jacob. The actor has his first solo lead coming up later in the year in the thriller “Abduction,” and signed to play Hasbro’s toy “Stretch Armstrong” for a hefty $7.5 million last year, although the project won’t roll until 2012 at the earliest. Instead, the actor will next toplineIncarceron,” an adaptation of a hit young adult novel by Catherine Fisher set up at Fox 2000.

Following a teenager on a futuristic prison planet who romances the daughter of the warden, there’s a script from “Moby Dick” writers Adam Cooper and Bill Collage, and now Deadline has word that the film’s likely to move forward this year, and that candidates are starting to appear for the female lead, Claudia. Blake Lively, Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Watson are said to be the frontrunners for the role, an impressive, if perhaps overly optimistic collection of names.

Lively’s star is firmly on the rise, and we’d be surprised if she was interested, while Lawrence is about to pick up an Oscar nomination, and Watson has enough money to never have to work again, so unless the script is remarkably strong, it seems unlikely that any of them will sign on — this seems like a wishlist rather than anything else. But we suppose stranger things have happened.

The actor’s other project that seems likely to turn over in 2011 is a spy film set up at New Regency, described, predictably, as “”The Bourne Identity” for the next generation.” Apparently based on the life of Julal Aviv, who also partially inspired “Munich,” it’ll be produced by Lautner and Alexandra Milchan, the daughter of New Regency founder Aron Milchan. The project’s currently untitled — we’d politely suggest “Munich Babies.”

If neither move forward, however, the world and its mother is trying to court Lautner — Michael Bay‘s Platinum Dunes are said to want to make a project with the actor; the producer of another young adult book movie vehicle “Demon Wars” is wooing the star; and “Chicago” producers Craig Zadan and Neil Meron want him for an untitled, unknown picture. Expect his schedule to firm up in the coming months. Even if he can’t drink legally for another two years, it’s good to be Taylor Lautner.

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Excuse me..but wasn’t this piece supposed to be about Incarceron and the people that may be involved in it? What was up with that totally out of left field Stewart dig?…

Really PLEASE for the sake of readers that don’t want be be bothered with your petty bitter ASS! Grow the FUCK UP or TRY GETTING LAID BEFORE writing an article.


Who is this talentless hag picking on Kristen? You wish you were Kristen.


Why the Kristen Stewart dig?…the comment by “Jess” is so correct…”You Stay Classy”. Sarcasm intended.


Blake Lively and Emma Watson rumored for a major role? Pit two of Harvey Weinstein’s girls against each other I see. Who is going to win? Yawn. Don’t care. Jennifer Lawrence is the only talented actress in the bunch. I’d take her, even if she doesn’t have the fan base of the other two actresses.

Edward Davis

When Twihards get butthurt. It’s hilarious.


Eh, one can’t use “real” journalism on a story that’s not based on anything real. I give Lyttelton credit for cutting through the BS and realizing that the majority of these announcements are wishful thinking from Lautner’s team.


Lively is on the rise and KStew is bored and sleepy working on one of the most anticipated movies of all time. You must have missed some craptastic Gossip Girl episodes or maybe the five minutes of Ms. Lively playing a crack whore with Ben won you over. Then you link to an article saying Rob is wrong for Cosmopolis. Like it or not Rob and Kristen will make more than you will ever see in a lifetime. They are and will work with the best in Hollywood. Instead of stay class, how about learn class? Believe me, this site does not want the wrath of the Twilight nation. You’ll be wetting yourself to get Breaking Dawn news and clicks.

This article was supposed to be about Lautner and potential female casting for his new movie. You made the whole thing into a joke. Try using real journalism next time and maybe one day you can be a real critic.


Love Emma Watson, but I doubt she’s doing this.
Emma’s really focused on school right now and is only taking up low-key Indie projects.
Plus, it seems they like they always add Emma’s name to the list to give these movies more publicity. This is like the 10th movie she’s been rumored to be attached too.


The two projects listed don’t even have directors yet. Like I said, I’ll wait and see which, if any of these make it out of pre-production. Kid has a history of announcing films that never happen. See also: Cancun, Northern Lights, and Max Steel

Edward Davis

huh? the 2 major projects in this story are moving fwd and shooting in 2011. The others, well they may or may not happen and that’s pretty well articulated. Platinum Dunes could get him in 2012.


I love the smell of PR in the morning. Let’s see how many of these films actually make it into production. Because all of this, including namechecking 3 actresses who I can’t imagine are going to sign on for a fantasy franchise without even a director yet, reeks of an attempt to get enough buzz going to push something past pre-production.


Very agressive PR.

Gabe Toro

Poor Kristen Stewart!


Picking on Kristen in an article about Taylor Lautner. You stay classy.

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