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Casting Watch: Theron vs. Rapace For Alien, Hobbit Reunites Cast, Hawkes and Parker for Indie Drama

Casting Watch: Theron vs. Rapace For Alien, Hobbit Reunites Cast, Hawkes and Parker for Indie Drama

Thompson on Hollywood

– Charlize Theron won’t be joining Leonardo DiCaprio, Armie Hammer and new cast member Ed Westwick in Clint Eastwood’s J. Edgar. Naomi Watts and Amy Adams are being eyed by Eastwood to fill the role of Helen Gandy (Hoover’s personal secretary). Who can blame Theron for turning down a secretary when she’s set to play the Evil Queen in Unviersal’s Snow White and the Huntsman. Twentieth Century Fox reportedly is rewriting their Alien franchise prequel for Theron, but director Ridley Scott seems to be favoring Dragon Tattoo‘s Noomi Rapace. Theron is the only female movie star beyond Angelina Jolie who can carry an action movie–while less-known Scandinavian import Rapace is a gamble. She and Rapace would certainly bring different things to the character of Elizabeth Shaw.

Thompson on Hollywood

– It’s a big happy family reunion. The Hobbit reunites The Lord of the Rings director Peter Jackson with location New Zealand and at least four stars: (Elijah Wood as Frodo, Ian McKellan as Gandalf, Cate Blanchett as Galadriel and Andy Serkis as Gollum). An offer is out for Orlando Bloom to return as Legolas. Martin Freeman (Love Actually) will star as the young Bilbo Baggins. Other new names are rumored to be attached, including Saoirse Ronan as Itaril. Shooting starts February 14.

Thompson on Hollywood

In indie casting news, The Playroom, a collaboration between siblings Gretchen (writer), Julia (director) and Stephen (producer) Dyer, has cast John Hawkes and Molly Parker. The pair, who’ve worked together on HBO’s Deadwood, will play the parents of four in the 1975 Dallas suburbs. Olivia Harris is their daughter, who raises the younger children in a attic make-believe world to escape their parent’s shameful existence below. The Dyers’ first film, comedy Late Bloomers, premiered at Sundance in 1996 in competition.

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Err jance, The Tourist cost 100 million $ add to that other millions of PR, the result in US is 60 million dollar the biggest flop of the year, even “Knight and Day” didn’t realize that, was better than The Tourist knight and day domestic is 76 million, WW it’s 261 million, most of the big blockbuster who cost 100 million/ and more realise the double just in the US, you don’t even have to look for this country or this town desperately, it’s a shame for such a big blockbuster like The Tourist a huge blockbuster with the 2 so called stars result a medicore numbers let’s not talk about the very very bad reviews.


Err Christy, The tourist has earned $161 mil so far world wide, opening 1st in a number of markets, still to open in some major markets like Japan and China. Guess you wrote off the starring power of Jolie too early. E! said as much just recently. And Salt earned, a true Jolie action film which The Tourist was not, almost $300 mil. Not bad by any measure. LOL Ms Jolie rules.


Theron hasn’t carried an action flick to a hit though. But it’s not her fault. Aeon Flux just wasn’t a very good movie. But she is the kind of star who would fit in more with Angelina Jolie-esque films than romantic comedies. I think that’s what the author means. I could totally see her in the alien series. She exudes intelligence, and unlike Rapace, can be strong and feminime. She’s going to be in Jason Reitman’s new film and I’m looking forward to seeing her play the Evil Queen in the new Snow White movie. About time hollywood realizes they have a gem in Theron, a beautiful actress who can act. The rom-com stars don’t have the pull they used to anyway. Why should Angelina Jolie be the only female to get the badass roles?


Charlize Theron kicked ass in Hancock as an action heroine, she kicked ass in the Italian Job, as for Aeon Flux it was not a big budget movie not a big blockbuster cost around 45 million budget and it was a different genre from the action typical films , even though the dvd sells of the movie took the first place on the top it wasn’t a huge lost.

to the poster who says” Aside from Jolie others gamble” her latest movie The Tourist is the biggest flop of the year the movie cost 100 million $, just like the huge flop the second Lara Croft..

Anne Thompson

In the B-genre sector, Beckinsale has done well in the Underworld franchise and Jovovich has scored with Resident Evil. Theron gets some points for Hancock, but she’s second-fiddle to Will Smith.

Dixon Steele

Charlize Theron can carry an action film?

Based on what? AEON FLUX was a huge flop.

Sophia Savage

Depends how you define movie star. In 2011, I’m not sure I consider Thurman, Jovovich, Beckinsale, Weaver, Janssen, Moss, Larter or Hamilton as leading ladies who can carry studio franchise pictures on their own. Theron might not be able to either. Aside from Jolie, I would agree every female actress is a box office gamble. Rapace would indeed be an interested choice, but Theron has the sex appeal, physical stature (5 inches taller than Rapace) and a gold statue on her side. “Æon Flux” was a disaster but I’d like to see Theron prove herself as better than that.


“Theron is the only female movie star beyond Angelina Jolie who can carry an action movie…”

I beg to differ! I really like Charlize, but what about (just to mention a few) Milla Jovovich, Uma Thurman, Kate Beckinsale, Sigourney Weaver, Famke Janssen, Carrie-Anne Moss, Ali Larter, Linda Hamilton, and – a personal favorite – Yvonne Strahovski?!


I’m actually not sure if I would agree that Charlize Theron is enough to carry an action movie, either. I think what we’ve seen a lot recently is that stars aren’t really the draw anymore, it’s the franchises. I think to make an Alien Prequel a success, they’d need to market the property a lot heavier than the star.

As such, I think a great way studios can promote their tent pole action movies is with more interesting casting choices guaranteed to get them a lot of press and write up. I’m a fan of Charlize, but I’d really be pleased to see Noomi Rapace in there.

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