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Exclusive: Danny Strong To Rewrite Sam Raimi-Produced ‘Earth Defense Force’

Exclusive: Danny Strong To Rewrite Sam Raimi-Produced 'Earth Defense Force'

Earlier last fall, heat began building around a new Sam Raimi-produced project, “Earth Defense Force” (aka “EDF“). With a script from from “Air Force One” screenwriter and “Castle” executive producer Andrew Marlowe, the project drew the attention of Warner Bros. who entered negotiations for the rights and later, Pierre Morel, leaving the stalled “Dune” project, circled the director’s chair.

Things continue to move forward as Danny Strong has been hired to rewrite the script, sources close to the production have confirmed with The Playlist. With the acclaimed Emmy nominated HBO drama “Recount” under his belt, Strong will tackle the story that takes place as three alien fighters attack the planet, leaving the governments of the planet humiliated and causing Earth’s leaders to respond by collectively forming a fighting force in preparation for the next larger alien attack.

No word yet on a projected start date, but clearly the filmmakers are working to get the story right before bringing it in front of cameras. The project is being produced by Renaissance Pictures.

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Peter T Chattaway

FWIW, Variety reported that Danny Strong was rewriting this script on November 15.


if you have the script mongrel,can you send it to me?

mongrel mike

this script needs a serious re-write because in it’s present state, it’s really terrible. like, “Stealth” kinda terrible.

Tony Stark

Sounds a bit similar to the premise of the UFO TV series from the late 60’s to early 70s) (and movie under production) where the governments of Earth form a secret military organization (Supreme Headquarters Alien Defence Organization or SHADO) to defend Earth from alien attack.

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