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First Poster For Dito Montiel’s Sundance-Closer ‘The Son Of No One’ With Channing Tatum & Al Pacino

First Poster For Dito Montiel's Sundance-Closer 'The Son Of No One' With Channing Tatum & Al Pacino

Here’s the first poster for Dito Montiel‘s upcoming Sundance closing night film “The Son Of No One,” which features one of the most eclectic casts in recent times including Channing Tatum, Tracy Morgan, Katie Holmes, Ray Liotta, Juliette Binoche and Al Pacino.

Tatum will star as the pic’s lead, reuniting with his “A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints” and “Fighting” helmer, playing a cop who “follows the footsteps of his deceased father and is assigned to the neighborhood where he grew up, the projects in Queens. The post 9/11 atmosphere there is tense and he soon runs into an old secret which threatens to destroy his life and family.” One aspect of the film which we’re particularly looking forward is to how Morgan — a comedian best known for his ridiculous antics on “30 Rock” — will take on his role of Tatum’s best friend, one which presumably (unless there’s been some rewrites) has some dramatic depth as Terrence Howard was originally cast in it.

The film will also see Holmes play the protagonist’s girlfriend, Binoche as a reporter and, judging from the following image, Pacino and Liotta as mentors or informants of some kind. Tatum had previously described the film as “sort of a cop psycho drama, emphasizing the psycho part of it. DeNiro will have a little part . . . Ray Liotta will be playing a big part. It’s going to be nuts.” Of course, that was back when DeNiro was slotted in the role that has since been take over by Al Pacino.

“The Son Of No One” premieres and closes out Sundance in Park City on January 28th. [IMPAwards/Sundance]

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Jim Pinkston

As a Sundance laureate, Dito Montiel (as Best Director for “A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints” in 2006) is the most exciting, young (36 y/o) filmmaker of the last five years and his new film deserves attention in the media (it was noticeably absent from the L.A. Times’ opening-day story). Montiel has never failed to satisfy and his continued collaboration with Channing Tatum their third) is reminiscent of John Ford’s and John Wayne’s long-term film-making association. I don’t know who is whose muse, but Montiel and Tatum are a winning team. If for no other reason than Montiel’s ability to assemble a cast that includes Al Pacino, Juliette Binoche, Ray Liotta, Katie Holmes, Tracy Morgan and Tatum, for “The Son of Sam,” remarkable in its diversity, and will be the valedictory film, closing the festival on January 28th, having also written and directed it, seems reason enough to give it a mention.
Jim Pinkston

Jane Eldington

Gonna be absolutely fantastic. A Guide To Recognizing Your Saints is my favorite of all time and Fighting may be the most misunderstood film in ages. This one will be out of the park. can not wait! What is the release?

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