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Golden Globes: Sorkin Wins Best Screenplay for Social Network

Golden Globes: Sorkin Wins Best Screenplay for Social Network

Thompson on Hollywood

Tina Fey and Steve Carell are presenting screenplay award as writers–“we are still stars,” says Carell.

The Social Network writer Aaron Sorkin reprises much of his speech from the Critics’ Choice awards; he hits the spin points intended to appease criticism that he was too hard on Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and the film is misogynistic. He’s a lock to win adapted screenplay at the Oscars.

The Fox party goes wild as Jane Lynch wins supporting actress for TV’s Glee.

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Ugh, I thought The Social Network was severely overrated and got most of it’s attention due to the subject matter rather than the movie as a whole. I’m a big David Fincher fan and he’s never let me down. Good movie but it didn’t make my Top Ten. I thought Howl was by far the best movie of the year with it’s combination of animation, acting, and cinematography. You can check out my list on my artist’s blog at

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