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Kevin Smith Admits It Was “Soul-Crushing” Working With Bruce Willis On ‘Cop Out’

Kevin Smith Admits It Was "Soul-Crushing" Working With Bruce Willis On 'Cop Out'

Kevin Smith did have issues with Bruce Willis on the set of “Cop Out,” Kevin Smith didn’t have issues with Bruce Willis on the set of “Cop Out.” Which one is it? In a 2009 interview, the “Clerks” filmmaker called the action star “undirectable,” but later qualified that statement with, “I think somebody took that as negative. It’s not like, “Ahh, I can’t deal with him!” It’s just how do you direct Bruce Willis to play Bruce Willis? I can direct Jason Mewes to play Jay. I can direct Affleck to play a fucking angel — or to kill his career as a grieving father. But I can’t fucking tell Bruce Willis how to be Bruce Willis — cause he’s fucking Bruce Willis!”

Fair enough, but in a very recent interview on Marc Maron’s podcast (via Film Drunk), Smith was singing a completely different tune and essentially let his true feeling fly uncensored.

“It was difficult,” he said of working with Willis. “I’ve never been involved in a situation like that where, one component is not in the box at all. It was fucking soul crushing. I mean, a lot of people are gonna be like, ‘Oh, you’re just trying to blame the movie on him.’ No, but I had no fucking help from this dude whatsoever.”

In the earlier interview, Smith basically called out the actor by name, saying one person was easy to work with on the film and it wasn’t Willis. “Tracy Morgan, I would lay down in traffic for. Were it not for Tracy, I might’ve killed myself or someone else in the making of that movie.”

So why did Smith take the “Cop Out” film director’s gig when Warner Brothers offered it to him in the first place, from a screenplay he hadn’t written? “I needed to see marketing from the inside for some shit I got comin up,” he said. Hey, again, fair enough, we’re not gonna judge there and frankly, we’re pleased Smith is being candid with his thoughts on Willis. Now, let’s put all these beefs behind us. “Red State,” his upcoming American-set horror looks pretty good based upon the teaser trailer we’ve seen. Maybe this is Smith’s new calling.

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Lord Simen

Don’t want to listen to Smith? Then stop listening to his podcasts, or the ones he participates in. It’s not hard, people.


I don’t doubt what he says is true.

That said, shut up, Kevin Smith. Stop whining and go to bed.

You know what other directors we hear whine about things? None of them.


I’ve been listening to his RedStateoftheUnionQ&A podcast and it’s a fun listen. Particularly when he’s talking with members of the crew who don’t get usual attention (i.e. 1st A.D. & Casting Director) and in this week’s episode the conversation turned to actors who stick around to help others when they’re shooting coverage.
Talk went to a Ben Affleck who was working on Armageddon and a certain Bald Guy was a flat out dick on set.

SO yeah, Kevin Smith no matter what he says is very bitter about the onset experience of Cop Out.


After Kevin Smith worked briefly with Bruce Willis on ‘Live Free or Die Hard’, Willis told Smith they should work together again. After that, Smith said he would love to make a film with Willis but he didn’t have the skill to direct an action movie. I guess when the project came around he took a shot.


He was a chilly bastard on screen and emitting zero moisture. Why’d he even signed up for the gig?

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