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‘Mean Girls’ Director Mark Waters Making Beatles Time Traveling Comedy ‘Get Back’

'Mean Girls' Director Mark Waters Making Beatles Time Traveling Comedy 'Get Back'

Are you one of those folks who believes that if John Lennon hadn’t met Yoko Ono, The Beatles would never have broken up? If so, Sidney Kimmel Entertainment is developing a comedy just for you.

Mark Waters (“Mean Girls,” “The Spiderwick Chronicles“) is in negotiations to direct “Get Back,” a film that will try to rewrite music history. Written by Chris McCoy, the story “centers on the discovery of a time machine by two die-hard Beatles fans, who travel back in time to prevent John Lennon from meeting Yoko Ono, who they blame for the break-up of the Fab Four.” So “Hot Tub Fab Four Machine“?

We imagine that the pic won’t be using many (or any) of the expensive Beatles songs on the soundtrack and we imagine the script will have to cleverly maneuver around the personalities involved to avoid any legal wrangling, but it’s an interesting premise to be sure, which could be potentially hilarious. The plan is for the pic to shoot late this summer in London. And really, we shouldn’t have to tell you that “Get Back” also refers to the last song on the last album by the Beatles, “Let It Be.” Currently, Mark Waters is in post-production on “Mr. Popper’s Penguins” which will hit theaters this summer. [Variety]

The Beatles “Get Back”

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…should have been “avoided” the…not “been. Sorry.


Not being much of a Beach Boys fan (I could never stand them) I’ve imagined what would have happened if Yoko had taken up with Brian Wilson instead of John Lennon. At very least, we’d have been the run-run-running when her daddy took her t-bird away…



actually linda’s father had a lot to do with it. so yeah, good call.


What about John from meeting Yoko Ono ?


Should have gone back and prevented their manager Brian Epstein from overdosing in 1967. The Beatles never would have launched Apple Records and had all their business hassles if Epstein hadn’t died and left them to fend for themselves financially.


Should have gone back to prevent Paul from meeting Linda.

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