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‘Monsters, Inc. 2’ To Be A Prequel?

'Monsters, Inc. 2' To Be A Prequel?

You may have forgotten, but yes, a sequel to the beloved smash hit “Monsters, Inc.” is indeed in the works, and last spring, it was even given a release date of November 16, 2012. However, not much has been heard since then as “Toy Story 3” arrived in theaters this past summer with great fanfare and looking forward a few months, Pixar will deliver another sequel in “Cars 2.” But you can bet the studio is hard at work on “Monsters, Inc. 2,” and now rumors are cropping up about the supposed plot for the film.

According to the admin post in the forums of French site Disney Plaza Central, “Monsters, Inc. 2” will go the prequel route with Mike and Sulley both enrolled at the University of Fear, telling the story of how they start off as enemies but soon become friends. Dutch blog Animatie followed up to try and find the source of the info and apparently it comes from a 2011/2012 catalog given to theater owners by Disney.

At this point, you can file it under a rumor, but it’s an intriguing one. Pixar films notoriously go through many story changes and tweaks during the development process and we wouldn’t be surprised if this turns out to be an early concept that somehow made its way through the cracks. But we’ll have to wait and see and we’d wager by the time “Cars 2” revs into theaters, we might just get our first teaser from Pixar as to what’s in store in “Monsters, Inc. 2.”

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Monsters Inc. 2? I can hardly wait. I loved the first.


Here is some more info i found: The story picks up twenty years later. Boo is all grown up, and has a family of her own. She runs a toy company that makes stuffed animals. One night, one of the monsters comes into her little girls room to do their normal comedy routine, and sees a stuffed toy of Sullivan (which Boo made from her childhood memories). He reports back to Sully what he found, and he goes through the door to see for himself.

When he enters the room, grown up Boo is asleep on her daughters bed, and groggily awakes just long enough to see “Kitty?” Sully jumps back into the closet, and runs off the laugh-floor, leaving the door “hot”.

She follows him in, only to find herself in the plant. She looks around thinking, “This place looks familiar.”


I heard that it could be a sequel, where mike and sully visit boo 20 years later when boo has a family. Other rumors are that boo, ends up in the monsters Inc factory. Anyway, everyone is excited for it!


I call shenanigans. Mike and Sully have been friends since middle school. I want to see the story with the factory changing to laughs instead of screams. Pixar has never done a sequel, and a Monster’s Inc. Prequel sounds kind of cool, but I would much rather see the story continue than go backwards. Besides, this plot would create a big continuity error.


My son and I have been waiting and praying for an MI-2. The first was such a delight, we can’t wait to see Mike & Sully at it again. Puce? Who decided on puce?

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