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Ian Mantgani

Mark P makes a good point about the previous “III” movie – let’s not also forget that a threequel (“Return of the King”) is one of the record-holders for the biggest Oscar haul.

Hank Zangara

I do not like the new system of ten nominees in the Best Picture category. Regardless of their stated reasons, the Academy clearly wanted to goose the box office draw of ten films rather than a mere five. However, last year should prove that it didn’t work. And let’s face it, some years there simply won’t be ten films deserving of such a nomination.

I say let’s go back to five – or better yet — let’s adopt the system of only awarding nominations as they are deserved. Some years there may be ten, other years there may only be three. That’s the way to go if the Oscar is to mean quality, and not just profits.

PS: regarding Toy Story 3: I’m a huge animation fan, and I was thrilled when Beauty and the Beast was nominated for Best Picture, back when there were only five nominees. Yes, Pixar does great work, but TS3 is no Beauty and the Beast. Heck, it’s not even Wall-E. So this nomination smacks of a token gesture to placate animation fans, or to stack the deck when it comes to the Animation category. In my view, Chris Sanders and Dean DuBlois’ brilliant “How to Train Your Dragon” ought to win Best Animated Film.

alan aperlo

I like a big 3

Mark Polak

In your capsule of Toy Story 3, you state:

The first film with a “3” at the end of its title to compete for Best Picture

In 1990 The Godfather, Part III was nominated. Perhaps you get off on a technicality because the title uses the roman numeral rather than the actual number “3”.

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