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New Controversial ‘Breaking Dawn’ Photo Shows Edward & Bella Playing A Game Of “Sticking The Tip In”

New Controversial 'Breaking Dawn' Photo Shows Edward & Bella Playing A Game Of "Sticking The Tip In"

Moment Of Exact Insertion Captured In New Production Still, Chaste ‘Twilight’ Fans Outraged

Gasp! The latest look at “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn” may be too hot to handle for some and its certainly putting the “hard” in Twihards.

In the newest, shocking photo from ‘Breaking Dawn,’ the nearly XXX pic shows the film’s stars Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart in the throes of an extremely intimate moment, prompting shock and horror from fans mortified to see their perfect specimens of true love degraded so thoroughly on screen. “Never in a million years did I think Edward or Bella would lower themselves to hardcore shenanigans,” said Chastity Macguffin, mother of three and devoted ‘Twilight’ fan. Rumors are now running rampant on fan forums as series enthusiasts try to decipher whether or not “it’s in” causing an intense debate among those eager to see the film’s leads evolve their relationship and those who would rather leave bedroom antics to the imagination.

Certainly that question is one of the biggest ones surrounding any tentpole film to come out this year. Just how dirty and nasty Edward and Bella will get down will finally be answered when the Bill Condon-directed film arrives on November 18, 2011. See the full, steamy photo after the jump.

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The Dude

It’s going t o push the PG13 boundaries and good. What Summit is wrong about is thinking the core audience is under 17. That’s not even remotely true. I hope they release an “unrated” version for DVD that will allow a bit more skin. But the ” hotness” will come from Kris and Rob’s facial expressions. They are both very good @ that. BD II is going to have Vamp Sex which will be even hotter. I can’t deal with the year between the two. They film part II scenes one day, then go back to part I the next day. I would almost rather wait for both films at once.


Are you kidding???? shock and Horror????
OMG!!!!!! I’m spreading on the floor with laughing!!!!!
How dirty and nasty?????
I can’t believe…..ahahahahah!!!!!


Lol, didn’t realise there were so many fans here, this article is gold, Chastity Macguffin, brilliant,


“… THEIR honeymoon…” ; …THEY’RE going to show anything.”


OMG!!! people r making a big deal over nothing!!!! its there honeymoon!?!?! its not like there going to show anything! god the picture looks very sweet and intimate
so parents…


You guys know what a Macguffin is. Right?

Oliver Lyttelton

Once more, for the cheap seats:

Chastity Macguffin.



get a life

i’m sorry, but people think this is XXX? talk about conservative….

the producers and writers have again and again guaranteed that it is a pg13 movie! i think people are just annoyed that rob is naked with kristen…

The Playlist

I dunno, both threads are pure comedy.

Katie Walsh

Oh my god, I can’t decide if this or the one where the guy is writing dissertations defending “Transformers” is the funnier comment thread on the Playlist today. I think it might be this one. HaHA!


To think, people just automatically assume Twilight fans are illiterate.

Donald Pekkerface

when i play that game it’s called “just the tip”. “sticking the tip in” has too many syllables to sounds suitably sexy. everyone knows the dumber it is, the sexier it is.


Seriously, this girl needs to take a step back. “Devoted fan”. That’s how she wants to describe herself? She gives real devoted fans a bad rep.

If she’s so devoted then she has obviously read the books and can see that sex is discussed throughout the entire series, that it’s a huge build up and an important part in both of their character descriptions, their lives and their decisions, and then she’s like, OMG, GASP, THEY ACTUALLY DO IT AFTER BEING MARRIED!? Say it isn’t so! Devoted fans don’t want/need to see that!! The horror! The madness!

And she is a mother of three herself? Pretty hypocritical if you ask me. She needs a reality check. Someone should sit her down and make her re-read the books a little slower.


Are these comments fake too?


This has to be a joke. This beautiful shot of a new husband and wife is triple X? HAHAHAHA! People have sex on their honeymoon. Get over it. I think the haters are the ones complaining the most.

I think some of these “moms” need to get some from their own husband or paper boy and relax. Lack of sex makes you jealous of those having good sex.


Looks like the those complaining about this pic are the same ones that have crossed the line with their fixation for RPatz and their hated for Kristen. They obviously cannot separate real life for the fantasy of the Twilight saga now. The idea of the characters of Bella and Edward as a married couple have become unacceptable to them because they cannot accept that Rob and Kris are a real life couple. It is sad that these haters are grown women with children. Stop blaming teens! These haters really need to understand that they are sick and need to seek professional help. The sooner the better for all concerned.


You guys ever heard of satire before? “chastity macguffin”? If you guys think they’re being serious here, then I’m doubly embarrassed for Twi fans (of which I am one).


How amusing. An “Onion”-style article written by people with none of The Onion’s talent for satire by using the truth.
Whoever wrote this has obviously never talked to a single Twilight fan, who, whether 17 or 67, is the type of person who loves seeing this sex scene and can’t wait for more. The sex is a long-awaited highlight of “Breaking Dawn,” not a minus.
You still have 2.5 months to work on an April Fool’s headline that is actually funny.


Either you @theplaylist is seeking sensationalism for views to your site, or clearly the people complaining have not read the book! Either way it makes for total BULL SHIT! Bella and Edward are married, on their honeymoon. I know what I did on my honeymoon, hopefully these complaining moms did the same! FOR THE LOVE!!! Oh, and if it’s inappropriate for your children, why the hell did you let them read the books and see the movies to begin with? Censorship begins at home!!!!

Oliver Lyttelton

Headline of the day, without a question.


“hardcore shenanigans”? “nearly XXX pic”? People need to grow up. It’s a beautiful picture of a beautiful moment between a newly married husband and wife. While this isn’t appropriate for kids (hey, they shouldn’t be reading the books or seeing the movies to begin with!), I don’t see any problem with it.

All the Twi-moms and hardcore fans have been talking about how they want more detail of the honeymoon. They wanted it rated R for crying out loud! Well, here it is. You got what you wanted (aside from the rating). Stop complaining about it!


You have GOT to be kidding me! Have any of these people read the books? They have sex. It’s their honeymoon! People are such idiots. The picture is beautiful and tasteful. If they are looking for a story without sex, it’s not Breaking Dawn!

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