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‘One Day’ With Anne Hathaway & Jim Sturgess Lands Big Summer Release Date Of July 8th

'One Day' With Anne Hathaway & Jim Sturgess Lands Big Summer Release Date Of July 8th

Wow. We knew that early word on this was good, but we didn’t know it was this good. Focus Features has set the Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess led rom-com “One Daywith a scheduled July 8th release date, placing it right in the middle of the summer blockbuster season. The move will put the film, opening in a platform release, up against the Kevin James family vehicle “The Zookeeper” and more intriguingly, opposite the next and presumably terrible Katherine Heigl film, “One For The Money.” We know what we’re buying our tickets for that weekend.

Based on the book by David Nicholls, who co-wrote the script, “One Day” tells the story of a couple—Dexter (Sturgess), a spoiled rich TV host and Emma (Hathaway), a politically minded, insecure, working class Yorkshire girl—who meet on the same day, July 15th, for the twenty years after they share a one-night stand together at university. Rafe Spall co-stars in the pic as the partner of Emma, Romola Garai as Dexter’s partner and Patricia Clarkson possibly as the mother of Dexter.

The film is, of course, Lone Scherfig’s highly anticipated follow up to the successful Carey Mulligan breakout film, “An Education.” The director showed a remarkable talent for tone and a subtlety of hand that we think will make “One Day” a cut above the standard rom-com cloth and it certainly makes the summer moviegoing season — particularly that weekend — a little brighter. So who’s it gonna be: Heigl or Hathaway? We think the choice is obvious.

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I read many The Way Back reviews and actually Jim Sturgess is getting really good reviews.Although Peter Weir asked him to hold back the emotions(It’s his direction in TWB),so some discribe his performance “subtle “.But I love subtle performances.So it’s no problem for me.

Edward Davis,could you please don’t judge the actor just for a couple of films? And could you please see his performances in “Fifty Dead Men Walking” and “Heartless” someday? Actually he is great in emotional scenes.You will understand me in the future.

Btw,here are two comments on Sturgess’s performance in “One Day”.It’s from audiences who saw the film at test screening.

“Jim Sturgess- I thought he was excellent. He wonderfully portrayed a character that was like-able, smart and interesting but also clearly flawed and hurting. His acting towards the end was even better. ”

“Jim was spectacular in his role. Dark, lost little soul who finally settled down to a wonderful reward.”

Sorry for my English and for the long post.

tina p

Edward Davis , thanks for the heads up !

Edward Davis

Hi Tina P. I’ve seen the Way Back. It’s a great (or at least very solid) movie despite the non-entity that is Jim Sturgess in the lead. Thankfully, there’s a great supporting cast around him (Ed Harris, Colin Farrell, Ronan, etc).

Hathaway is a great actress, no doubt about that. She’s only going to prove that more and more going fwd.

tina p.

Edward Davis, I hear Jim Sturgess is very good in “The Way Back”, and I liked his performance in “Across the Universe”. I’m looking forward to this film because I trust Focus Features & the wonderful Lone Scherfig.

After seeing Anne Hathaway host SNL last year, I’ve become a big fan . And , I believe she can do anything- comedically or dramatically . On SNL, she did killer impressions of Judy Garland from ” Wizard of Oz” ( she eerily replicated Judy’s speaking & singing voice to perfection ) and Katie Holmes ( wickedly funny ! ) . Anne outperformed many of the SNL cast members ( even Kristin Wiig) , and she rarely looked at the teleprompter. Because Hathaway was so brilliant on SNL, the Board of Governors of the Motion Picture Arts & Sciences offered her the Oscar co-hosting gig.


As a true fan of the book, I’ll wait until July 15 to see it.

Edward Davis

The problem with this film is going to be Jim Sturgess, a non-entity of an actor, frankly.


I heard “One Day” was tested very well Last December.I’m really looking forward to seeing this film! Variety also says like this,

“Focus Features has slotted Anne Hathaway-Jim Sturgess starrer “One Day” for July 8.
[/i]The summer berth marks a vote of confidence for the romantic comedy, [/i]”

(FF also gave “The Kids Are All Right” July 9 release date (limited) last year.Then expanded it later.So I’m sure they has confidence with OD,too)


What early word are you talking about?


“We knew that early wood on this was good”

Talk about a Freudian slip, yep, Sturgess messes with my synapses too!

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