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Question: Who Has Two Movies in the Top 10 This Weekend?

Question: Who Has Two Movies in the Top 10 This Weekend?

Answer. Natalie Portman. Portman has had some successful movies but she has never been considered a box office threat, but now she clearly is with The Black Swan crossing the $80 million mark (it only cost $13 million), and her new romance with Ashton Kutcher No Strings Attached opening at number 1 for the weekend with a little over $20 million (it cost $25 million to make.)

Let’s not forget to give a big cheer of congratulations to Fempire member Elizabeth Meriwether for her success. Hope she gets lots more writing gigs.

What did people think of No Strings Attached?

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Linn D.

I saw this film this past weekend with my boyfriend. (I chose the film) We liked it. The ending got a bit weird, and since we’re both in the entertainment industry we had lots of opinions on how and why the ending got a little weird, but all in all, we enjoyed ourselves. And it was nice to see a rated R film that wasn’t about jiggling certain female parts. (in fact, we saw more of Ashton Kutcher’s body than any female actress…)

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