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Relativity In Talks With The Guy Who Made ‘Day The Earth Stood Still’ To Direct David/Goliath Tale

Relativity In Talks With The Guy Who Made 'Day The Earth Stood Still' To Direct David/Goliath Tale

Aiming For ‘300’-Esque Vibe, God Help Us (Oh Wait….)

Oh, boy. Biblical epic + the guy who directed Keanu Reeves in the outrageously terrible “The Day the Earth Stood Still” = we don’t even know what.

But that’s what might be happening, as Relativity is now talking with Scott Derrickson to direct a big screen version of David and Goliath, whose story will apparently be told with all the crushing subtlety of “300.” John D. Payne and Patrick McKay wrote the screenplay but we’re not sure who they are and neither is IMDb. It’s been a while since we were in Sunday School but apparently “Goliath” — as it’s called — will have “an epic chase and adventure” vibe, which we’re pretty sure wasn’t in the tale our teachers told us. But [spoiler!] David does cut off Goliath’s head so that’s kind of cool.

If anything, the film does have a chance to make slingshots and stones relevant again. But yeah, we can’t say we’re looking forward to this monstrosity (ha!) particularly with Derrickson leading the charge. [Deadline]

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I think all of you are pathetic morons. Why not just go make a film your fucking self instead of trying to put down others


Haha, I’m pretty sure in that picture Goliath is wearing a Manchester United shirt and David another football (or soccer) one, possibly Hull. Where did you find it, I think it’s probably been made for an FA Cup game at some point.

Gabe Toro

Kevin writes solid articles. And manages to avoid making movies as eye-rapingly terrible as that moron Mr. Derrickson’s output.


I liked The Day The Earth Stood Still.

Emily Rose is the last great horror film I’ve seen. Anyone notice how they were copied by The Last Exorcism ?

What a poorly written article, Kevin Jagernauth.

BTW what do you do thats so great? Or just do you belittle others all day.


Will Smith wasn’t in The Day The Earth Stood Still remake.

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