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Renée Zellweger’s ‘My Own Love Song’ With Soundtrack By Bob Dylan Going Straight-To-DVD

Renée Zellweger's 'My Own Love Song' With Soundtrack By Bob Dylan Going Straight-To-DVD

Renée Zellweger is on a box office losing streak, the likes of which we haven’t seen, from a formerly celebrated star and Oscar nominee, in a long time. Her last few starring vehicles — “New In Town,” “My One And Only,” “Case 39” — have been dead-on-arrival at the box office and you’d have to go way, way back to her “Bridget Jones” pictures to find anything resembling success (yes, “Cinderella Man” earned lots of critical acclaim but it failed at the box office and she is not the selling point of that film either). And unfortunately for the actress, the rut will continue.

On paper, “My Own Love Song” looks like a winner. It’s directed by Olivier Dahan who made an international star out of Marion Cotillard with “La Vie En Rose” and it’s got an original soundtrack by Bob Dylan with sixteen new songs. But unfortunately, the film is yet another post-“Crazy Heart” tale of a down-on-his/her-luck musician that audiences seem already to be weary of. Gwyneth Paltrow‘s “Country Strong” — even though it earned an Oscar nod for Best Song — has been met with critical and popular shrugs of the shoulder (though its low budget will mean that it should end up in the black). So chances are that if no one wants to see Mrs. Chris Martin in a country music redemption tale, Renée Zellweger will have even less luck. Thus, “My Own Love Song” won’t even get the cursory theater dump “Case 39” did — instead, it will go straight to DVD this spring, following an appearance at the Tribeca Film Festival last year and a theatrical release in France last April.

Inception Media Group (yes, that’s its name) has picked up the North American home video, digital and non-theatrical rights to the film. So in other words, it won’t be hitting your local multiplex anytime soon, but if you are curious about the film, you won’t have to wait very long to see it. “My Own Love Song” is being prepped for a spring release and should fill in any need you might have for uplifting music stories. Here’s the synopsis:

“My Own Love Song” revolves around Jane (Zellweger), a former singer who became disabled after an accident and her offbeat friend Joey (Forest Whitaker) who comes across an invitation to the First Communion of Jane’s long-lost son Devon. Joey convinces Jane to embark on a cross-country road trip to attend the communion and their journey takes turns that neither of them could ever have expected. Ultimately, the trip leads to a poignant reunion for Jane with her long-lost son, where she’s finally able to sing to him the love song she’s been writing in her head for years.

While there’s no official soundtrack release slated, five of the new Dylan tunes appear on his album “Together Through Life” — you can check out the full list of Dylan songs in the film right here. Check out the trailer for the film below.

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any word on a soundtrack being released ???

LeonARD Graham

Where can I buy this sound tract of Bob Dylans of my own love song.

Khaya Richard Ndlovu

To whom it may concern.I really like this film since the day I watched it,the only thing i am worrid about when are going to get those sound tracks they were singing because they are wonderful.Good job to film makers and the actors and ectresses like Billy and Jane,and a big Salute to my man,Joey(Forest Whitaker)I would like to meet that man face to face.And please producers and directors make one of your movies here in South Africa,please.


Somebody, Zellweger is taking a break because she is not getting great job offers- she is no longer in demand. Paltrow is big on “Glee” and Berry’s last bid for the Oscars failed miserably. Trust me, none of these actresses are being pursued by the Hollywood biggies. It is sad because they have the talent.


I find your referring to Gwyneth Paltrow as “Mrs. Chris Martin” to be appallingly sexist.


Can someone PLEASE campaign for this movie to be in theaters? It’s like her last film that’s gonna be in theaters anyway. Renee Zellweger said she was gonna take a break. Oh, and Halle Berry and Gwyneth Paltrow are still pretty big btw.


Wow ! What happen to Renée Zellweger ? I am not just talking about her film career , but also her looks. She was so fresh face , energetic , and full of life in ” Jerry Maguire”. I truly miss that Zellweger.

I think am starting to believe in some of this ” Oscar Curse” for most actors. Zellweger. Forest Whitaker. Mira Sorvino. F. Murray Abraham . Timothy Hutton. Gwyneth Paltrow. Halle Berry. It is increasing at a disturbing rate.


How many of Forest Whitaker’s post-Oscar roles have gone straight to DVD? Winged Creatures, Hurricane Season, The Experiment, now this? No wonder he’s doing that Criminal Minds spinoff.

Gabe Toro

I had a Netflix package sent to me last year with an ad that said “My Own Love Song, In Theaters Now!”

Still trying to figure out what that was about.


already on netflix instantly


That’s a shame. This looks better than Cuntry Strong, although Forrest Whitaker could bring it down just a scotch.

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