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Resources for Women and Film

Resources for Women and Film

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Is there a specific night during a show's run when box office numbers are counted (e.g. first Friday night…?) towards the film's ranking? I'm in a group of women who would like to support films written, directed, and/or produced by women by attending that night.


I'm here to promote an indiegogo campaign for a great woman filmmaker and her film, The One Nighter…Check out the campaign & the great perks! If you can't help out with funding, please help out with sharing with your social network. Thanks in advance & cheers! Here's the indiegogo linke:


Lauren Ludwig got thrilling news a few weeks back – she has been accepted into AFI's Directing Workshop for Women, in which she will have the chance to direct a short film. Please help her make her film!
Every dollar counts, no matter how big or small the donation.
Thank you so much for your help in getting this film up on its feet, and for all the ways you support women filmmakers.

brie eley

My name is Brie Eley. My producing partner, Charisse Woodall, and I are developing a sharp and irreverent half hour comedy series called Capes and Claims about superheros and insurance agents. The show combines the thrill of superhero adventures with the excitement of cop dramas and the workplace antics of kooky insurance agents. We're currently raising money to shoot the pilot episode (Indiegogo under Capes and Claims), and it would be a major coup to have our teaser video or project mentioned on Women & Hollywood. We have a great show with all of these elements, created by two women, that stars an ethnically diverse cast and features four African-American series regulars. To maintain that integrity through the selling process, we'll need all the help we can get. Thank you for the consideration and for continuing to be a voice for women in Hollywood.

Supriya Limaye

Hey everyone,

I’m an intern promoting a new web series called The Monogamy Experiment. It stars Amy Rider (Secret Life), a young Asian American filmmaker, and we need your support.

It also stars Tohoru Masamune (Inception), James Kyson-Lee (Heroes), Gina Hiraizumi, Allen Evangelista (Secret Life), and others.

We are posting here because we thought the people here would enjoy the content. It’s a hilarious and light hearted exploration of dating and open relationships. If you like it, we’d love an official mention on your site.

Here’s episode 1:

YouTube – Ep. 1 Your Sex Is On Fire (The Monogamy Experiment)

What do you guys think of the episode? What do you think about open relationships/monogamy? And do you think we are naturally/biologically monogamous?


carol Hollenbeck

do you ever allow people to submit a film trailer on your website.
please let me know if and when yu do, as i have my short film trailer
that is on the independent film channel website. and i woulld love
to submit it if you allow it…. my short film is called the lifters.
it is a 2min trailer of the short, thanks, carol hollenbeck

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