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Robert Pattinson In Buckley Biopic Is “Funny” Says Producer; ‘Tupac’ Biopic Not Shooting In April

Robert Pattinson In Buckley Biopic Is "Funny" Says Producer; 'Tupac' Biopic Not Shooting In April

The past few days have seen some pretty ridiculous music movie stories circulating, which should serve as a general reminder to bloggers everywhere of a rule that you can’t forget: if the story sounds too good to be true and originates from the British press, triple check your sources. Especially when it’s an old rumor.

Making the rounds recently was a report from UK paper The Daily Express that Robert Pattinson was going to play the late singer Jeff Buckley in an upcoming biopic. The quotes originated from an unknown Hollywood insider and worse, this rumor isn’t even new — it first popped up back in 2009. We reached out to one of the producers on the gestating film who told us “I did see [the U.K. report], it’s pretty funny.” So sorry, RPatz lovers, he won’t be crooning “Hallelujah” on your prom night anytime soon.

Meanwhile, an even messier story began making the rounds about the long-in-the-works biopic of Tupac Shakur set to be helmed by Antoine Fuqua. A synopsis and character sheet was first dug up revealing that *gasp!* — people from Tupac’s life were going to feature in the film! — and that it was gearing up to shoot in April. Paste magazine then didn’t read the initial post carefully and somehow came to the conclusion that Jada Pinkett and Suge Knight were going to play themselves in the film. And thus a game of internet telephone tag began, but we untangled the wires.

Reps for Antoine Fuqua said he was shooting the Fox pilotExit Strategy” in April and the report was false. However, it remains one of the many projects he is developing and hopes to direct in the future. Reps for Jada Pinkett Smith did not return inquiries about her involvement (though again, she’s a character in the film and the internet chinese whispers distorted that). We were too scared to call Suge Knight. That guy is scary.

So, no Jeff Buckley or Tupac biopics are imminent folks. As you were.

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i think the producer is funny. ever since the media picked up on a rumor about rob “wanting” to play jeff buckley there has been more spotlight on this bio-pic then ever. this thing has been in the “works” for years now.


Thats a pity, the Tupac script is the best thing I’ve read in over 2 years. Fantastic story.


Breaking news, Mandy: Water is wet. Welcome to the world of musicians. Where everyone is influenced by the 1,000 others before them. How do you think Elvis learned how to sing? Plant? Robert Johnson? Edith Piaf? Oh, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan is so unoriginal. How does musical tradition get passed along in other cultures? You get originality by taking your influences and molding them into your own thing, which Jeff did quite well. His versatility was right up there with the likes of Freddie Mercury. Maybe people should stop making music altogether – seeing as modern musicians are all ripping off Bach and Johann Pachelbel.

And get out of the Robert Pattinson and James Franco bubble. It doesn’t have to be one or the other. There are thousands of actors (Mark Rendall, Joseph Gordon Levitt, James Ransone, Robert Sheehan, Reeve Carney, etc) and unknowns out there. Think carefully about it. ;) I know right? Mind blown. Hope this helps! :D


Kevin–look at you! doing research just like a real big-boy journalist! The only thing Pattinson and Buckley have in common is that they’re unoriginal singers who imitate other singers. Pattinson sounds marble-mouthed ON PURPOSE bec. he mistakenly thinks it makes him sound like Blind Lemon Jello or someone. This movie most likely will never get made now that James Franco is too big to do it.


Dear Carolyn,

I’ve heard all Rob’s songs and he does not and will not have Jeff “musically down pat”. Not on guitar (Jeff studied music and graduated from GIT) and certainly not vocally. Are you even familiar with Jeff Buckley? Do you know any of his songs besides Hallelujah? I ask this because Rob doesn’t even come close to approaching Jeff’s vocal range.


How about another important aspect of singing – Diction? This alone disqualifies Robert. Jeff’s diction, especially in vocal improv like scat, was up there with the likes of Freddie Mercury. Can Rob sing Dido’s Lament? No. Can he enunciate in falsetto in the 5th octave ala Corpus Christi Carol? No. Can Rob even dream of singing Yeh Jo Halka Halka while playing amazing, on-the-fly, rhythmically complex guitar? No. Rob can barely sing in English without sounding like he has a mouthful of pearl jam. Hope this helps. :D


P.S. We should be together too.

Brooke M

Damm Franco woudd be so good. Or maybe someone like Gosling. But I doubt they wouod make a Buckley biopic, he was never really that famous


Thank God. Robert would have been horrible. Looks nothing like Jeff and can’t sing like Jeff. Listen to Corpus Christi Carol, Dido’s Lament, or Grace for proof. Rob sounds like Scott Stapp and Michael Bolton. He even looks like them too. Hay, maybe he should do a biopic about their lives instead. Yes. What a great idea. Bye bye foot face Pattz, stay away from nice angular face Jeff.

And yes, prima vera. It’s very possible there are humans in this world who are interested in things other than what you are. Pretty mind blowing stuff, huh?


Actually, I’m trying to think of an age appropriate actor with an ok voice and am coming up blank. Good luck on casting this one. I can picture Franco but think he is busy for the next ten years. Pattinson wouldn’t be a bad choice, but sounds like if he wasn’t out before he def is now. Jared Leto is potentially too old, well that’s my top three. Ashton Kutcher is on a roll, there’s your guy. If he could only sing and look like he could multitask (chew gum and walk, etc.).

prima vera

Too bad as Robert Pattinson has a similar sounding voice when he sings. Is anyone even interested in a Buckley biopic though? And why does his name come up for every new project out there? His name was thrown out for Spiderman, then Pirates of the Caribbean part four, a Kurt Cobain biopic, you name it. Easy way to get another superficial article written and then read though. These just write themselves anymore.


The only two actors I follow are Robert and James Franco, because they are amazingly deep people…James has had the op. to show this through his acting , as will Robert..James may look like Jeff, but Robert would have him musically down pat…And by the time this was ever to happen, if it happens, Rob will be the perfect age, and James may be too old…If the story is true, because I know one Robert’s idols is Jeff. Robert will have the desire and passion to wait the part out, James may not….


Romours true or not…And “Funny” could mean he showed no interest as far as this source was concerned…Robert Pattinson has played the piano and guitar since the age of three…In time he also became a beautiful singer/songwriter/composer…I became a fan of Robert’s, NOT because of Twiligh, but because of his beautiful music,and beautiful self…He reminds me of Jeff in these ways…Jeff has been an inspiration to Robert, musically…That is why Robert would desire a role such as this…Robert would probably do it pro-bono…He is not about the money, but as you will see, he is about the parts he will (hopefully) have the opportunity to play, after damn Edward…Everyone started somewhere…Even Robert did not know what he was in for when it came to Twilight…Apart of him is appreciative, and apart of him want’s to get as far away from Twilight as possible…I feel for you Rob, when people are so close-minded where you are concerned, because of Twilight ( A role 5000 others-even famous-wanted). When it comes to you, it takes very little effort to see how talented, especially in this case, you are, and how humble, wonderful, and funny as hell (had to add that;) Just google or youtube Rob, It’s amazing what you can find out about those you have no real idea of…ALL the BEST to you ROB!!! I will follow your career 100%…carolyn.


I can’t really imagine anyone portraying Jeff Buckley – at least anyone famous at the moment and especially not Robert Pattinson. Casting this will be tough – but they should go with someone relatively unknown (with an amazing voice), an actor too famous would feel forced in my opinion.


The ‘RPatzlovers’ are clever and updated enough to know that this was a rumour and needed to be checked. Especially when tabloids spread those rumours. Until there’s official mention, they believe nothing, ’cause Rob’s name is used in every magazine to get hits.
That doesn’t change the fact that many of them would like to see him perform Buckley, but it won’t happen, as they will take someone (Franco?) who has more ressemblance.
Sorry, English isn’t my native language

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