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Social Network Update: Winklevosses Lose Settlement Appeal

Social Network Update: Winklevosses Lose Settlement Appeal

Thompson on Hollywood
Thompson on Hollywood

In a follow-up to the behind-the-scenes power drama revealed in The Social Network, the Winklevoss twins (the movie’s Armie Hammer) have lost the appeal of their 2008 $140-million Facebook settlement.

Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss have been trying to improve on that deal, as the fortunes of Facebook founder, billionaire Mark Zuckerberg (Jesse Eisenberg), have soared. Judge John Wallace argued that they had too much smart counsel for anyone to pull the wool over their eyes:

“I agree my clients were not behind the barn door when brains were passed out,” admitted Jerry Falk, the Howard Rice partner arguing the appeal for the Winklevosses. “But the same is true of Facebook. You had sophisticated people in the room on both sides.”

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are u kidding me ?


All of this over .003%. If they put their bloated Harvard heads together, maybe, just maybe they could think of something NEW and better than Facebook. idiots!!


hahaha stupid Winklevosses. never happy. boowhooo. Something tells me their Harvard educations should earn them MORE in the long run. Maybe not bilions, but still.


so… $140 million isn’t enough? I couldn’t give two craps about their Harvard degrees. Face it…. they had an idea and couldn’t bring it to reality. Then Mark steps in and makes it happen. Way of the world folks. The Winklevie have enough, move on.


Yeah, idiots . . . idiots with degrees from Harvard and $140 million . . . idiots who can probably spell “awesome.”


hahahaha…. awsome. idiots.

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