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Sorry Matt Damon, You’re Probably Not Going To Be Able To Make Your Own ‘Bourne’ Movie

Sorry Matt Damon, You're Probably Not Going To Be Able To Make Your Own 'Bourne' Movie

Let’s not get it twisted. Everyone loves Matt Damon. He is one of the most beloved actors in the industry because he’s a straight-shooter, super-approachable and one of the nicest people you will ever meet in the movie business. Recently a tasty little Damon/’Bourne‘ franchise news nugget started making the rounds. In a recent interview with Empire Magazine (via Get The Big Picture, not online yet apparently), Damon said, “I’d do [‘Bourne’] again with Paul [Greengrass] (who directed Damon in the last two Bourne films, as well as ‘Green Zone‘.) Universal doesn’t actually own the Bourne character – the estate does – so technically I could go to Warner Bros… and Universal could read about it online.”

Umm, yeah, that’s not right. Sure, the Ludlum estate owns the character, but Universal has licensed that character for the big screen up the wazoo; it is one of the crown-jewels of their current franchises hence the reason they are moving on without Damon — it’s a lucrative risk worth taking. It’s only been, what, a near billion dollar franchise? Ok, it’s box-office gross in total for all three films was just shy of a $1 billion dollars, but this is not counting the DVDs, the video games, etc.

So yes, Universal confirmed with us what we already know. They own the rights to the ‘Bourne’ character and while it reads like a nice idea, Matt Damon and Paul Greengrass cannot simply go to another studio and set up a film there, so those sites thinking that its possible… basic business strategies pretty much rule that out, fyi. Universal would not comment further on Damon’s comments other than to say they own the film rights (and you best believe they will own them for years and years to come). Tony Gilroy — the brains behind all of the ‘Bourne’ screenplays thus far — is currently writing the 4th iteration of the ‘Bourne’ series titled, “The Bourne Legacy.” It will not feature the character Jason Bourne and or Matt Damon, but the door will be left open for that character to return later down the road. Matt Damon’s next project is Cameron Crowe‘s “We Bought A Zoo.” Wishful thinkers to the back. As you were.

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Sounds like he’s been misquoted yet again. I mean, come on. He would know about this stuff.


I know the new quote is from a recent Emprie interview but there was a similar misquote around the time Hereafter was released about Matt reading about the new Bourne movie on the internet and nobody told him and Playlist wrote and article about Matt crying about it and then Dave Karger from EW actually did the crazy thing and talked to Matt and asked him about it and it turns out Matt was just misquoted. Instead of talking to Universal why not ask Matt if he actually said it.


That issue of Empire is from February 2010


Remember when you did a whole article on a misquote from Matt about this late last year? How do you not know that this isn’t a misquote also? Why do you do articles with info from other sources that could give you wrong info.


I read “Wishful thinkers to the heck” ~ha!

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