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Tarantino Regrets Leaving Coppola’s Somewhere Off His Ten Best

Tarantino Regrets Leaving Coppola's Somewhere Off His Ten Best

Thompson on Hollywood

One significant omission on Quentin Tarantino’s Ten Best List was ex-girlfriend Sofia Coppola’s Somewhere, which the jury headed by Tarantino awarded the Golden Lion in Venice.

Did Tarantino really prefer Jackass 3-D? He says he regretted not putting Somewhere in his top ten; he hadn’t considered the films he saw in Venice and had no idea that his list would receive such scrutiny, reports NY Vulture.

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Tarentino has really, really odd taste in cinema sometimes but nitpicking his personal favorites list is stupid. The guy shot from his hip and listed the films that he enjoyed the most, not the ones that were showing up the most on the critic’s lists. I’d rather see a list like that than yet another “1) Social Network, 2) Winter’s Bone etc.”, even if some of the film’s listed were…”unusual” choices.


hey Jim QT fucking rules asshole I have been a fan of his forever and he is more talented then your Ass


I never knew Quentin went out with Sofia Coppola. For how long? And was that before or after Mira Sorvino (the only one I remember ever being I.D.’d as his g.f. and that was, like, ten years ago). Oh, and when’s he gonna date Scorsese’s daughter?


I really wish all you QT fans would come to realize what a self-serving narcarsistic a-hole this douche is. He stole so many ideas from actual filmmakers when putting together films like Resivour Dogs and Pulp Fiction. He got those ideas from previous directors with actual talent by watching their films over and over as a video store clerk. The guy has hardly had an original creative moment of his own. He glorifies violence and his movies never have a true redemptive spirit. Much like the man himself. Oh, and btw QT, the end of Inglorious Bastards is a perfect example of just how blinded you are by your own ego. When Brad Pitt states that ‘it might just be my masterpiece’, I know you’ve written this into the script to refer to your own thoughts on your own movie. Well, guess what, you don’t get to proclaim your work as a masterpiece. It’s your job to just put it out there, and let the public decide. With that in mind, I literally laughed when I say this. What a vain dock-head. Sorry dude but you’ve never come close to a masterpiece. You’re work is and always will be immature. One more thing, quit kissing Coppola’s you know what. He still thinks you suck too.

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