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‘The Hobbit’: Elijah Wood Talks Frodo; Saoirse Ronan Not Offered A Part; Orlando Bloom Not Locked

'The Hobbit': Elijah Wood Talks Frodo; Saoirse Ronan Not Offered A Part; Orlando Bloom Not Locked

So, some small bits of news surrounding “The Hobbit” have cropped up in the past day or so. Nothing particularly revelatory but just small updates on the progress on the film and in particular, how casting is shaping up.

First up, Orlando Bloom, reported in early December to be a likely addition to “The Hobbit” still hasn’t been officially locked in yet. Showbiz 411 reports that negotiations are still ongoing for the actor to return, with the site adding that some of the returning characters may have more screentime in the second part of the upcoming films, instead of the first. Apparently, Peter Jackson is aiming to have both “The Lord of the Rings” and “The Hobbit” flow seamlessly so they can be watched in one butt agonizing five-part marathon if one desired. But obviously we’ll have to wait and see how he makes the bridge between the two series of films.

Meanwhile, Saorise Ronan, long rumored for role Itaril recently revealed (RTEten via ONTD) at the launch of the IFTAs that while she would love to participate in the film, no offers have come her way saying, “Yeah if I was asked, certainly.” Her father Paul elaborated saying, “It would be something that would be wonderful if it happens. I don’t think all of the cast members have been chosen or asked yet because it’s going to be such a long project….It would be wonderful to see them all again and to work with them again.”

Finally, MTV asked Elijah Wood up at Sundance about his role in the upcoming film and unsurprisingly, he remained mum on any real details but said about his character’s inclusion in the story that, “It’s an idea that Peter and Fran [Walsh] and Philippa [Boyens] — the writers — came up with. The way that it’ll fit in will not at all infringe upon the integrity of ‘The Hobbit.’ So I think it’s — it’ll fit. And it’ll be appropriate. And I’m excited. It’ll be great.” Like we said, not Earth shattering.

“The Hobbit” is gearing up to start shooting very soon — in 3D no less — and the first film will land in December 2012. We’re sure more casting will be announced as production continues and the status of both Ronan and Bloom could very quickly change.

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David Pirtle

Well, rodie, Elrond especially will need to be introduced again,since he plays an important part in the book, “The Hobbit.” Obviously this applies even more for Gandalf and Gollum, who play much larger roles. Legolas is supposedly a Sylvian elf, and they are the elves who capture the dwarves in Mirkwood in “The Hobbit”, so he may have more than a cameo role as well, though I doubt he’ll be more than introduced as the son of the King of the Woodland Elves. As for the other supporting characters from the LOTR trilogy, Frodo, Samwise and the other hobbits shouldn’t even have been born at this time (I’m not sure about Gimli) so I don’t know why Elija Wood would be cast in the film (unless as a sort of flashback introducing mechanism).


I don’t understand. I thought Legolas, Elrond and all the other supporting characters were introduced very well in Fellowship…Why do they all need to be introduced again for the first time in a film that takes place before Fellowship in order for things to “flow seemlessly”?

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