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Top Grossing Comedy Actresses

Top Grossing Comedy Actresses

The Hollywood Reporter has a list of the top grossing comedy films led by actresses and surprise your highest grossing female comedy actress in Meryl Streep. Her comedic films have earned $1.3 billion. They include Mamma Mia, The Devil Wears Prada, It’s Complicated and Julie & Julia.

Number 2 – Sarah Jessica Parker – $916 million.

Number 3 – Katherine Heigl – $773 million.

Number 4- Cameron Diaz – $768 million.

Number 5 – Anne Hathaway – $727 million.

Wish some of these ladies recent films would have been watchable. But I am always hopeful for the future.

Who Are the Top Grossing Actresses in Comedy? (Hollywood Reporter)

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James Elmore, Stage Adaptation, Riverside

I was a bit shocked by the dismissive sniff “Wish some of these ladies recent films would have been watchable,” in your article over work that grossed over a billion dollars, featuring the talents of thousands of people in the industry.

Comedy, from satire to slapstick is difficult to create and in retrospect, the enjoyment doesn’t stay with you in the same way that physical pain doesn’t stay with you after you stop hurting. This may leave the audience with only the memory of silliness, but those films are enjoyed while they are happening.

The end of The Purple Rose of Cairo has best captured the power film has to release us from our struggles and help shore up a bit of optimism to muscle through another day.

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