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Toy Story 3 Tops Quentin Tarantino’s Best of 2010

Toy Story 3 Tops Quentin Tarantino's Best of 2010

Thompson on Hollywood

Quentin Tarantino has posted his favorite movies of 2010, all twenty of them. Unlike many critics, Tarantino has no problem with citing movies that are popular hits. And he’s seen his share of obscurities as well. Tarantino is an Academy member, though not a typical one. His taste is catholic, ranging from specialty and foreign films to raunchy comedies, animated family fare and big-budget actioners. His most surprising choices are two critical and box office studio failures that are as well-directed as they were commercially misguided: James Mangold’s Knight and Day and Ridley Scott’s Robin Hood. Wow.

UPDATE: One significant omission was ex-girlfriend Sofia Coppola’s Somewhere, which the jury headed by Tarantino awarded the Golden Lion in Venice. Did Tarantino really prefer Jackass 3-D? He says he regretted not putting Somewhere in his top ten; he hadn’t considered the films he saw in Venice and had no idea that his list would receive such scrutiny, reports NY Vulture.

1. Toy Story 3, 2. The Social Network, 3. Animal Kingdom, 4. I Am Love, 5. Tangled , 6. True Grit, 7. The Town, 8. Greenberg, 9. Cyrus, 10. Enter The Void (“Hands down best credit scene of the year … Maybe best credit scene of the decade. One of the greatest in cinema history.” – QT), 11. Kick Ass.

And the runners up are 12. Knight and Day, 13. Get Him To The Greek, 14. The Fighter, 15. The Kings Speech, 16. The Kids Are All Right, 17. How To Train Your Dragon, 18. Robin Hood, 19. Amer, 20. Jackass 3-D

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thats because Somewhere was hot garbage. She is as good of a director as she is an actress.

Todd Baesen

I don’t see how SOMEWHERE could have been a collective choice given the statements Mr. Tarantino made when giving the film the Golden Lion at Venice. He said the jury all agreed, SOMEWHERE was the best film.

Mr. Tarantino either really thought the 20 films on his list are better than SOMEWHERE — and I’m not forgetting that the Venice film festival only includes a small group of films — but in retrospect, I’d have to say it looks like he was not completely honest about his passion for SOMEWHERE.


Glad to see animal kingdom number 3. it was definately one of my favourite films of the year.


How strange not to see “Somewhere” on the list. If I expected anyone to have that on their list, it would have been him.


this guy has no taste what so ever

Anne Thompson

Eyebrows were raised when the Venice jury headed by Tarantino, Sofia Coppola’s ex-boyfriend, awarded the Golden Lion to Somewhere. The omission of the film on his top 20 suggests that the award was a more collective decision.


I notice that “Somewhere” is nowhere to be found — even though as president of the Venice Film Festival jury he helped push his ex-gf’s film to win the festival’s grand prize. . . .


Robin Hood was a terrific blockbuster, brilliant direction, acting, score, cinematography, production design. I sometimes wonder if i’ve wandered into a parallel universe when a solid film like Robin Hood gets dissed and an empty, flaccid piece of trash like JJ Abrams Star Trek is lauded.

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