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Trailer: John Carpenter’s ‘The Ward’ Is Filled With Hot Babes (And That Dude From ‘Mad Men’)

Trailer: John Carpenter's 'The Ward' Is Filled With Hot Babes (And That Dude From 'Mad Men')

Today we have our first full look at John Carpenter‘s “The Ward,” the first film from the horror god since “Ghosts of Mars” back in 2001. This is the U.K. trailer, so when they say “Experience Terror From The Master” and then credit him as the man behind only “Halloween,” we can only assume our good folks in England haven’t yet experienced “The Thing,” “Assault on Precinct 13,” “Big Trouble in Little China” or “They Live.” You poor limey bastards.

Amber Heard stars as a wayward girl who has to fight an evil spirit from within a mental institution, which apparently also serves as a boarding house for incredibly hot young girls. Gosh, we’d never want to end up imprisoned in there. Leer, objectify, pant pant, etc. Oh yeah, and Jared Harris is there too, being creepy. The U.K. release date is January 21st, but there is no American distributor yet (it premiered at TIFF to largely terrible reviews). Not sure why you guys are getting “The Ward” before “Starman,” but whatever. Enjoy it with some tea and crumpets, guv’nah!

Trailer after the jump. [Quiet Earth]

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J R Edwards

“Poor Limey Bastards”… I am British, but my skin neither requires limes nor am I known to be a bastard, we love Mr Carpenter and know all about his oeuvre- The Thing is still the greatest horror film ever made… they just said Halloween because you know, general public kids will only know WTF Halloween is… and we need more people to see this, good or bad – Mr Carpenter needs to eat!


I miss you, creepy Jared Harris. You haven’t been creepy in fifteen years.

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