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Updated: Keira Knightley Replacing Marion Cotillard In David Cronenberg’s ‘Cosmopolis’?

Updated: Keira Knightley Replacing Marion Cotillard In David Cronenberg's 'Cosmopolis'?

Has Paul Giamatti Moved On Too?

Well, we were once pretty excited for David Cronenberg‘s “Cosmopolis,” but with the cast being switched out wholesale, our expectations have diminished. With Robert Pattinson replacing Colin Farrell earlier in the month, it suddenly didn’t make much sense to have the previously attached female Marion Cotillard still on board to play his wife (she’s ten years his senior). And so no surprise, it looks like she’s been replaced too.

The eagle eyes over at the the Cosmopolis fansite noticed an interesting update at the Alfama Films website. The production company is now listing Keira Knightley as part of the cast and considering there is only one female role in the film, it looks like she has gone ahead and replaced Marion Cotillard in the movie. Update: a rep for Marion Cotillard tells us she indeed had to leave the project because of a scheduling conflict. Perhaps that “conflict” is her upcoming baby (she’s pregnant), but either way, she’s not in the picture anymore.

Based on Don DeLillo‘s book of the same name, the film follows 24 hours in the life of a newly married billionaire Eric Packer (Pattinson) as he cheats on his wife, is pursued by a stalker, gets attacked by a protester and gradually loses his entire fortune over the course of a single day. Knightley would play his wife, and considering they are only a year apart in age, it makes a lot of sense. Paul Giamatti, who was in talks for the film late last year for a role as one of the stalkers pursuing the billionaire, is noticeably missing from the cast list. Perhaps he’s been put off from the recent casting changes and has decided to move on as it’s a considerable step down going from working with Farrell and Cotillard to uh, Pattinson and Knightley.

It’s a bit of a shame really because the premise is really exciting, but we’re just not convinced that Pattinson has the steel to pull off the role and carry the film. As for Knightley, she could do fine in the film and as she spent the summer shooting the period-based “A Dangerous Method” with Cronenberg (alongside Michael Fassbender and Viggo Mortensen), she and the director clearly got on so well that they are eager to work together again. But overall, the casting is simply less energizing to us that what it started out with.

Official word is likely to be along shortly as the film gears up to shoot in May in Toronto and New York City.

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Paul Giamatti confirmed that he is in Cosmopolis. Love it.


If honestly, now I am more eager to see this film. Farrel is a good one but not very fits to 28 years old billlionair.

alittletipsy @malina @vivi

Here we go again with these crazy women Rob fans who are practically hyperventillating for WFE/Cosmopolis to come out. So the world can see his talent and he can move away from twilight. They lay in wait for the day the world and all of kingdom come will know what they and ONLY they know. Rob is the baby jesus! Yes, the baby jesus has been reincarnated as rob pattinson brilliant film actor.

These women are killing me. Has it ever occurred to any of you that OTHER actors possibly, just maybe, just a tinsy bit, experienced the same kind of criticism? Please, do you realize that even Oscar winning actors have horrendous things written about their acting daily? And, even negative comments help his career.

Hell, the movie is in the casting stage and how much time have you ladies blogged about cosmopolis? Rob’s career is fantastic. Everytime you worry whether or not he’s going to be taken as serious actor you imply he’s not now. (yea actors love it when you do that-eyeroll) I’d lay money that Rob takes all his acting jobs seriously. And, he should. So take a deep breath, relax and when the movies come out buy a ticket.


Jealous much? I find people who can’t stand that people feel strongly about Rob highly amusing. It’s none of your business, relax and take a deep breath.


WOW! Who knew that putting Pattinson’s name and Keira’s name together in one article would generate so many responses. I guess Kronenberg is doing something right. lol
I didn’t like the book and was surprised when Kronenberg picked it for his project. It makes me curious to see if he can make a decent movie out of it. By the way I read somewhere that Kronenberg approached Pattinson for this role, and now Keira’s rumors. The guy has a full bag of surprises.


I am not a teen or tweenager, just a fan of Robert Pattinson.
I feel this critique was unbelievable by you Kevin, whoever
you are. Like someone said….critics are not critical until
they have actually SEEN the movie and performance.
I think Robert is perfect for this film and so is Kiera
Knightly. You must be OLD and jealous of YOUTH, to
slam Mr.Pattinson the way you did. Take a few
“brush-up” courses on how not to be such a negative
person no less a critic of others!


@Malina – have you read all my comment? As I said there, I was being sarcastic. Meaning that I don’t think that Robert’s fans are just crazy teenagers, since I am his fan and I’m 27 years old. The first part of my comment is me (trying) imitating all the nay-sayers.

I hoped that the sentence “Of course I’m being sacarstic and I think (..)” would make it clear, my bad if it didn’t.

But I agree with you. I saw all his other works. And I look foward to see WFE, Bel Ami and Cosmopolis.

Being a fan entitles me to believe and cheer for him. And. even tough I still think he has a lot to learn in acting, I think he can be a great actor, if people give him the chance.

Someone wrote something about people defending him like a puppy or something… Well, I guess that’s what being a fan is like. You try to protect the ones you like, specially if the criticism makes no sense… I mean, the guy didn’t even started shooting cosmopolis and people are complaining and saying that he doens’t deserve being in it… do anyone knows that he will do a bad Job? How can someone can be sure of that?

I mean Hale Berry was bad in Catwoman, does that means she is a bad actress. I’m not saying that Robert acting is better or worse than hers, I am just saying that people should be open minded.

He could be great as Parkers in Cosmopolis, and as a fan I CAN and SHOULD believe in him. I understand if a non fan reserve judgment and all, what piss me of sometimes is the haters because GOD, they always sound so bitter and judgemental. Just the fact that the guy is handsome or that he is in Twilight, is enough to make him (in the eyes of those haters) undeserving of credite or chances… For me, that’s just plain mean and irrational.


To begin with, he could do no wrong now he can do nothing right, the truth is always inbetween. Well, the one thing you can say, I’ve been reading a lot about this project lately which I haven’t heard word one of before. But if Colin is running for the money for Total Recall part four or whatever, then kudos to those actors looking to do something different, no matter who they may be. I have yet to see a huge blockbuster type of movie lately that hasn’t been anything but brain drivel.

Every Damn Time

Why is it EVERY DAMN TIME Rob gets a movie and someone writes their personal opinion on the matter these women roll out to defend him like he’s a wounded cub. Furthermore, I’m so sick of these women stating over and over that the crazy fans are the teen twilight fans when in reality the craziest fans are them. And, I’m NOT talking about twi-moms.

I’m talking about women in their late 20s, 30s and 40s who HATE Twilight and go on ad nauseam desperately worrying about Rob’s film career. Will he break free from twilight? Will the public see him as his “true” fans do? Waxing poetic over his acting ability and personal life. Does Rob know we’re out here? I just threw up in my mouth.

You insulting and pretentious women! Stop it! It’s far more embarrassing knowing these women bloggers log more internet hours than any teen writing, researching, arguing, lusting and carrying on about who Rob’s co-star is than tending to their own families. You think I jest I wish. The amount of snark that appeared on my twitter line today over Marion dropping out and Keira stepping in was pure insanity! And, I don’t follow any teens.

Instead of trying to force every damn internet writer on every site to see Rob in a different light (your light) why don’t you sit back and let Rob’s acting change the discourse. For the love! And, stop bashing teen fans that rolled out in droves to support the original Twilight affording Rob the opportunity to make the films you women are so ravenous to see.


Run, Keira, run! Pattinson’s fans will either demand you fall in love and bear his child or hate your guts because you don’t adore him enough


I think that this article doesn’t give Rob enough credit. I think this reporter will see that, not only will Rob hold this movie, but Twilight Fans will make it into a Blockbuster. Who wouldn’t want to sit for 2 hours and watch Rob? I just think this this reporter is jealous that he doesn’t have thousands, nay I say Millions of Fans. So Sad…


I have a bit of faith in this film, largely because of Cronenberg. He’s an interesting director, and has a knack for pulling surprising performances out of his casts.

Having said that, the casting changes make me wary. Though with the casting of Pattinson and her pregnancy, it’s not surprising that Cotillard withdrew, Farrell’s jumping ship seems suspect. I wasn’t surprised to see Giamatti out–not saying anything about the acting abilities of anyone concerned, but the new cast is in a different ‘pricepoint’ than is he.

My biggest concern/desire is to see Cronenberg’s script. The book was meh, so I find myself wondering what drew Cronenberg to the project and what he could bring in to clear a murky story. Or is the issue that he couldn’t do so, and so Farrell cut his losses and bailed? Time will tell, I guess.

Susan Adkins

I seriously doubt Cronenberg would risk his reputation on ‘wholesale’ casting. I’m sure Robert Pattinson worked hard to land this role because of the Twilight stigma or he wouldn’t have even been considered. They saw something to make this decision. Give him a chance to prove himself. Obviously Francis Lawrence believed in him and now so does Cronenberg.

I think I’ll wait and see for myself.


@vivi Just had to say that you obviously don’t know quite a bit of Rob’s fan base if you think his fans are all crazy teens. Actually, the crazy teens are more twi fans than Rob fans. I know many many Rob fans that are late 20s and into their 30’s and some even older. Rob is fresh, very talented and one of the nicest most humble celebrities out there in Hollywood. I think way too many people judge him purely on Twilight, and most of those people have never read the books and don’t fully understand Rob’s take on Edward. But, fine…if you don’t like him in Twilight, please see his other movies. He has more than one independent film where he is superb! And I know some people didn’t like Remember Me, but I think that more stemmed from the subject matter. Much of America is not really ready to truly face 9-11. Rob however was wonderful in it as was Emelie.
Anyway, I digress you certainly don’t need to be a fan, but you obviously have an opinion of who his fan base is that is off.

As for the person who wrote this article…Rob could easily play the husband of a woman 10 years his senior. He has a maturity about him and a face that can easily be considered older. He plays across from Reese Witherspoon in Water For Elephants and for goodness sakes, Uma Thurman in Bel Ami! So obviously directors have more faith in him than people put off by Twilight. Give him a chance! I bet he is going to shock a LOT of people! I can’t wait for it because I already know he is extremely talented.


Though I like Rob, I don’t think he’s that good of an actor. And I’ve seen him in more than just Twilight 123. Come on Twihards, let’s be real. He will always remain f-hot and dear to all as Edward, but as far as his serious attempts at acting beyond Twilight go, it’s just embarrassing. I cringe and wince and feel bad that no one will tell him he sucks. I just can’t take him seriously in anything else that he does. I’m so acutely aware of his Edward aura that I can’t immerse myself in the movie the way I would like to. And this sounds like it could be an interesting movie. So, I would rather have someone else cast instead of him.


You know Kevin, as a Cronenberg fan I feel a little disappointed with this article. I mean, I know is easy making fun of Pattinson, vampire guy etc in fact man is way too easy , not funny anymore, everybody does. Rule number #1 NOT-TO-DO list of a serious critic: make your critic of the movie before it’s even filmed. Let’s check Ebert. Oh wait, he doesn’t do that….Kevin, don’t bother watching the movie man, we know what you’re gonna say….

speaks the truth

Personally I cannot wait for this movie Cronenberg is an amazing director and am sure Robert Pattinson has the chops for this role. Bring it on I say.


don’t judge rob on just someone said he had a very short role in hp and still he was most famous after the fantastic trio.his performance was good in twi and new moon.eclipse was shit as i really say.rm was average but he has few more movies to come out.than after judge him.remember when he was vcasted in twi everyone was like he should not do the role.and what happened after that.


one thing is for sure. after seeing the golden globes, a lot of HW is looking pretty effing tired. robert pattinson still seems fresh so hopefully that will last for awhile. hope he can prove the naysayers wrong, good luck to him.


:eye roll:

Of course every Robert Pattinson fan is a illiterate crazy teen that doesn’t now anything

Of course Robert Pattinson is a crappy actor that WILL NEVER EVER EVER be any good and doesn’t deserve praise or a chance NEVER EVER EVER

Of David Cronenberg have gone bat shit crazy thinking he could do a good Job, after all ROB PATTINSON SUCKS and wil always sucks, no matter what BECAUSE PEOPLE DON’T change

Of course I’m being sacarstic and I think people should be more open minded and have less prejudice. I mean, people discredit him just BECAUSE. Like 4 year olds, there are so much hate for him (just like there was for Leo DiCaprio) without even much data to base the hate. The guy is new, didn’t made that much movies, and still has a lot to prove. But how can he prove it (or improve) if he doens’t work?

And by the way, anyone can have a different opinion than mine, but if you read this comment until this points means that for some reason you care enough to be here and discredit all the fans and myself. You want us fan to read your opinion and rage of how aloof and much cooler you are. WHY?

PS: I don’t mind if you don’t agree with me but please the fact that this comment may have some grammar mistakes or whatever doesn’t mean that the ideas in it are less strong or has less credit in a discussion. The fact is english in not my first language. (But constructive criticism is always welcome, though)


I am a Twi-hard, so I’m sure people will be ooohhh, she’s defending Mr. Pattinson. I’m not here to do that.

As we say in our family, “Put up or Shut up!”


To baby – Then you must not be familiar with Cronenberg as a director if you say that he hired a talentless Rob to replace Colin. I don’t agree with what the other person about Colin (I just saw Ondine last night and I liked him there), but it’s not fair to make this sweeping judgement on Rob either if you’re basing it only on the Twi movies which are not really the greatest materials.


I like them both Colin and Pattinson well enough. Cronenberg must see something in him, in the HP series, Pattinson was one of the most popular secondary characters so he must have something going that people like him. He did get mainly good reviews for Twilight (the first one). After that one, I agree, something went major league awry. Too bad about Marion, but she did look just a tad too old to be married to him and she looked too tall or big to be married to Colin so was kind of an odd choice for both of them even though I love her. She looked the best with Russell Crowe, I didn’t believe her with Leo in Inception either. The Johnny Depp movie left me indifferent.


I love that use use a picture of Robbie Patteson that he took at the Premiere of SEX DRIVE


Typical behavior of Robert pattinson’s fans. Everyone has to praise him or these twihards will go crazy. You’re not helping him . He has no talent and say what you want about Colin Farell, but he has more acting skills in his fingers than Rpattz in his whole body. That’s a big miscast .I am glad there is finally someone who isn’t afraid to be honest about that boy.


I just want Paul Giamatti to stay on.

I trust the Cronenberg either way though ;)


Alex, I’m a huge Kiera fan and for FYI, I’ve known of Cronenberg since the late 70s when he was directing low-budget horror movies. He’s just finished working with her on “A Dangerous Method” so if he’s cast her in this then he must have been impressed with her. We Keira fans do get defensive because of all the negativity that surrounds her, as she’s proven herself to be a great actress. And DeDe, if you’re going to blast her, at least have the intelligence to get her initials correct…it’s Keria Knightley which would be KK, not KN.


At least give Robert P. credit that he is trying to stretch by working with good directors and tackling challenging material. He could just collect the dough by doing heartthrob parts that people will pay a fortune to see. Hopefully they can shoot around Marion’s pregnancy. But since the word is she is due the month they start shooting, there would have to be some delay. Or if the role goes to Keira, that would be interesting as well. I like them both. Audrey Tautou would be a good choice as well.


The only thing I know Farrell from is…well, nothing. I know he is a bit of a drunk and a slut, a real p-hound. But I’ve never seen anything to be so impressed with. In fact, his reputation as a carouser is a bit off-putting. As I’ve never found him attractive or particularly memorable in his roles, I’ve never had an interest in him at all. The change of cast on that count is irrelevant to me. And really, it’s a story about a young whiz kid, financial prodigy. How is a used up Farrell supposed to fit this bill? His days off looking young and fresh are a bit behind him. No offense. I wish nothing but the best for him. But really, it wasn’t very good casting to begin with, was it?


I’m just going to add one final comment then I’m outta here, If DC doesn’t want this film to fail like RM has, he better rethink the casting of KN….I’m sure many film makers make films for the pleasure of the experience etc…but I know they also want to make some money…Rob’s fans (whom most fanboys are mocking right here) are the ones going to see his films and if they’re not happy about his leading lady and don’t feel the connection(and I’m by no means insinuating that he be paired only with KS *eyeroll* but at least someone pleasant and talented) then they won’t show for repeat viewing and the film will sink…so Mr C please think again about casting KN in this movie…bigwigs need to start listening to the little people…that’s why twicrap made a bazzilion dollars, cuz for the most part it’s a fan pleaser…eh I’m outie


not a RP fan. never read or watched twilight. but i’m a cronenberg fan and i trust his judgement. get off your high horse playlist your a fucking blogger not a studio exec.


I think the casting so far is intriguing. I hate the new Twi movies (the first seemed kind of indie but after that no interest for me). I loved Atonement and thought Keira was great in that. I also love Marion and Paul, so if they are both out that is not a great thing. But I’m not a big Colin fan so the main character casting for me is much more positive. But since even Leo and Matt Damon bring along speech coaches and acting coaches, this might be time for Robert Pattinson to ante up and do the same. You can go far on charisma and his American accent is serviceable, but some coaching may be required to move it to the next level in my opinion.


Wow! Love the positive energy in here. I should preface this by saying I’m well past puberty (35), a teacher with a masters degree, watch about 10 films a month, and had no problem losing myself in the Twilight books. I’m not that much of an intellectual snob not to appreciate a good escape. Have I loved the Twilight films? No. But do I think Rob and Kristen can do better? Absolutely. Now even if Rob does well in Water For Elephants and holds his own against Walz and Witherspoon, critics and people who hate Twilight will continue to paint him with the Twihard brush. I’m convinced people love to hate him (and Kristen) and Twilight because it’s a sport for them. Makes them feel good to sit on that high-horse throwing eggs. So let them! Rob will prove them wrong and I’ll be laughing when they fall off.


Taptup, dave, and *ironically* Edward, in case you’ve missed it…this article in fact is about Robert Pattinsion’s new project…casting, and leading lady…why don’t you go to hell with your regular confusion eh?! hardiharhar


Honestly, after reading the book, I couldn’t picture Colin playing the part at all. He does not look or act like a billionaire executive. I think Pattinson looks more like the person as described. I was disappointed that Marion had to drop out, but love Keira and think she is in no way any less of an actress. I think it’s interesting casting so far. I’ve loved everything that Cronenberg has done with Mortensen, so hopefully he can pull that out of his lead. I’ll be glad to see Pattinson move on from the Twi saga. Would have loved to have seen Giamatti in this too, but if he drops out am sure there are others that would be good as well.


I am quite delighted to hear that Keira Knightly has replaced MC as I think Keira is an excellent actress. Not to say MC isn’t but I do not know her and I have seen and enjoyed Keira’s performances in some good movies. I am actually pleased to hear that Giamatti is no longer attached to the film. I know a lot of people think he is a great actor, but I can’t stand him or any part I have seen him in. Not sure about Pattinson in this role, but willig to give him a chance and see how it turns out.


For goodness sake , give the man a chance, Cronenberg has obviously seen Rob’s potential so can we credit the director with a little more acumen than your average, but obviously very confused, regular readers.


and here are the Pattinson fans continuing to embarrass themselves. It’s like RM 2.0. Don’t you have homework or kids with homework.

Edward Davis

indeed, these “readers” are transparent. are never here and then swoop down like a blight when beautiful Rpatz is mentioned to defend his honor. It’s like a cadre of ravens scouring the internet when a sentiment doesn’t align with the obsessive party line. It’s fucking frightening in fact.


What is this plague? Go to hell with Pattinson.

Confused regular reader.


Cronenberg on Knightley:
“Keira [Knightley] is a brilliant actress. She blew everyone away. I’m telling you, she’s as good as anyone I’ve worked with, including Miranda Richardson and Lynn Redgrave and Judy Davis. You don’t realize it until you start to work with somebody. It was the same with Viggo when I first worked with him.”


Rob’s ONLY “age appropriate” leading lady so far is arguably Kristen Stewart! Every other actress he’s been paired with since twilight(I’m not sure about his previous small films) has been at least 5 years older than him, and that didn’t stop any of his fans from watching/anticipating his films! And to sate that KN is “better” than MC as fact is completely out of line, since that’s a matter of opinion and to many who are not fans of hers she certainly is NOT better in anyway!


I am excited about this movie, think k nightly will be better for this role, and more age appropriate with rpattz
Hate is passé


I”m sorry, but Knightley is a fine actress and I don’t see her as a step down. I’m not so sure about Pattinson, he hasn’t really demonstrated yet what he can do as an actor, but why don’t we give this film a chance? It has a great director and if Cronenberg cast Knightley again that must mean he is impressed with her work.

Cosmopolis Film ~ fansite

There’s more than one female role (and significant) in the film based on the script but the role of the wife is the larger one.

Gabe Toro

Seriously, we need more Robert Pattinson posts.

BTW, I’m having a RPattz Fanz Pool Party at my house, and all the lovely ladies who adore handsome Edward should come over. I’ll be looping all of Pattinson’s films on a projector. Bring a swimsuit. I do not own a pool.


The guy posting as Perry is Kevin Jagernauth, for real! No man would give two sh*ts about Pattinson, further more comment repeatedly here! Or maybe he’s just Team Jacob!!!! Hahaha!


Hear, hear Marion :)


RPatz fans are the worst? I strongly disagree, I’m lovely :D


To Marrie, ICAM! CF is a decent actor but by no means a legend, many of Rob’s critics hate him because of his twilight fame(bad source material alright) and possibly condemn him without giving him the time of day, Rob is a great actor/person…I KNOW he’ll be brilliant in this film but I’m still ticked Marion is no longer his leading lady


I am still waiting on my refund for Remember Me. Last time I let my wife pick a movie.


It is even better now, I like Cronenberg´s film, but I was not watching a film with Farrell, now with Pattinson, though he still has to prove himself in a strong character, I think Cronenberg will get the best of him and I like Marion but also Knightly is a great casting choice.


don’t really understand why some are still moaning about it. if you don’t want to see, then don’t. simple as that. moaning and basing the new people in it doesn’t change things. cotillard is pregnant, and knightley is a good actress. she is actually closer to the wife’s age then cotillard.


“1) Pattinson is a serious actor.”

LOL. Credibility gone.


Sorry Perry, I’m too old&too; straight to watch twilight; maybe when my daughter hits puberty, nut thanks for pointing out you’re a teen who preffers the Harry Potter franchise!


1) Pattinson is a serious actor….watch his british movies and remember me, his up-coming Water for Elephants and Bel Ami…if you saw only Twilight crap movies that’s your problem and says how limited minded you’re 2) Marion is pregnant…she can’t be naked and has sex when she’s pregnant 3) Keira is brilliant actreess and she worke with Cronenberg 4) Paul Giamatti was never on the producer’s page 5) watch this interwiew of Pattinson Cronenberg was the only one who invited Robert Pattinson..and he’s a smart director

Edward Davis

like moths to the flame. RPatz fans are the worst.


reading these comments&especially; this guy’s article I see no point in commenting…but I’ll say my piece; critics hate Pattinson, like they hated Farrell, when he did all those action films; then he did some indie stuff cause well, he wasn’t getting any big jobs due to drug abuse, then cleaned up, won a Golden Globe (you know how those awards duzzle critics) and now he’s making a comeback&suddenly; he’s an acting God? Colin Farrell?? WTF? Since when? I’m not saying the guy is bad, just making a point that IF you get nominated or even better, win an award, then you are automaticly acceptable by all critics! Look at Clooney or especially Heath Ledger! They act like he was Christ, but before Brokeback Mountain critics were treating him like SH*T!
My point is, CRITICS. KNOW. SH*T!


Just look at him – he is in a desperate need of a haircut! He fits the part just right :D Marion is pregrant and due in May, that’s why she is out.


to Nick: They still dodged a bullet. I’m a big Marion fan and I never wanted her in this project. The male lead being Robert Pattnson, someone who is a sorry actor, made me want her out even more. You probably never read the book but it’s one of Don DeLillo’s clunkers. Now run along and go watch Twilight again.


Alex, just to clarify, I’ve read one of DeLillo’s novels (White Noise), and I’m a huge fan of Cronenberg.

So, no, we’re not all ignorant.

To the writer: just because YOU don’t like the cast, doesn’t mean someone as professional as Giamatti or Cotillard would drop out because of them. Besides, Keira has proven herself time and again to be one of her generation’s best. Have you forgotten about P&P, Atonement, Never Let Me Go, Last Night?

The Playlist

alright, you guys are being a little much now. Comments are gonna get closed if you don’t watch it.


to Perry: they didn’t “dodge a bullet” Marion is pregnant&Colin; moved to a new film called… “Total Recall: the reboot edition” yeah, he dodged the indie film for the big salary! Well, can’t blame him, rehab is expensive!


Pattinson would have been brilliant with Marion!! So sad she’s no longer attached to play his wife :( and Keira however talented she maybe doesn’t hold a candle to Marion! Hope Rob gets to play against her at some point in the future…was really looking forward to this as a RP/MC fan…Oh well I’ll just have to pass on it like I did with Remember Me!

Kevin Jagernauth

Oh you Robert Pattinson fans. So sensitive. Cotillard was onboard to play the wife from day one:


why is everyone so butthurt here? Rpatz fans (and prolly Knightley ones, jugding by the reactions here) probably never heard of this book or Cronenberg until this announcement was made.


btw Kevin Jagernauth, Giamatti was never listed as part of the film, he was only rumoured to be in it; his name was never on the producer’s page; jus’ sayin’


why is everyone so butthurt here? Rpatz fans (and prolly Knightley ones, jugding by the reactions here) probably never heard of this book or Cronenberg until this announcement was made.


I like Keira is great actress, can’t wait for see this movie


Downgrade all around. Cosmpolis isn’t going to make any money no matter who is cast. The story is piss poor. Colin and Marion dodged a bullet.


like dianne said, there are other female parts in the book, among which a woman in her late 30s; you don’t know which part Marion was meant for! But that logic doesn’t justify your mean of hating on Robert Pattinson, cause THAT was your point in this article, like the previous one, about Cosmopolis


come on Kevin Jagernauth, you f*cked up, you can’t save it now! You wanted to imply she left cause Pattinson was in! Why don’t you comment on how you are smarter than Cronenberg who has worked with Keira&wanted; to work with her and the fact the HE called Pattinson & offered him the role! But I guess you know better than him right?! Riiiiiiight!!


How in the world is there only one female role in the film? There’s four or five pretty hefty ones, actually. Have you guys actually even read the book?

Kevin Jagernauth

Yes, Marion is pregnant. But it never made sense for her to play the spouse of Pattinson. She’s ten years older than he is.


Indiewire, Marion is pregnant, THAT’s why she’s out! I don’t get why you people hate Pattinson so much, what the fack? Oh….I get it, he’s famous without having been in at least 20 indie films so he’s trash right? You people are srsly DUMB!!!


Wow, that was hard. You can’t judge Robert Pattinson for The Twilight movies. Stupid movies, stupid characters. He’s a newcomer, how do you know he can’t pull the role? David Cronenberg thinks he can. But you must be smarter than him, right?


Wow, if this had been Anne Hathaway, Carey Mulligan, Emily Blunt, etc, you would have been fine with the casting switch. To say Knightley is that much of a step down from Cotillard is just wrong.


Well this movie just went to he11. No reason to see it anymore.


Oh yeah, Cotillard is pregnant. Crap. :(


Wishful thinking: Maybe he cheats on his wife, played by Knightly, with an older woman, played by Cotillard?


more excited about Cosmopolis now


Marion is pregnant…that’s why she’s out

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