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Updated: Kristen Stewart Sought & Viggo Mortensen In Talks For ‘Snow White And The Huntsman’

Updated: Kristen Stewart Sought & Viggo Mortensen In Talks For 'Snow White And The Huntsman'

Emily Browning Has Also Tested For Snow White Role

Update: Deadline reports that Kristen Stewart “looms large as a potential lead” in the role of Snow White in “Snow White And The Huntsman.” But nothing is quite certain as Emily Browning — set to appear in Zack Snyder‘s forthcoming “Sucker Punch” — tested for the role last week, according to THR.

That was fast. Michael Fassbender is officially out of Universal‘s hotly-tipped “Snow White and the Huntsman” (he took Ridley Scott‘s “Prometheus” instead) and evidently a replacement has already been found. Viggo Mortensen is reportedly in talks to join in the fantasy re-imagining that newcomer Rupert Sanders is helming. Notice that Charlize Theron is only mentioned to be in talks in Variety‘s report, because, as we’ve been saying for weeks now, she’s not officially locked in like many have assumed (and like Fassbender, she may take a “Prometheus” role which would likely see her exit the project as well).

Written by Evan Daugherty, the script was high up on the 2010 Blacklist pages, and this new spin on the popular fairy tale sees the titular huntsman (Mortensen) being hired by the evil queen (Theron, if she decides to take the role) to track down her runaway stepdaughter, the fairest in all the land. When he realizes that the queen intends to kill Snow White, he helps her escape, and the pair go on the run. Apparently, the huntsman and Snow White will be chained together for a good portion of the film, and there is still a handsome prince who will win the fair lady’s heart.

Actresses such as Riley Keough, Felicity Jones (who now has Sundance buzz from the hit indie “Like Crazy” — it was bought by Paramount), Bella Heathcoat and Alicia Vikander are all up-and-coming actresses that have reportedly been up for the role, but no one has officially nabbed the part yet. “Snow White and the Huntsman” already has a Dec. 21, 2012 release date and is aiming to shoot this summer. Theron and Mortensen co-starred together briefly in “The Road” in 2009.

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Heck yes to Viggo, hands down one of the best actors around! Terrific in History of violence and Eastern Promises. Surprised he’s doing big budget again, he seems to prefer indies

And definitely Kristen Stewart, she was fantastic in Adventureland and The Runaways


Oh brother. Nice of you Playlist to promote the negative comment on here. Kristen would be brillant in this role, just read the script. hey film lover – have you seen all of Kristen’s films? And by all I mean all 20+? Are you basing your observation on just Twilight? I honestly don’t understand how anyone can say she can’t act after seeing her in Panic Room, The Cakeeaters, Welcome to the Rileys, Speak and especially Into the Wild. Highly doubt notoriously picky Sean Penn would personally call her to and create a role just for her if she couldn’t act. She was mesmerizing in the short amount of time she was on screen and it’s led to every opportunity that’s come forth since. She is highly respected in the industry, gossip mags and Rob’s rabid fans who hate her guts aside. Her acting is subtle, not the in-your-face histrionics we often see by the leading ladies of the day. Her eyes are so expressive, and her power is often in not what she says but what she doesn’t say. It’s in her silence, her body language, how she inhabits the character. Her acting is instinctual. I’m sick and tired of the sheep mentality amongst her haters, they all sound the same and never try to back it up with any thoughtful analysis without snark or baseless insults. I’m not saying she’s Meryll frickin Streep but she sure has he*l doesn’t deserve the amount of wrath she gets. ENOUGH.


Oh and if they really want a ” feminine” snow white, why they don’t hire Blake Lively or Megan Fox to play the part then .


Sorry coco, Emilie B is not gonna get the part. You don’t have to see the movie anyway . Did you see the runaways and welcome to the rileys ? No blinking, No lip biting, No stuttering , just wonderful perfomances in these movies . And the studio wants her, she probably wants the role so yeah i can’t wait to see kristen Stewart playing Snow white. Now things are getting interesting…


Browning all the way. They should go with Stewart if the don’t want a feminine Snow White


I wasn’t looking forward to see the movie, but now kristen Stewart is in it, i really can’t wait. She is good actress, yes she sucks in the twilight movies(but the scripts are lame, the dialogues, horrible…) I really can’t wait to see her playing a brighter role with a good cast . She’s effortlessly gorgeous without even trying , just how snow white is supposed to be.

Viggo, Charlize and kristen sound like the dream team for me.


Pleaseee no Kristen Stewart. Let’s all hope they pick Browning. I can’t sit through another movie with KStew stuttering and biting her lip for two hours.


I like Kristen. I’d see it if she were in it.

I’d see it if Felicity Jones were in it as well.

But Riley Keough and Emily Browning? Not really.

film lover

I was looking forward to this film until I saw Kristen Stewart as the potential Snow White. She can not act. I won’t go near this if she is cast.


I’d like to see the role go to Felicity Jones. I think she’d be perfect.

Edward Davis

Since Riley Keough, Felicity Jones, Bella Heathcoat and Alicia Vikander were already mentioned — and the plan originally was to go with an unknown like those girls, it really seems like UNI is making a last minute move to try and foist KStew on the director as that’ll ensure big box-office.


Kristen is AMAZING! I personally think Emily Browing is ugly, she only looks good with blond extensions and more air brushing than the whole sucker punch movie itself.

PLEASE let it be Kristen!!


I think Kristen Stewart is an excellent choice for Snow White. She definitely has those features–beautiful and pale. She’s also great in every movie she’s been in (with the exception of those Twilight movies). I’d see it with her as the lead.


So Viggo was in a movie with Charlize called “The Road” and he’s also in the upcoming movie with Kristen called, “On The Road”. Well let’s get them all together and do this movie then.


A lot of actresses up for the role. My eye is on Ms. Kristen Stewart I hope she gets the part.


A heads up: In THR’s report they said Emily Browning test screened last weekend.

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