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Watch: New ‘Red Riding Hood’ Trailer Is Basically ‘Twilight’ In Olden Times

Watch: New 'Red Riding Hood' Trailer Is Basically 'Twilight' In Olden Times

We’re beginning to lose faith in you Catherine Hardwicke. You came on the scene with a one-two punch with “Thirteen” and “Lords of Dogtown,” took a paycheck gig directing “Twilight” and yes, we understand that your musical “Hamlet” with Emile Hirsch didn’t come together, but surely you can do more than retreat to another tween tentpole? Anyway, the latest trailer for “Red Riding Hood” has arrived and it will speak to the 13-year-old girl inside of you.

The film features a strong cast with Amanda Seyfried, Shiloh Fernandez, Julie Christie, Gary Oldman, Max Irons, Lukas Haas and Virginia Madsen in the David Leslie Johnson (”Orphan”)-penned screenplay, which takes the Brothers Grimm-like tale and sets it in a medieval village haunted by a werewolf. Seyfried is in the titular role as a girl who falls in love with an orphaned woodcutter (Fernandez), though she’s engaged to marry the son of a blacksmith (Irons) with the overarching story centering on the haunting presence of a werewolf in the village they call home. Gosh, what will happen to their forbidden love?! Swoon. Whatever. The whole thing looks a little overbearing and ridiculous but hey, the Oldman scenery chewing and the gorgeous set design look like it might be enough for us to grit our teeth and bear this. We mostly hope to find out where Seyfried procures that killer shade of lipstick in the woods.

“Red Riding Hood” will bare its fangs on March 11th. Trailer after the jump.

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Rosemary B.

At the beginning of the trailer I thought this movie would enter the pantheon of hardly convincible, beautiful looking, boring, unsuccessful, halfway-to-horror movies, where The Village lays. But the soundtrack at the ending of the trailer and the hair gel (my support RJ) tells me it will be just pathetic. When I first watch Thirteen the one good thing I could tell about it was that I had found it technically impeccable. But I was thirteen when the movie came out ,and now, with the knowledge of later Hardwicke’s job I’m willing to re-watch Thirteen (which I hate, BTW) to see if I remain with my opinion and if I’d like that Hardwicke kept herself in the business at all. Just a pity because I’m always looking forward to Oldman’s projects. But everything else points out that Red Riding Hood will be rough to swallow. At least this leading actress it’s a improvement of Twilight.


Wow. Just wow on how BAD this looks. And not in a cool big BAD wolf kind of way either.


Ok, this looks like a watered down Twilight only the stars aren’t as pretty. But this is a strong cast? All right, I’ll bite on Gary Oldman but no one else is at all interesting or A list. Catherine, forget your obsession and do something completely different. We all know you should have directed the whole Twi saga and the whole thing went to heck when you left. But this looks third rate at best. If I want wolf action, I’ll revisit Brotherhood of the Wolf. No one can top that one even if it does have subtitles. And there aint no guy in this as ornery as Pattinson so give up trying to find a replacement.


I agree, Seyfried is titular

Katie Walsh

OLDEN TIMES HAIR GEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Explain THAT to me Hardwicke.

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