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Watch Pete Postlethewaite in the Sci-Fi Documentary “The Age of Stupid”

Watch Pete Postlethewaite in the Sci-Fi Documentary "The Age of Stupid"

Oscar-nominated British character actor Pete Postlethwaite has passed away at the age of 64 from cancer. You may have seen him last year in “Clash of the Titans,” “Inception” and/or “The Town,” but he was also in a very interesting work that SnagFilms showcased in their 2010 SummerFest: “The Age of Stupid.” Postlethwaite seemed to be dabbling in documentary in recent years, narrating the afterlife portrait of Brian Clough, simply titled “Clough,” and appearing in “Tattoos: A Scarred History, in which he displays his own body art. He does something a little different for “The Age of Stupid,” though, functioning as sort of an onscreen narrator of the clever global-warming warning film from “McLibel” director Franny Armstrong.

Set in 2055, the film features Postlethwaite as “the archivist,” a man looking through video files on his computer and presenting the audience with documentary clips from the present (his past) as evidence of what went wrong with the planet. Mainstream fans may think of “Minority Report” as they watch, while others will see the technique as relative to recent interactive database docs by Sharon Daniels or those utilizing the Korsakow program. As I noted elsewhere, it also implies that in the future we will have even worse attention spans than we do now. In any event, it’s more fascinating for how it lays out the information than what that information says or shows, but it gives us a fine way to appreciate Postlethwaite straight on and imagine that he actually lived another 45 years.

“The Age of Stupid” is no longer available through SnagFilms, but you can stream the hybrid film from Netflix. First, you can check out the trailer, embedded after the jump.

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Michael Vinson

This is the kind of direct action we need here in the US as well, but I don’t see it ever happening. People complain day after day of corporate greed and corruption, the corporations hide behind their lawyers, the lawyers bury the courts in microscopic details and loopholes in the laws, the politicians and corporations are in bed with one another….. It just goes on and on. Taxes are cut across the board, for private citizen and corporation alike, and the balance doesn’t change. Then local taxes rise and businesses get a tax break to stay in business, make expansions, etc, but the expansions are in Mexico, Hong Kong or some other foreign country. Our politicians don’t have the backbone to create laws that might raise the ire of major corporations, like flat tax plans with no exemptions, and laws that prohibit foreign assets. No matter which side of the political fence they’re on, politics and big business go hand in hand, and it is difficult sometimes to tell which is the shark and which is the remora.

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