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Watch: Trailer For ‘Son Of No One’ Features Cop Movie Clichés & Competing Moustaches

Watch: Trailer For 'Son Of No One' Features Cop Movie Clichés & Competing Moustaches

We guess we’ll find out for sure when the reviews start coming for the Sundance Film Festival closing entry “Son Of No One,” but from the first trailer for the film it plays pretty much like every second rate cop drama — “Pride & Glory,” “Brooklyn’s Finest,” etc — to come along in the last few years.

The film stars Channing Tatum, Katie Holmes, Ray Liotta, Juliette Binoche, Al Pacino and Tracy Morgan (who worryingly doesn’t have a single line of dialogue featured in the trailer), in the story about a cop (Tatum) who “follows the footsteps of his deceased father and is assigned to the neighborhood where he grew up, the projects in Queens. The post 9/11 atmosphere there is tense and he soon runs into an old secret which threatens to destroy his life and family.” But really, this is your average corrupt cop drama with a pretty much every beat in the latest spot for the picture feels like something we’ve seen dozens of times already in other films. We also want to know if Tatum’s and Pacino’s moustaches will have a showdown in the movie. We hope so.

“Son Of No One” premieres in Park City on January 28th. Check out the trailer below. [MTV]

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Have you even seen the film you’re so snarky about? I mean – really — some of the best trailers are for the worst films, so rating a film on a 90 second trailer is like rating a book based on the liner notes — only for morons and idiots


you assholes, Montiel is great and Brooklyn’s Finest is a masterpiece.


This could turn out to be a lot better than the film eludes. Trailers have never been a strong suit for Montiel. For instance, the trailer for Fighting made it look god awful but when you actually saw the film you were like, oh right this much better than my worst fears from the trailer.

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