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What Could Have Been: ‘127 Hours’ Once Eyed By Luke Perry As A Vehicle For Brian Austin Green

What Could Have Been: '127 Hours' Once Eyed By Luke Perry As A Vehicle For Brian Austin Green

Aron Ralston may have lost an arm, but thankfully, he didn’t lose his brain.

In an interview with Access Hollywood (via AV Club), Luke Perry tells the outlet he tried to get the rights to the source material as a project for his “90210” pal but was turned down. “Brian’s a great actor,” Perry said. “I thought he’d be great in that part, but Danny Boyle, he got it.” Maybe in some alternate life we’ll get to see what Dylan and David could have come up with. The mind reels.

Also, Perry is currently promoting his latest directorial outing, the Hallmark movie “Goodnight for Justice,” where he plays a bounty hunter named — wait for it — John Goodnight (amazing) who apparently battles Juggalos or something. Check out the promo spot below.

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The Playlist

So in this version the surrounding rocks are actually Megan Fox’s labia, right?


Wow, it could have actually been even worse than it is. Franco is the only redeeming element in the this film which is ludicrously mismatched with the wrong director/vision. It would take someone with a grasp for subtly and poetry to tell this story right. The film should have played out like a Jack London short story. Or even like that Alfred Hitchcock Presents episode where Joseph Cotton gets into a car wreck. Instead it was like SLUMDOG HIKER.

Edward Davis

Nah, brah wears it off to the side like that.


Yes, nice work with Photoshop, (head looks a tad big but minor quibble)


the mystery of casting by Hollywood!



btw it says in the promo that Goodnight for Justice was directed by Jason Priestley.

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