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Yay: Quentin Tarantino Wins First Critics Choice Music+Film Award Nay: Maroon 5 Will Play Tribute

Yay: Quentin Tarantino Wins First Critics Choice Music+Film Award Nay: Maroon 5 Will Play Tribute

The Broadcast Film Critics Association have created a new honor, the Critics’ Choice Music+Film Award, that will be handed to a filmmaker who finds the sweet spot between music and film. Ok, that’s pretty cool and no surprise really that Quentin Tarantino, a man who knows how to curate a soundtrack, has been selected to be the first recipient of the award. Pretty much everyone in the ’90s had the “Pulp Fiction” soundtrack and in all of his subsequent films, Tarantino has shown a smart and clever ear for song choices and placement in his films. So this all makes sense, sounds right and it seems like this new award is getting started right. Almost.

For whatever inane reason that we’re still trying to comprehend, the thoroughly terrible Maroon 5 have been chosen to play a special musical tribute from one of Tarantino’s most memorable movie scenes. What scene? It isn’t specified but does it matter? It’s a blazingly bizarro choice, and we’re kind of trainwreck curious to see what the result of it will be. But seriously, Maroon 5? Talk about pairing an edgy director with the most fluffy, Soccer Mom-approved band ever. We would’ve hated to be in the meeting where that decision was made.

We guess we’ll have to tune in to the Critics’ Choice Movie Awards on VH1 (oh wait, VH1? Maroon 5? Things are making a lot more sense) on Friday to see what this will look like. At any rate, it’s still better than anything the Golden Globes are doing.

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@BuntyMan *LOL*

Ash Anderson

You have clearly never even bothered to listen to Maroon 5. Your writing is terrible, too.


“The most fluffy, Soccer Mom-approved band ever?”

How did you come to that conclusion? Granted they’re no Korn or Marilyn Manson, but they’re not the cleanest band out there by any stretch of the imagination. I don’t know any responsible soccer moms that listen to music like this.


Tarantino actually likes them.
But of course you’re way too ignorant and all “fake hipster” to know.
When you win 3 Grammies call back.



Derek Gereg

If anyone from the UK, watched Tarantino on Gonzo with Zane Lowe, would have heard from QT himself he liked a Maroon 5 song. That enraged Zane and myself. So possibly QT picked them himself.


Can’t wait for Train’s tribute to Martin Scorsese next year.

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