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A Complete Guide To 2010-11 Awards Season

A Complete Guide To 2010-11 Awards Season

Award season is over, with over two months worth of announcements from critic groups, guilds, boards, academies, and organizations behind us. To help everyone keep up, indieWIRE has this comprehensive summary of all the announced awards since the season’s early winter beginnings.

Below are links to all of the announcements, as well as a compilation of the winners in various categories, listed in order of how many kudos each have received. Currently, David Fincher’s “The Social Network” has dominated best picture (but not at Oscar), best director and best screenplay kudos, while Natalie Portman (“Black Swan”), Colin Firth (“The King’s Speech”), Christian Bale (“The Fighter”) and Melissa Leo (“The Fighter”) are the leaders in each respective acting category, all of them taking Oscars as well. “The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo,” “Exit Through the Gift Shop” and “Toy Story 3” are leading in the foreign language, documentary and animated feature categories, respectively.

Announced Awards:
Academy Awards
ACE Eddies
AFI Honorees
African-American Film Critics
Alliance of Women Film Journalists
American Society of Cinematographers Awards
Annie Awards
Art Directors Guild
Austin Film Critics
Black Film Critics Circle
Boston Film Critics
British Independent Film Awards
Broadcast Film Critics Association (Critics Choice)
Central Ohio Film Critics
Chicago Critics Association Awards
Cinema Audio Society
Cinema Eye Honor
Dallas-Fort Worth Film Critics
Detroit Film Critics
Directors Guild Awards
European Film Awards
Florida Film Critics Circle
Gay & Lesbian Film Critics
Golden Globe Awards
Gotham Awards
Houston Area Film Critics
International Documentary Association Awards
Independent Spirit Awards
Indiana Film Journalists’ Association
International Cinephile Society
Iowa Film Critics
Kansas City Film Critics
Las Vegas Film Critics
LA Film Critics Association Awards
London Film Critics Circle Awards
National Board of Review Awards
National Society of Film Critics Awards
New York Film Critics Circle Awards
New York Film Critics Online Awards
North Texas Critics Association
Oklahoma Film Critics
Online Film Critics Society
Phoenix Film Critics Society
Producers Guild Awards
Producers Guild Documentary Awards
Screen Actors Guild Awards
San Diego Film Critics
San Francisco Film Critics
Satellite Awards
Southeastern Film Critics
St. Louis Film Critics
Toronto Film Critics
USC Scripter
Utah Film Critics
Vancouver Film Critics Circle
Washington DC Critics Awards
Women Film Critics Circle
Writers Guild of America Awards

Summary of Winners

Best Picture
The Social Network 30 wins (Globes, NY, LA, BFCA, NSFC, Boston, London, NBR, NYFCO, SF, Toronto, Detroit, Online, Dallas, Las Vegas, St. Louis, DC, Houston, Utah, Florida, Kansas City, Chicago, Satellites, African-American, Indiana, Southeastern, Oklahoma, Vancouver, Black Critics, Iowa, Alliance of Women), 10 noms (Oscar, PGA, AFI, BAFTA, San Diego, Phoenix, Central Ohio, ICS, Gay & Lesbian)
The Kings Speech 5 wins (Oscar, PGA, BAFTA, Phoenix, BIFA), 16 noms (Globes, BFCA, Houston, San Diego, Detroit, Satellites, St. Louis, London, Southeastern, Chicago, Dallas, Las Vegas, Alliance of Women, Central Ohio, North Texas)
Black Swan 2 wins (Spirits, Austin) 22 noms (Oscar, PGA, Globes, BAFTA, BFCA, AFI, Houston, Online, London, Toronto, San Diego, DC, Gothams, ICS, Southeastern, Chicago, Gay & Lesbian, Alliance of Women, Dallas, Las Vegas, Central Ohio, Vancouver)
Inception 2 wins (North Texas, Central Ohio) 22 noms (Oscar, PGA, Globes, BAFTA, BFCA, AFI, Houston, Detroit, DC, San Diego, Satellites, Indiana, Pheonix, Online, St. Louis, ICS, Southeastern, Utah, Chicago, Dallas, Las Vegas, Alliance of Women)
Winter’s Bone 2 wins (San Diego, Gothams), 16 noms (Oscar, BFCA, AFI, Online, Iowa, Houston, Detroit, Spirits, Satellites, Phoenix, Southeastern, Chicago, Dallas, Alliance of Women, Las Vegas, Central Ohio)
127 Hours 1 win (Utah) 14 noms (Oscar, PGA, BFCA, AFI, Houston, Spirits, Phoenix, Detroit, DC, Satellites, Southeastern, Dallas, Las Vegas, Central Ohio)
The Kids Are All Right 1 win (Globes), 13 noms (Oscar, PGA, AFI, Phoenix, Houston, London, Dallas, Spirits, Satellites, Gothams, Gay & Lesbian, Southeastern, Central Ohio)
The Ghost Writer 1 win (EFA), 2 noms (Satellites, Central Ohio)
Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World 1 win (Satellites), 2 noms (Central Ohio, Las Vegas)
I Am Love 1 win (Gay & Lesbian), 1 nom (ICS)
A Prophet 1 win (ICS)
Mother and Child 1 win (Women)
True Grit 15 noms (Oscar, PGA, BAFTA, BFCA, AFI, Phoenix, Utah, Online, Houston, Southeastern, Dallas, Las Vegas, Central Ohio, Iowa, Vancouver)
Toy Story 3 14 noms (Oscar, PGA, BFCA, AFI, Boston, Online, London, Utah, Phoenix, Houston, DC, Southeastern, Central Ohio, Gay & Lesbian)
The Fighter 12 noms (Oscar, PGA, Globes, BFCA, AFI, St. Louis, San Diego, Southeastern, Dallas, Las Vegas, Central Ohio, North Texas)
The Town 6 noms (PGA, BFCA, AFI, Satellites, Dallas, Las Vegas)
Blue Valentine 3 noms (Satellites, ICS, Gothams)
Red 2 noms (Globes, Satellites)
Never Let Me Go 2 noms (Phoenix, BIFA)
Kick-Ass 2 noms (BIFA, Houston)
Carlos 2 noms (LA, ICS)
Exit Through The Gift Shop 2 noms (ICS, Central Ohio)
Greenberg 1 nom (Spirits)
Let Me In 1 nom (Gothams)
Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives 1 nom (Toronto)
Four Lions 1 nom (BIFA)
Monsters 1 nom (BIFA)
Shutter Island 1 nom (Phoenix)
Burlesque 1 nom (Globes)
Alice in Wonderland 1 nom (Globes)
The Tourist 1 nom (Globes)
Animal Kingdom 1 nom (Satellites)
Get Low 1 nom (Satellites)
Cyrus 1 nom (Satellites)
Made in Dagenham 1 nom (Satellites)
The Other Guys 1 nom (Satellites)
Please Give 1 nom (Satellites)
Another Year 1 nom (ICS)
Everyone Else 1 nom (ICS)

Best Director
David Fincher – The Social Network 28 wins (BAFTA, Globes, NY, LA, BFCA, NSFC, NBR, SF, Toronto, NYFCO, Boston, DC, Southeastern, Las Vegas, Iowa, Dallas, Houston, Chicago, Satellites, London, Florida, St. Louis, Utah, Online, Oklahoma, Vancouver, Alliance of Women), 7 noms (Oscar, DGA, Detroit, ICS, San Diego, Phoenix, Central Ohio)
Christopher Nolan – Inception 7 wins (Kansas City, Central Ohio, Utah, Phoenix, North Texas, Indiana, African-American), 19 noms (DGA, BAFTA, Globes, BFCA, Houston, St. Louis, Detroit, Toronto, Online, San Diego, London, Chicago, Las Vegas, Satellites, San Diego, Iowa, Alliance of Women, DC, Southeastern)
Darren Aronofsky – Black Swan 5 wins (Spirits, SF, Austin, San Diego, Black Critics) 19 noms (Oscar, DGA, Globes, BAFTA, BFCA, Boston, Houston, Toronto, Chicago, Online, Las Vegas, London, ICS, Alliance of Women, Satellites, St. Louis, DC, Vancouver, Central Ohio)
Tom Hooper – The King’s Speech 2 wins (Oscar, DGA) 12 noms (Globes, BAFTA, BFCA, Detroit, BIFA, Phoenix, St. Louis, Chicago, Las Vegas, Alliance of Women, Satellites, Central Ohio)
Danny Boyle – 127 Hours 1 win (Detroit) 14 noms (BFCA, BAFTA, Houston, Las Vegas, San Diego, Satellites, St. Louis, Phoenix, Utah, Iowa, Online, DC, Spirits, Central Ohio)
Roman Polanski – The Ghost Writer 1 win (EFA), 1 nom (Satellites)
Olivier Assayas – Carlos 1 win (LA), 1 nom (ICS)
Gareth Edwards – Monsters 1 win (BIFA)
Jacques Audiard – A Prophet 1 win (ICS)
Joel & Ethan Coen – True Grit 10 noms (Oscar, Phoenix, London, Online, Utah, Houston, North Texas, DC, Central Ohio, Vancouver)
Debra Granik – Winter’s Bone 7 noms (Detroit, Spirits, Chicago, San Diego, Satellites, Alliance of Women, Indiana)
David O. Russell – The Fighter 4 noms (Oscar, DGA, Globes, North Texas)
Lisa Cholodenko – The Kids Are All Right 3 noms (Spirits, Alliance of Women, Satellites)
Edgar Wright – Scott Pilgrim vs the World 2 noms (Utah, Detroit)
John Cameron Mitchell – Rabbit Hole 1 nom (Spirits)
Matthew Vaughn – Kick-Ass 1 nom (BIFA)
Apichatpong Weerasethakul – Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives 1 nom (London)
Gareth Edwards – Monsters 1 nom (BIFA)
Mark Romanek – Never Let Me Go 1 nom (BIFA)
Ben Affleck – The Town 1 nom (Satellites)
David Michod – Animal Kingdom 1 nom (Satellites)
Mike Leigh – Another Year 1 nom (ICS)

Best Actress
Natalie Portman – Black Swan 26 wins (Oscar, Spirits, SAG, BAFTA, Globes, NYFCO, BFCA, Boston, Dallas, Las Vegas, Indiana, Southeastern, Houston, Chicago, Black Critics, Iowa, Florida, Austin, Kansas City, Central Ohio, Online, Phoenix, Utah, St. Louis, Oklahoma) 11 noms (Toronto, San Diego, Detroit, DC, Alliance of Women, London, Satellites, Gay & Lesbian, ICS, Vancouver)
Annette Bening – The Kids Are All Right 6 wins (Globes, NY, London, Women Film Critics, Alliance of Women, Gay & Lesbian), 16 noms (Oscar, SAG, BFCA, BAFTA, Boston, Chicago, Las Vegas, Online, Houston, DC, Spirits, North Texas, Iowa, Satellites, Vancouver, Central Ohio)
Jennifer Lawrence – Winter’s Bone 5 wins (DC, San Diego, Vancouver, Toronto), 21 noms (Oscar, SAG, BFCA, LA, Houston, Chicago, Online, Las Vegas, London, Iowa, Phoenix, Indiana, Utah, Alliance of Women, St. Louis, Spirits, Satellites, Southeastern, Central Ohio, North Texas)
Lesley Manville – Another Year 2 wins (NBR, ICS), 5 noms (Chicago, Online, Alliance of Women, EFA, Gay & Lesbian)
Giovanna Mezzogiorno – Vincere 2 wins (NSFC, ICS)
Michelle Williams – Blue Valentine 1 win (SF) 14 noms (Oscar, Globes, BFCA, Chicago, Detroit, Toronto, San Diego, Spirits, Satellites, Utah, ICS, Alliance of Women)
Noomi Rapace – The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo 1 win (Satellites) 6 noms (BFCA, BAFTA, St. Louis, London, Las Vegas, Houston)
Carey Mulligan – Never Let Me Go 1 win (BIFA), 3 noms (San Diego, Detroit, Phoenix)
Anne Hathaway – Love & Other Drugs 1 win (Satellites) 2 noms (Globes, DC)
Halle Berry – Frankie & Allie 1 win (African-American) 1 nom (Globes)
Kim Hye-Ja – Mother 1 win (LA) 1 nom (Online)
Sylvie Testud – Lourdes 1 win (EFA)
Nicole Kidman – Rabbit Hole 15 noms (Oscar, SAG, Globes, BFCA, Las Vegas, Online, Houston, Detroit, DC, St. Louis, Spirits, Satellites, Alliance of Women, Utah, Central Ohio)
Julianne Moore – The Kids Are All Right 5 noms (Globes, BAFTA, Satellites, Phoenix, Central Ohio)
Hailee Steinfeld – True Grit 3 noms (BAFTA, London, Utah)
Tilda Swinton – I Am Love 3 noms (San Diego, ICS, Satellites)
Sally Hawkins – Made In Dagenham 2 noms (BIFA, Satellites)
Naomi Watts – Fair Game 2 noms (St. Louis, Satellites)
Greta Gerwig – Greenberg 1 nom (Spirits)
Ruth Sheen – Another Year 1 nom (BIFA)
Manjinder Virk – The Arbor 1 nom (BIFA)
Andrea Riseborough – Brighton Rock 1 nom (BIFA)
Helen Mirren – The Tempest 1 nom (Satellites)
Catherine Keener – Please Give 1 nom (Satellites)
Mary Louise Parker – Red 1 nom (Satellites)
Marisa Tomei – Cyrus 1 nom (Satellites)
Zrinka Cvitesic – Na Putu 1 nom (Satellites)
Sibel Kekilli – When We Leave 1 nom (Satellites)
Lotte Verbeek – Nothing Personal 1 nom (Satellites)
Angelina Jolie – The Tourist 1 nom (Globes)
Emma Stone – Easy A 1 nom (Globes)
Hilary Swank – Conviction 1 nom (SAG)
Do-yeon Jeon – Secret Sunshine 1 nom (ICS)

Best Actor
Colin Firth – The King’s Speech 27 wins (Oscar, SAG, BAFTA, Globes, NY, LA, BFCA, SF, DC, BIFA, Southeastern, Florida, Chicago, Satellites, St. Louis, Women Critics, Alliance of Women, North Texas, Vancouver Austin, Kansas City, Phoenix, Iowa, London, Black Critics, Online), 9 noms (Las Vegas, Utah, Boston, Toronto, San Diego, Central Ohio, ICS, Gay & Lesbian)
James Franco – 127 Hours 8 wins (Spirits, NYFCO, Las Vegas, Dallas, Utah, Black Critics, Indiana, Central Ohio), 21 noms (Oscar, SAG, Globes, BAFTA, BFCA, Toronto, San Diego, Online, Chicago, Houston, Phoenix, Detroit, St. Louis, DC, Satellites, Gay & Lesbian, Iowa, North Texas, Alliance of Women, Southeastern, Vancouver)
Jesse Eisenberg – The Social Network 6 wins (NSFC, Houston, Boston, Toronto, Oklahoma, NBR), 21 noms (Oscar, SAG, Globes, BAFTA, BFCA, Chicago, Indiana, London, St. Louis, Detroit, San Diego, Online, ICS, Phoenix, DC, Satellites, Iowa, Alliance of Women, Utah, Vancouver, Central Ohio)
Edgar Ramirez – Carlos 1 win (ICS) 3 noms (LA, London, Online)
Mark Wahlberg – The Fighter – 1 win (African-American) 1 nom (Globes)
Paul Giamatti – Barney’s Version 1 win (Globes)
Ewan McGregor – The Ghost Writer 1 win (EFA)
Michael Cera – Scott Pilgrim vs. the World 1 win (Satellites)
Colin Farrell – Ondine 1 win (San Diego)
Jeff Bridges – True Grit 17 noms (Oscar, SAG, BFCA, BAFTA, Chicago, London, Online, Las Vegas, Houston, St. Louis, Detroit, Phoenix, DC, Alliance of Women, Utah, North Texas, Central Ohio)
Ryan Gosling – Blue Valentine 9 noms (Globes, Chicago, ICS, London, BFCA, Detroit, Online, Utah Satellites)
Robert Duvall – Get Low 7 noms (SAG, BFCA, Las Vegas, Houston, Phoenix, DC, Satellites)
Javier Bardem – Biutiful 5 noms (Oscar, BAFTA, St. Louis, Satellites, Alliance of Women)
Leonardo diCaprio – Inception 3 noms (Las Vegas, Satellites, Central Ohio)
Aaron Eckhart – Rabbit Hole 2 noms (San Diego, Spirits)
John C. Reilly – Cyrus 2 noms (Spirits, Satellites)
Jake Gyllenhaal – Love and Other Drugs 2 noms (Globes, Satellites)
Ben Stiller – Greenberg 1 nom (Spirits)
Ronald Bronstein – Daddy Longlegs 1 nom (Spirits)
Johnny Depp – The Tourist 1 nom (Globes)
Johnny Depp – Alice in Wonderland 1 nom (Globes)
Kevin Spacey – Casino Jack 1 nom (Globes)
Jim Broadbent – Another Year 1 nom (BIFA)
Riz Ahmed – Four Lions 1 nom (BIFA)
Scoot McNairy – Monsters 1 nom (BIFA)
Aidan Gillen – Treacle Junior 1 nom (BIFA)
Michael Douglas – Solitary Man 1 nom (Satellites)
Romain Duris – Heartbreaker 1 nom (Satellites)
Steve Carell – Dinner With Smucks 1 nom (Satellites)
Andy Garcia – City Island 1 nom (Satellites)
John Malkovich – Red 1 nom (Satellites)
Tahar Rahim – A Prophet 1 nom (ICS)

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Best Supporting Actress
Melissa Leo – The Fighter 14 wins (Oscar, SAG, Globes, BFCA, Florida, NY, NYFCO, Phoenix, St. Louis, Dallas, DC, North Texas, Iowa, Black Critics), 15 noms (Toronto, San Diego, Chicago, Las Vegas, Indiana, Boston, Houston, Detroit, Southeastern, Online, Alliance of Women, Utah, Vancouver, Central Ohio)
Hailee Steinfeld – True Grit 11 wins (Chicago, Houston, Austin, Toronto, Southeastern, Central Ohio, Indiana, Online, Kansas City, Alliance of Women, Vancouver), 8 noms (Oscar, SAG, BFCA, Las Vegas, Phoenix, St. Louis, DC, Iowa)
Jacki Weaver – Animal Kingdom 5 wins (LA, SF, NBR, Utah, Satellites), 13 noms (Oscar, Globes, BFCA, Chicago, Las Vegas, San Diego, Houston, Detroit, Online, Alliance of Women, DC, ICS, Central Ohio)
Olivia Williams – The Ghost Writer 3 wins (NSFC, London, ICS) 1 nom (LA)
Amy Adams – The Fighter 2 wins (Las Vegas, Detroit) 16 noms (Oscar, SAG, BAFTA, Globes, BFCA, Toronto, Chicago, St. Louis, DC, Satellites, Utah, Alliance of Women, Online, Vancouver, North Texas Central Ohio)
Helena Bonham Carter – The King’s Speech 2 wins (BAFTA, BIFA), 12 noms (Oscar, SAG, Globes, BFCA, North Texas, St. Louis, Chicago, Phoenix, Houston, Iowa, Alliance of Women, Detroit)
Mila Kunis – Black Swan – 1 win (Oklahoma) 6 noms (SAG, Globes, BFCA, Online, Utah, Las Vegas)
Lesley Manville – Another Year 1 win (San Diego) 3 noms (BAFTA, BIFA, Utah)
Dale Dickey – Winter’s Bone 1 win (Spirits) 1 nom (San Diego)
Kimberly Elise – For Colored Girls 1 win (African-American)
Juliette Lewis – Conviction 1 win (Boston)
Barbara Hershey – Black Swan – 4 noms (BAFTA, St. Louis, ICS, Central Ohio)
Naomi Watts – Mother and Child 2 noms (Spirits, ICS)
Kristin Scott Thomas, Nowhere Boy 2 noms (Phoenix, Satellites)
Miranda Richardson – Made in Dagenham 1 nom (BAFTA)
Dianne Weist – Rabbit Hole 1 nom (Satellites)
Anne-Marie Duff, Nowhere Boy 1 nom (Satellites)
Vanessa Redgrave – Letters To Juliet 1 nom (Satellites)
Alison Janney – Life During Wartime 1 nom (Spirits)
Daphne Rubin-Vega – Jack Goes Boating 1 nom (Spirits)
Ashley Bell – The Last Exorcism 1 nom (Spirits)
Rosamund Pike – Made In Dagenham 1 nom (BIFA)
Keira Knightley – Never Let Me Go 1 nom (BIFA)
Tamsin Greig – Tamara Drewe 1 nom (BIFA)
Greta Gerwig – Greenberg 1 nom (Detroit)
Julianne Moore – The Kids Are All Right 1 nom (Houston)
Blake Lively – The Town 1 nom (San Diego)
Chloe Moretz – Kick Ass 1 nom (Phoenix)
Elle Fanning – Somwhere 1 nom (ICS)

Best Supporting Actor
Christian Bale – The Fighter 28 wins (Oscar, SAG, Globes, BFCA, NYFCO, Boston, NBR, DC, Detroit, Las Vegas, Dallas, Indiana, Chicago, Satellites, Florida, Utah, Online, Kansas City, Phoenix, St. Louis, Austin, Oklahoma, Houston, Iowa, Black Critics, Alliance of Women, Vancouver, North Texas), 7 noms (BAFTA, Toronto, San Diego, Southeastern, ICS, Central Ohio)
Geoffrey Rush – The King’s Speech 4 wins (BAFTA, NSFC, BIFAs, Central Ohio), 20 noms (Oscar, SAG, Globes, BFCA, LA, Toronto, San Diego, Phoenix, Houston, Chicago, Online, Alliance of Women, Utah, Las Vegas, Detroit, DC, North Texas, Satellites, St. Louis, Vancouver)
John Hawkes – Winter’s Bone 3 wins (Spirits, SF, San Diego) 13 noms (Oscar, SAG, Detroit, DC, Chicago, St. Louis, Indiana, Online, Utah, Alliance of Women, Vancouver, ICS, Central Ohio)
Niels Arestrup – A Prophet 2 wins (LA, ICS)
Andrew Garfield – The Social Network 1 win (London); 15 noms (Globes, BFCA, BAFTA, Boston, Chicago, Las Vegas, Houston, Online, Detroit, DC, Utah, Iowa, Phoenix, Satellites, Central Ohio)
Mark Ruffalo – The Kids Are All Right 1 win (NY) 10 noms (Oscar, SAG, BAFTA, BFCA, Chicago, Las Vegas, Detroit, Phoenix, Spirits, Central Ohio)
Armie Hammer – The Social Network 1 win (Toronto)
Michael Ealy – For Coloured Girls 1 win (African-American)
Jeremy Renner – The Town 8 noms (Oscar, SAG, Globes, North Texas, St. Louis, BFCA, Houston)
Sam Rockwell – Conviction 6 noms (St. Louis, Utah, Iowa, BFCA, Detroit, DC)
Bill Murray – Get Low 3 noms (Houston, San Diego, Satellites, Spirits)
Matt Damon – True Grit 2 noms (Phoenix, Alliance of Women)
Pete Postlethwaite – The Town 1 nom (BAFTA)
Michael Douglas – Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps 1 nom (Globes)
Justin Timberlake – The Social Network – 1 nom (Las Vegas)
Sean Penn – Fair Game 1 nom (Satellites)
Tommy Lee Jones – The Company Men 1 nom (Satellites)
Pierce Brosnan – The Ghost Writer 1 nom (Satellites)
Jeremy Renner – The Town 1 nom (Satellites)
Samuel L. Jackson – Mother and Child 1 nom (Spirits)
John Ortiz – Jack Goes Boating 1 nom (Spirits)
Andrew Garfield – Never Let Me Gor 1 nom (BIFA)
Bob Hoskins – Made In Dagenham 1 nom (BIFA)
Guy Pearce – The King’s Speech 1 nom (BIFA)
Kayvan Novak – Four Lions 1 nom (BIFA)
John Hurt – 44 Inch Chest 1 nom (San Diego)
Michael Fassbender – Fish Tank 1 nom (ICS)
Filippo Timi – Vincere 1 nom (ICS)

Best Screenplay
Aaron Sorkin – The Social Network 37 wins (Oscar, WGA, USC Scripter, BAFTA, Globes, LA, BFCA, NSFC, NYFCO, Toronto, SF, San Diego, Las Vegas, Dallas, Boston, NBR, DC, Indiana, Southeastern, Chicago, ICS, Online, Kansas City, London, Central Ohio, Utah, Phoenix, Houston, Satellites, Florida, St. Louis, Austin, Oklahoma, Vancouver, Alliance of Women, Black Critics)
Christopher Nolan – Inception 10 wins (WGA, DC, Online, Kansas City, Phoenix, Florida, Oklahoma, Central Ohio, Chicago, Black Critics), 15 noms (Oscar, BAFTA, Globes, BFCA, San Diego, Las Vegas, Houston, Satellites, Utah, Indiana, St. Louis, Southeastern, Alliance of Women, Vancouver)
David Seidler 8 wins (Oscar, BAFTA, BFCA, IFA, SF, Southeastern, Satellites), 11 noms (Globes, LA, Toronto, Chicago, London, San Diego, DC, Online, Alliance of Women, Central Ohio)
Stuart Blumberg and Lisa Cholodenko – The Kids Are All Right 4 wins (Spirits, NY, Women Critics, Alliance of Women) 13 noms (Oscar, WGA, BAFTA, Globes, Phoenix, BFCA, Houston, Chicago, London, Satellites, Online, DC, Central Ohio)
Mark Heyman, Andres Heinz and John McLaughlin – Black Swan 1 win (Austin) 11 noms (WGA, BAFTA, BFCA, Chicago, Las Vegas, Phoenix, DC, Online, Alliance of Women, St. Louis, Central Ohio)
Mike Leigh – Another Year 1 win (ISC) 4 noms (Oscar, BFCA, Alliance of Women, DC)
Jesse Armstrong, Sam Bain, Simon Blackwell, Christopher Morris – Four Lions 1 win (San Diego) 4 noms (Chicago, London ,BIFA, Central Ohio)
Robert Harris & Roman Polanski – The Ghost Writer 1 win (EFA), 2 noms (USC Scripter, Satellites)
Chris Sparling – Buried 1 win (NBR)
Tanya Hamilton – Night Catches Us 1 win (African-American)
Joel and Ethan Coen – True Grit 17 noms (Oscar, WGA, BAFTA, USC Scripter, BFCA, Pheonix, Chicago, Las Vegas, London, Toronto, St. Louis, DC, Online, Alliance of Women, Utah, Vancouver, Central Ohio)
Debra Granik and Anne Rossellini – Winter’s Bone 15 noms (Oscar, BFCA, USC Scripter, Chicago, San Diego, Houston, Satellites, St. Louis, Spirits, DC, Online, Alliance of Women, Utah, Southeastern, Central Ohio)
Danny Boyle and Simon Beaufoy – 127 Hours 12 noms (Oscar, WGA, BAFTA, USC Scripter, Globes, BFCA, St. Louis, Satellites, DC, Online, Alliance of Women, Central Ohio)
Michael Arndt – Toy Story 3 8 noms (Oscar, BFCA, San Diego, Chicago, Houston, Satellites, DC, Central Ohio)
Scott Silver and Paul Tamasy & Eric Johnson – The Fighter 7 noms (Oscar, WGA, BAFTA, BFCA, Las Vegas, St. Louis, Central Ohio)
Michael Bacall and Edgar Wright – Scott Pilgrim vs. the World 5 noms (St. Louis, San Diego, Satellites, Online, Utah)
David Lindsay-Abaire – Rabbit Hole 3 noms (Chicago, Spirits, Alliance of Women)
Nicole Holofcener – Please Give 3 noms (WGA, Boston, Spirits)
Ben Affleck, Peter Craig and Sheldon Turner – The Town 2 noms (BFCA, San Diego)
Alejandro González Iñárritu – Biutiful 2 noms (St. Louis, Satellites)
Alex Garland – Never Let Me Go 2 noms (BIFA, Phoenix)
Noah Baumbach – Greenberg – 2 noms (Central Ohio, Online)
John Requa & Glenn Ficarra – I Love You, Phillip Morris 1 nom (WGA)
Todd Solondz – Life During Wartime 1 nom (Spirits)
Jorge Guerricaechevarria & Daniel Monzon – Cell 211 1 nom (EFA)
Samuel Maoz – Lebanon 1 nom (EFA)
Radu Mihaileanu – The Concert 1 nom (EFA)
Jane Goldman & Matthew Vaughn – Kick-Ass 1 nom (BIFA)
William Ivory – Made In Dagenham 1 nom (BIFA)
Neil Jordan – Ondine 1 nom (San Diego)
Leata Kalogridis – Shutter Island 1 nom (San Diego)

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Best Documentary Feature
Exit Through the Gift Shop 15 wins (Spirits, NYFCO, Cinema Eye, Chicago, Toronto, Online, Kansas City, ICS, DC, Austin, Oklahoma, Indiana, San Diego, Central Ohio, Vancouver), 8 noms (Oscar, BFCA, LA, BIFA, IDA, Utah, Southeastern, Gay & Lesbian)
Inside Job 8 wins (Oscar, PGA, DGA, WGA, NY, NSFC, Southeastern, Alliance of Women), 15 noms (BFCA, Chicago, Online, Las Vegas, Boston, Toronto, San Diego, Satellites, Phoenix, Gay & Lesbian, Gothams, DC, North Texas, Central Ohio, Vancouver)
Waiting For “Superman” 6 wins (BFCA, NBR, North Texas, Las Vegas, Dallas, Black Critics), 14 noms (Chicago, Houston, San Diego, Satellites, DC, St. Louis, PGA, Online, Alliance of Women, Utah, Central Ohio, Gay & Lesbian, Vancouver)
The Tillman Story 3 wins (SF, St. Louis, Florida) 12 noms (BFCA, San Diego, Chicago, Las Vegas, Houston, Satellites, Phoenix, Indiana, PGA, DC, Utah, Alliance of Women)
Restrepo 3 wins (Houston, Phoenix, Satellites) 11 noms (Oscar, DGA, BFCA, Chicago, Online, St. Louis, North Texas, Gay & Lesbian, Spirits, DC, Alliance of Women)
Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work 1 win (Gay & Lesbian) 7 noms (BFCA, Satellites, Utah, Online, Alliance of Women, North Texas, Central Ohio)
Marwencol 1 win (Boston), 4 noms (Houston, Toronto, Cinema Eye, Spirits)
The Oath 1 win (Gothams), 2 noms (IDA, Cinema Eye)
Catfish 1 win (Utah) 3 noms (Central Ohio, Gay & Lesbian, Online)
Last Train Home 1 win (LA) 2 noms (DGA, Cinema Eye)
Wasteland 1 win (IDA), 2 noms (Oscar, BIFA)
Enemies of the People 1 win (BIFA)
Nostalgia For The Light 1 win (EFA)
Client 9 4 noms (Satellites, DGA, PGA, Gay & Lesbian)
Sweetgrass 3 noms (IDA, Gothams, Spirits)
Waking Sleeping Beauty 2 noms (Gay & Lesbian, St. Louis)
Armadillo 2 noms (EFA, Cinema Eye)
A Film Unfinished 2 noms (San Diego, St. Louis)
Steam of Life 2 noms (EFA, IDA)
Gasland 1 nom (Oscar)
Thunder Soul 1 nom (Spirits)
Earth Made of Glass 1 nom (PGA)
Smash His Camera 1 nom (PGA)
The Arbor 1 nom (BIFA)
Fire in Babylon 1 nom (BIFA)
12th & Delaware 1 nom (Gothams)
Public Speaking 1 nom (Gothams)
Countdown To Zero 1 nom (Satellites)
Behind the Burly Q 1 nom (Gothams)
Sequestro 1 nom (Gothams)
Babies 1 nom (Las Vegas)

Best Foreign Language Film
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo 8 wins (BAFTA, BFCA, Houston, Satellites, Las Vegas, Alliance of Women, North Texas, Black Critics) 7 noms (Chicago, St Louis, St. Louis, Utah, Online, DC, Central Ohio)
Mother 6 wins (SF, Online, Kansas City, Central Ohio, Southeastern, Boston) 10 noms (LA, ICS, Toronto, Chicago, San Diego, Houston, Alliance of Women, Satellites, DC, Vancouver)
A Prophet 6 wins (Chicago, Utah, ICS, Austin, Oklahoma, BIFA), 6 noms (Online, Alliance of Women, Las Vegas, St. Louis, Central Ohio, Vancouver)
Carlos 4 wins (NY, LA, NSFC, Vancouver), 3 noms (ICS, Online, Houston)
I Am Love 3 wins (NYFCO, Florida, San Diego), 14 noms (Globes, BAFTA, ICS, Chicago, London, Las Vegas, Phoenix, BFCA, Satellites, BIFA, Alliance of Women, North Texas, DC)
Biutiful 3 wins (DC, Phoenix, Dallas), 14 noms (Oscar, Globes, BAFTA, BFCA, Chicago, Utah, Las Vegas, San Diego, Southeastern, Houston, Satellites, St. Louis, Indiana, Alliance of Women)
Of Gods and Men 2 wins (London, NBR), 3 noms (Toronto, BAFTA, Spirits)
Micmacs 2 wins (Utah, St. Louis) 1 nom (Central Ohio)
In a Better World 2 wins (Oscar, Globes)
Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives 1 win (Toronto) 2 noms (London, Spirits)
Lebanon 1 win (Indiana)
The Secret in Their Eyes 6 noms (Central Ohio, London, BAFTA, Vancouver, Phoenix, Houston)
Dogtooth 5 noms (Oscar, London, Online, ICS, BIFA)
White Material 3 noms (Satellites, ICS, DC)
Outside The Law 2 noms (Oscar, Satellites)
Incendies 1 nom (Oscar)
The Edge 1 nom (Globes)
The Concert 1 nom (Globes)
Mademoiselle Chambon 1 nom (Spirits)
Soul Kitchen 1 nom (Satellites)
Northface 1 nom (St. Louis)
No One Knows About The Persian Cats 1 nom (San Diego)
Terribly Happy 1 nom (Utah)
Applause 1 nom (Alliance of Women)
The White Ribbon 1 nom (Central Ohio)
Wild Grass 1 nom (ICS)
Everyone Else 1 nom (ICS)
Vincere 1 nom (ICS)
Secret Sunshine 1 nom (ICS)

Best Animated Film
Toy Story 3 28 wins (Oscar, PGA, BAFTA, Globes, LA, BFCA, SF, NYFCO, Boston, Chicago, Satellites, Central Ohio, Houston, NBR, DC, North Texas, San Diego, Las Vegas, Dallas, St. Louis, Oklahoma, Austin, Southeastern, Online, Utah, Kansas City, Phoenix, Black Critics, Iowa), 3 noms (Annies, Indiana, Toronto)
How to Train Your Dragon 3 wins (Annies, Toronto, Indiana) 18 noms (Oscar, PGA, Globes, BAFTA, BFCA, San Diego, Houston, Satellites, Phoenix, DC, Chicago, Las Vegas, Online, Utah, North Texas, St. Louis, Southeastern, Central Ohio)
The Illusionist 3 wins (NY, EFA, ICS), 12 noms (Oscar, Globes, BFCA, Chicago, Utah, Online, Las Vegas, San Diego, LA, Boston, Satellites, Annies)
Despicable Me 16 noms (PGA, BAFTA, Globes, BFCA, Chicago, Las Vegas Houston, Toronto, San Diego, Satellites, DC, Annies, Online, St. Louis, North Texas, Central Ohio)
Tangled 13 noms (Globes, BFCA, Chicago, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Online, Utah, San Diego, Houston, Annies, DC, St. Louis, Central Ohio)
Megamind 3 noms (Houston, Utah, DC)
Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole 2 noms (Satellites, St. Louis)
Planet 51 1 nom (EFA)
Sammy’s Adventures: The Secret Passage 1 nom (EFA)

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Shoot the Critic

Thanks for the thorough summary!
“The Social Network” has little competition when it comes to the critics’ favorite. It’s strange, then, how “The King’s Speech” is piling up the Guild awards and seems to be the bet to win the Oscar.
I am surprised at how many awards James Franco has received, coming in second behind the obvious Colin Firth. Jesse Eisenberg, a very deserving actor in my opinion (especially for being a huge reason for the success of “The Social Network”), came in third, just one award behind Franco.
It’s disappointing how every awards show has not strayed far from Natalie Portman as their pick for best lead actress. There were other, more complex and intricate performances this year. Not that Ms. Portman didn’t do a good job, but there is better acting out there. It’d be nice if these awards recognized it more.
I posted my own list of predictions and favorites on my film and television web site “Shoot the Critic.” Check it out if you’re interested.
– Shoot the Critic,

Tiffany Joy

Ryan Gosling needs to win something. I must see Blue Valentine. I have yet to see Black Swan or Social Network and I don’t plan to.


The Social Network and Black Swan were my absolute favorite films this year. Natalie Portman was a revelation, and The Social Network was brilliant!

Carlos Martins

I hope Mark Wahlberg is acknowledged with a best actor nomination at the Oscars. He is such a MAN.

Iverson Warinner

The balanced mix of commercial and indy films and the number of winners and nominations tell us that film art is having a banner year in the United States.


I guess I’m in the minority here, but I just don’t care that much about all these awards! It feels like indieWIRE becomes exclusively dedicated to awards coverage for practically half the year. I care about the movies. Isn’t there way to balance the content a little more for those of us who don’t obsessively scrutinize every arbitrary nomination/award/marketing campaign?

bob hawk

In regard to recognition in the doc category, I’m wondering if Soderbergh’s superb portrait of Spalding Gray, AND EVERYTHING IS GOING FINE, just quietly snuck in to the IFC Center this week without as yet being seen much (if at all) in other parts of the country. To eloquently and movingly tell Gray’s story without any talking heads — other than Gray’s himself — is a rare and special achievement in filmmaking. It is one of the best edited films of the year, and I’m kind of amazed that, in Tony Scott’s NYTimes review, he calls it “a “tour de force of smart and sensitive editing” without mentioning editor Susan Littenberg by name.

On a somewhat different note: with the BFCA nom to UNSTOPPABLE for Best Action Film, even though ghetto-ized as a genre film, one wonders if it has a chance for any Academy recognition in the editing and sound categories. I consider it (IMHO) one of the major achievements of the year in that department — one of the most intense experiences this year, with virtually zero percent of body fat. Not since THE FUGITIVE . . .


Indeed it is interesting that the two outstanding teen actresses this year Chloe Grace Moretz for “Kick Ass” and Hailee Steinfeld for “True Grit” are not even nominated.
We have Jennifer Lawrence, okay.
But why not. It would be a bit unfair. Let the older ones get their share also.


Maybe a little early, but here’s an independent gem that could be a contender next season… still in production though so it’s hard to say! Replicas, starring Selma Blair… or


I see a name missing which I am surprised about considering some of the other artist nominated for awards. It may just be me but, shouldn’t Chloe Grace Moretz be nominated for her turn as Hit Girl in “Kick Ass”, at the least? I mean, wasn’t it pretty unanimous that she is what made “Kick Ass” live up to it’s name? Isn’t that one of the greatest child performances of all time? I think that a lot of people agree with me on this, not really for an Oscar contender but definitely for most of the these other awards. She should be raking up nominations easy.

The Ghost of Easter

Hmmmm…… Could John C. Reilly in Cyrus turn out to be a serious oscar/awardseason contender (for nominations, not wins of course)?

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