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Alex Pettyfer Developing A Bad Reputation, Say Insiders; Also, Who Is Alex Pettyfer?

Alex Pettyfer Developing A Bad Reputation, Say Insiders; Also, Who Is Alex Pettyfer?

Alex Pettyfer is about to have a moment. The 20 year old thesp has a major star vehicle, “I Am Number Four” hitting next week and “Beastly” in March, and has a handful of projects on his potential plate including “The Seventh Son,” which Jeff Bridges recently boarded. But apparently he’s ruffled a bit too many feathers, leading to a near-scolding piece from THR about his somewhat difficult reputation.

Of course, stories like this are strictly meant to discredit the person they are about, possibly as a negotiating tool, as Pettyfer reportedly requested a staggering $10 million upfront pay for “Mortal Instruments” (a film he’s apparently since turned down). But that’s not all that’s being said about Mr. Pettyfer. Apparently the actor had more than a few disagreements with director D.J. Caruso on the set of “I Am Number Four,” and it got bad enough that DreamWorks CEO Stacy Snider had to intervene. We like the idea of Pettyfer ragging on Caruso’s “Two For The Money” and Caruso wondering, “Who the hell is this kid?” Additionally, once he learned his quarter-million fee for the film was dwarfed by another actor (likely Timothy Olyphant) he demanded a pay raise, switching his agent and, possibly, inspiring co-star/girlfriend Dianna Argon to do the same. Pettyfer protested his pay by refusing to cash his checks for the film up until the end of last year; only recently has he gone to the bank and finally deposited his earnings.

Pettyfer is also being chastised for arriving two hours late to a marketing meeting with the CBS Films executives — including CEO Amy Baer — regarding “Beastly,” though his “car troubles” are said to be the cause. But with all this drama, the bigger question is….seriously, who is Alex Pettyfer? While Hollywood is ready to bank on this kid as their next A-lister, the public has yet to weigh in, and if “I Am Number Four” or “Beastly” under-perform, the actor’s supposed hubris (and we stress supposed) will be somewhat comical. There is probably a good mix of truth and exaggeration to whatever tales are being spun about Pettyfer and you kind of have to wonder what the real motive is for dragging the young thesp’s name through the mud. And really, with DreamWorks developing a biopic of race car driver James Hunt for the actor, clearly fences have been mended and they have faith in the guy.

“Pick your words: ambitious, hungry, cocky, very ahead of himself. But if he delivers, he’ll be worth it,” said an anonymous producer who’s worked with Pettyfer. But, doesn’t that apply to pretty much every actor on the rise in Hollywood who wants to make it?

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It amazes me how people can gang up on an actor like this, which only goes to prove my point: people (thank God not all) are sheep. Alex didn't want to play Jace. So? I don't blame him; it’s his decision, after all, his career, or so it should be. And yes, I agree he would have made a great Jace, albeit maybe too old now for the role. Jace is what, 17? Alex is . . . 22? And, he looks older. But no matter, the role obviously wasn't in his heart to do it. If offered the right price? Why not. But since he wasn’t that into it, he held out. I would have done the same. As for all the other crap, I could dispute every point in his favor, every single point, but will suffice for this: I find his honesty refreshing, not arrogant. I think you have to be self-assured to make it as an actor, and he is. He refuses to play the game—good for him. I loved Beastly, and liked I am # 4. I saw him on Ellen, and thought he was sweet, introverted, and maybe a little shy. Even the producer said: “pick your words.” I read that interview where so many want to crucify him and again, so what? I saw humor and honesty. Give him a break, people.


Oh wow what a douche. Asking ten million for Mortal Instruments? This kid needs to get over himself.

and other mortal instruments fans need to stop thinking he's the perfect Jace cuz he freakin TURNED DOWN the role.


He can't act.


All of this statements must be true, but I know deep inside him, he's better than that. He's a really really good actor, he's still learning things in hollywood


I know most of this stuff might be true… but it might not be. The big question is not Who is Alex Pettyfer, it is WHO CARES? I liked I am number four and am excited to see beastly. What does it matter if he is an awful person? I think he is a pretty good actor so I dont care who hes like as a person. I’m never gonna meet him or know him so unless you are planning on dating him anytime soon, ask yourself, “Who cares what hes like.”


alright, so obviously pettyfer is only 20, how else would he look about 15 in the stormbreaker movie a couple of years ago? and a message to IAM#2, honey have you ever heard of the phrase “not everything you read is true”? i hate to break it to you all, but people LIE. There could be some truth in some stuff about him, but to sit there on your little computer and say ‘this stuff is 110% true’ is being a lier. you don’t know if it’s true unless you heard him say it or actually saw him refuse to do reshoots. And to the rest of you all, get a bloody grip. He’s just an actor. ALL actors get slandered in magizines and lied about, and you know why they do it… it’s because people like you out here believe every word that comes out of their insignificant mouths! i’m gonna go out on a limb here and say i bet none of you could find an actor thats been in a big movie that hasn’t had some gossipist bitch about them… or had a no body say they couldn’t act. if alex couldn’t act, then why would he be making millions of dollars in blockbuster movies?


i think that you all need to be thankful that there are great actors and actresses out there that make wonderful movies, i think his movies are great, if he asks for ten million then deal with it you could always go out there and try and be in the movie yourself im guessing that if you can bad mouth him this much then you can all act better than him!!!!!!!

Thats right – we can all act better than him. Not exactly a hard thing to achieve.


i think that you all need to be thankful that there are great actors and actresses out there that make wonderful movies, i think his movies are great, if he asks for ten million then deal with it you could always go out there and try and be in the movie yourself im guessing that if you can bad mouth him this much then you can all act better than him!!!!!!!


Dear IAM#2: I have no interest in the subject-matter at hand, but if you’re going to comment on people’s spelling then let me point out that your grasp of English grammar is questionable. It’s supposed to be “…if it weren’t true”, ok?


Pettyfer and taylor lautner share and agent and PR team, which pretty much tells you all you need to know. It’s the same entitlement, the ridiculous asking price with no track record to justify it, and probably the same fast implosion.


Stories of his sense of self-worth are even more hilarious when you see his IAN4 performance.


Dear Incredulous (er….Alex or Alex’ agent since you can obviously spell)

They wouldn’t be writing it if it wasn’t true. name ONE other up and coming actor the media has attacked like this?? Come on, just one. You can’t.



@dana He’s twenty (born April 10th, 1990).

@BuntyHoven Actually the movie is called stormbreaker and thogh it didn’t have too much promotion obviously due to financial resons it is still a great movie and Alex Pettyfer made a perfect Alex Rider impersonation !

@ all others: first of all perhaps nobody should take all that rumors too seriously.
Secondly, who would be happy and motivated if he/she found out that a co-worker gets more money for less work ? If you’d like to do that, just go to your boss and tell him you want to do more work and want to have a wage cut, too !


Yes he may be irritating but name oneactor who isn’t he may be cocky but who isn’t stop waisting your time whining about him and just either don’t care and not givehom the time of day or forget about it. If you refused to watch something just because one actor in it is a jerk you would not watch ANYTHING every actor is cocky and the 10mil was probably him starting high so he could negotiate down. Yes he’s aheadof himself but WHO ISNT


Gosh, a much more balanced take on this story, but then the same three people who go to every comments section, using multiple user names, for every story about Alex Pettyfer show up and spit out the some unsupported accusations. I have advice for you “IAM#2”, at least change the wording on your bullshit if you really want people to think that you are more than one person. And if you have any real supportable facts to share, which surely you don’t, come out and show your evidence, instead of posting anonymously like a coward.


What was printed in the Reporter is 110% fact. They even omitted some of his BS. Like refusing to do reshoots on Beastly that he was contractually obligated to do. And “developing” a biopic isn’t making another movie with him. If IANF doesn’t hit big he can kiss that film and any subsequent sequels bye bye. The nerve spitting on a $5M contract handed to him as a no name.


An article in the Daily Mail says he’s 20.

If Dianna Agron is older that him (she’s 24), that makes her a cougar?


wow. a no name asking for 10 mill. someone obviously cares about their craft.


but who is this guy? how can he ask 10 millions $? even Damon or Patthinson don’t ask 10 millions $ by movie

fanny bunz

great, another talentless pretty face “might be” an asshole. big fucking surprise. it’s a shame there’s not a way to just kill these jerkoffs’ careers before they ever start. oh wait – there is. don’t hire assholes just because they’re pretty. pretty only sells so many seats.


I’m sure I read a piece ages ago about how he was a precocious little shit on the set of that Stormrider piece of shit.


He looks 30, but some people insist that he is younger. I wonder how old he really is.

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