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Baz Luhrmann To Shoot ‘Great Gatsby’ In 3D, Takes Production Down Under

Baz Luhrmann To Shoot 'Great Gatsby' In 3D, Takes Production Down Under

Lensing To Begin This August For 17 Weeks

After finally settling on the adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald‘s “The Great Gatsby” as his next project, Baz Luhrmann is now set to take the production to his hometown of Sydney, Australia, where lensing in 3D (yes, 3D!) will begin this August.

ABC reports that Luhrmann has “brushed off” the novel’s iconic New York setting as a shooting location and will bring the production to Fox Studios in Sydney, the same facilities which have housed such major films as “The Matrix” trilogy, the “Star Wars” prequels and, of course, Luhrmann’s own “Moulin Rouge!” and “Australia.” Furthermore, after earlier workshopping in the stereoscopic format, ‘Gatsby’ will also evidently find Luhrmann leading the first ever live-action 3D film made in the state of New South Wales, trumping George Miller‘s new “Mad Max” film which was presumably set to take that mantle before it was significantly delayed — both are being backed by Warner Bros.

The deal to bring ‘Gatsby’ to Australia’s Harbour City was reportedly secured by the state’s film investment fund as well as unnamed incentives which was no doubt a major attraction compared to typical through-the-roof taxes on New York productions. “This comes at a good time for the film industry,” NSW premier Kristina Kenneally told THR. “Australia was thought to be losing international filmmaking due to the strong Aussie dollar – put simply, this is a big win.”

Adapted for the screen by Luhrmann and Craig Pearce (“Romeo + Juliet,” “Moulin Rouge!”), the film will star Tobey Maguire as protagonist/narrator Nick Carraway, Carey Mulligan as Daisy Buchanan and Leonardo DiCaprio as Jay Gatsby for the iconic Fitzgerald tale — which itself has been adapted several times before including a Jack Clayton version starring Robert Redford, Mia Farrow and Sam Waterston as the leading trio.

A no doubt extensive pre-production will kick off next month in preparation for lensing which is set to begin this August for 17 weeks. The 30 weeks after that, though, will be dedicated to post-production, bringing things well into 2012.

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for me, mulligan doesn’t give out the “old money” vibe… maybe keira knightly or natalie portman?


well…the 3D makes no sense at all, this is not Avatar.
I would have perferred a different actress for Daisy(Rachel McAdams anyone?) the choice of Leo for Gatsby has grown on me, I was originally thinking more of a Matt Damon or Ryan Gosling. Tobey is a decent choice for Nick, i was thinking more of a Adrien Brody or Joseph Gordon Levitt. I would really like to know who the supporing cast is going to be. I think if they nail the Tom, Jordan and espically Myrtle role it has a chance of being really good!
damn, i just wish i could cast this thing! haha.


Welcome to horrible.


I love the casting and I think Baz can catch the roaring twenties with a lot of style and jazz. But why 3D? Why do they consider gatsby a live action movie?

And is somebody seriously saying Topher Grace has more talent than Tobey? Topher is typecast character, he would ruin the movie. He should go back to TV and stay there cause nobody likes him.


I think Tobey is the perfect casting choice, while Topher would be good as well, but I think Tobey is better for more serious roles. I think it’ll be great film. How can it not be with a cast like that?


Based on the novel, it’s assumed Daisy Buchanan and Jay Gatsby are about the same age. It seems like miscasting to posit Mulligan as the love interest for DiCaprio. Add to that Luhrmann’s history of melodrama, this looks like a bust. The Great Gatsby would seem like great fodder for a great film, but thus far no great film has been made of it and Luhrmann’s production seems half-baked at best.


Sounds like a pleasant curiosity. I’ve enjoyed all the Luhrmann films I’ve seen so far but I never saw Australia.

… Though it will be odd knowing The Great Gatsby 2012 won’t have actually been shot on Long Island.


oh god, I agree wholeheartedly Baz can’t stop himself. All his films are over-the-top circus shows , and it feels like someone hit me over my head with a sledgehammer . Luhrman doesn’t know subtlety if it slapped him in his face.

Sorry, but this feels like Baz is putting together a high school production of a classic novel , with a cast sharing no chemistry.


“Gatsby’ will also evidently find Luhrmann leading the first ever live-action 3D film made in Australia”



Sam Waterson played Nick in the earlier film, not Bruce Dern (Tom Buchanon).


Fuuck yeah dude. Everything about this sounds awesome, except for Tobey Maguire being in it. He totally takes me out of movies now. But Baz Luhrmann adapting my favorite book in 3D is the best movie news of the year


Pfft to you guys… this actually sounds pretty awesome.

Oh god!

Can’t wait to see how Luhrman is going to eff up this classic with his frenetic camera moves, quick ADD edits, OTT direction and actors overacting. Poor F. Scott must be rolling over right now.




Upsetting to say the least, the worry of 3D too is that it won’t just be gratuitious, it may be a feature that Baz wants to implement in the undoubtedly cheesy, melodramatic style to tell the story i.e really OTT visually.
Romeo and Juliet is his only decent film as it was a great modern twist on Shakespeare, but I do not believe he will do the novel justice to how one pictures it when reading and how it should be (classy, beautiful, heartbreaking).
The only thing that does give me a dash of hope is the screenshot of Carey above, which looks right on the money, with just that in my mind forgetting Baz and the 3D woes I would be really excited.


@BradZuhl, only if the characters were cats … So we purr on, paws against the best post, borne back ceaselessly into the past …

But seriously, Tobey? What a horrible casting decision. Someone like Topher would fill the part … and he has talent.


Are people going to really pay 18 or 20 bucks for a 3D Gatsby? This will be an interesting test to see if 3D is relevant for anything other than superhero’s, animation and video game adaptations.


Looks like the video game was just the beginning…


Tobey? No, thanks, I don’t care is Leo’s bff.

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