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Berlinale 2011 | An Open Letter from Jafar Panahi

Berlinale 2011 | An Open Letter from Jafar Panahi

Jailed Iranian director Jafar Panahi took center stage as the 2011 Berlin International Film Festival launched Thursday. Jury president Isabella Rossellini read an open letter from the dissident filmmaker who was sentenced to six years in prison and forbidden from making a film for two decades after a court in the Islamic Republic of Iran found him guilty of “producing anti-Iranian propaganda.”

Panahi was invited to participate in this year’s jury and is a shadow member with his absence. During the jury press conference, an empty seat with his name sat along side the other sitting members of this year’s jurors in addition to an empty seat at the opening night film, “True Git” by the Coens. Additionally, the Berlinale is hosting a retrospective of Panahi’s work during the fest. For the complete video of Rossellini reading the letter and the audience’s reaction, visit the Berlinale website here.

The world of a filmmaker is marked by the interplay between reality and dreams. The filmmaker uses reality as his inspiration, paints it with the color of his imagination, and creates a film that is a projection of his hopes and dreams.

The reality is I have been kept from making films for the past five years and am now officially sentenced to be deprived of this right for another twenty years. But I know I will keep on turning my dreams into films in my imagination. I admit as a socially conscious filmmaker that I won’t be able to portray the daily problems and concerns of my people, but I won’t deny myself dreaming that after twenty years all the problems will be gone and I’ll be making films about the peace and prosperity in my country when I get a chance to do so again.

The reality is they have deprived me of thinking and writing for twenty years, but they can not keep me from dreaming that in twenty years inquisition and intimidation will be replaced by freedom and free thinking.

They have deprived me of seeing the world for twenty years. I hope that when I am free, I will be able to travel in a world without any geographic, ethnic, and ideological barriers, where people live together freely and peacefully regardless of their beliefs and convictions.

They have condemned me to twenty years of silence. Yet in my dreams, I scream for a time when we can tolerate each other, respect each other’s opinions, and live for each other.

Ultimately, the reality of my verdict is that I must spend six years in jail. I’ll live for the next six years hoping that my dreams will become reality. I wish my fellow filmmakers in every corner of the world would create such great films that by the time I leave the prison I will be inspired to continue to live in the world they have dreamed of in their films.

So from now on, and for the next twenty years, I’m forced to be silent. I’m forced not to be able to see, I’m forced not to be able to think, I’m forced not to be able to make films.

I submit to the reality of the captivity and the captors. I will look for the manifestation of my dreams in your films, hoping to find in them what I have been deprived of.

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we will hope Panahi must realise his hopes

Jesse Westbrook

Of course, the great humanistic director Jafar Panahi is not excommunicated from life because he hurt Allah. Allah is too wise and powerful to be even delicately touched by a mere mortal. Panahi is a threat only because he defies the obsessed dictatorship of political and religious politicians, and does it with the brutality of Truth. They know it, we know it. Allah knows it and has already condemned the evil manipulators to eternal Hell. Soon, they will know the excruciating everlasting pain of the just consequences for their temporal acts of greed and sadism. Allah is great! Dictators are not!

Alejandro Goitia Etecheverria

August 2010:iranian Marjane Satrapi was in Berlin with Isabella Rossellini for ” Chicken with plums ” ; hope for Panahi

Tiffany Joy

I’m holding back tears right now. How is Jafar Panahi to survive without creating his films? Twenty years with no expression, no connection with his passion. You’re incredibly right, Jonathan, how are these so-called “leaders” leading us in the eyes of Allah? Punishment and imprisonment is that truly the answer? Jafar Panahi has a right to speak his mind. He has the right to free thinking. Silencing an artist is worse than living in any prison.


I wish I was able to understand why the court is so afraid of this man. Is Allah so humbled or threatened by the work of one man that he cannot manifest his own divine defense? Why do supposed men of faith have no faith in the ability of their deity to crush whosoever may offend him? Rather they presume to act in the name of the divine to silence the any who question their human authority and in the process give a full frontal view of their shameful fear. Artists today are the modern prophets-it is our duty to call out the injustices and inequalities perpetrated by human hands. Perhaps one artist has been silenced for a time, but how many more will stand up in his place until the world has had enough? Ultimately, it is the fear demonstrated by the Iranian court which will cause its
ultimate downfall. May Allah be merciful as they were not.

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