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Blake Lively Says She’s Joining Chloe Moretz In ‘Hick’

Blake Lively Says She's Joining Chloe Moretz In 'Hick'

Actress Also Quashes ‘Sex And The City’ Prequel Rumors

On the red carpet at the recent Elle Style Awards, a candid Blake Lively answered questions about a few projects she’s been rumored to be attached to, as well as what’s next on her plate.

First up, rumors circulated not too long ago that Lively was attached to star in a prequel to “Sex and the City” that would see her star as a younger version of Sarah Jessica Parker‘s Carrie Bradshaw character. When asked about it, Lively quashed those stories stating, “No, that’s not true.” But as for what’s next, Lively said she will be co-starring with Chloe Moretz in the forthcoming indie drama “Hick.”

“It’s completely different [than “Gossip Girl“], Lively said about her role in the film. “I play a mother of a thirteen year-old…a southern woman who is also a meth addict.” The project was first revealed last fall with Derick Martini (“Lymelife“) directing an adaptation of Andrea Portes’ coming-of-age novel of the same name (she penned the script as well). The story revolves around Luli (Moretz), a 13-year-old Nebraskan girl and her hard-going life on the road after she runs away from her neglectful parents and home. She’s taken in by Glenda, a hard-living grifter who takes her under her wing.

At the time of our initial report, a male lead was being sought and a February start date was being eyed, but the scheduling seems to have shifted slightly as planned schedules are wont to do. While nothing is confirmed just yet, we’d presume that Lively is taking over the role of Glenda originally slotted for Kirsten Dunst. We reached out to the producers on the film, and when asked about what seems like a casting switcheroo they simply responded with a “no comment.” Reps for Lively did not return emails at press time.

We’ll wait and see how this one pans out, but Lively will next be seen on the big screen in “Green Lantern,” hitting theaters this summer. [ITN]

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Edward Davis

Uhh, don’t blame Hollywood. The author lived in Nebraska for some time growing up. She wrote the screenplay.


Nebraska is also the home to Dan Whitney, AKA Larry the Cable Guy, so there goes all pretensions of Nobel Prize winners!


Nebraska has produced as many Nobel Laureates as Japan. We have pullitzer prize winning authors and poets. We have a leading center for organ tranplantation. Omaha is the home of four Fortune 500 companies and the most competitive restaurant market in the nation.

We are never portrayed as anything but louts and ne’er do wells. Now we get this movie. And Hollywood wonders why we don’t support the movies they make.


Oh wonderful, another movie portraying southern people as a bunch of hillbilly rednecks. Hollywood can’t hide their long standing hatred of those residing in the dreaded “flyover country”, can they.


I don’t understand the big fuss about LIvely . Her performance in “The Town” was not credible and it took me out of the movie.


Wait, so Dunst is playing Glenda, and Lively is playing Tammy?

Gregor Kalfas

Blake is definitely set to play the role of Glenda, not Tammy. See Facebook page for hickthemovie for more deets.


Glenda and Luli’s mother (Tammy) are two different characters in the novel. I can’t see Blake Lively as mother to a 13 yr old. Could she have mistaken the two characters? lol


I am suppose to believe Blake Lively is a mother of a 13 year old? lolololololol…..lmao

She better act real convincing and good esp opposite Moretz.

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