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Bridesmaids Trailer

Bridesmaids Trailer

I liked the poster and I am very mixed on the trailer. It really looks like it is a “Hangover” with women. Do women need to prove that we can fart and burp just as well as men? But I am still not convinced it will suck. Maybe the whole thing turns out to skewer the wedding industrial complex. Now that’s something I would be interested in seeing.

But I am going to watch this one a bit carefully because it is a comedy, written by women and starring women and we need more of them badly.

Anyone interested?

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I’ll def support it, how novel to see a woman dominated film. Not so keen on the whole wedding thing because it suggests that even if we are burping and farting (yay, liberation, clearly!) we’re also being depicted as being super fixated on getting hitched…because we clearly have no greater ambitions or dimensions…


Trailers can be very misleading (e.g., “Easy A”), so I’m with mimi337 on this. I hope that the story skewers all the stereotypes. The Fight Club idea is awesome!


i don’t care what any of you guys say – I consider myself not only a feminist but one of those feminists who reads all mainstream media with a jaundiced eye. And usually I’m depressed out of my mind with what’s onscreen. But this looks funny! (Maybe because I was a bridesmaid once and hated every second of it — i was that blonde woman.) It looks funny (and fun) because it’s nice to see women NOT being used as sx objects but instead playing with the stereotypes that are unfortunately part of the madness of hetero marriage. It’s the exaggeration of the truth and having the point of view of a character who doesn’t buy the fairytale is a good premise. Can’t wait – and hope she doesn’t end up married at the end!


So… big people are disgusting, right? That’s what I’m meant to get from that? Message received, Hollywood!


Melissa McCarthy made me laugh out loud three times in this trailer – including the burp joke. I’ll go see this just to find out if she steals the whole movie.


I’m dying for a female version of The Hangover. One that actually shows modern women are more like modern men than different from them. One that takes gender stereotypes and throws them so far away we can’t even find them anymore.

Linn D.

For many reasons (including I’m part of a writing team that writes similar material), I want this to do WELL. I’m fine with a few silly fart jokes, if it means that the majority of jokes are done by the female actresses. Think about it, usually the female has to play the “straight man” so to speak, while the male actor gets the funny bits. But if it’s two female actresses on screen, one of them has to be the “funny one.” That’s huge people. HUGE. Just getting half the jokes is a big step forward, especially in features. Because there is still the crazy premise running around that women cannot be funny. I kid you not. And that women are not funny for male audiences. So if we need to toss the male audience a couple farts and boob grabbing moments, I’m willing to compromise. Because there are only something like 3 film actresses who are considered “funny” by decision makers. And if just 2 women from this ensemble break out and start making headway in being “female movie stars who can be funny” we are making huge progress. Yes, TV is different. TV also costs way less to produce, and those costs are spread out more, so each entity loses less money. I personally think that’s one of the reasons features are so behind in diversity – be it race, subject matter, or whatever. It costs way too much to take chances from the decision maker’s point of view.

Sylvia Franklin

While it does have the prerequisite fart jokes to appeal to a younger, less disciplined demo, what strikes me here are the wedding rituals most of the support posse have to endure to appease the bride. Hilarious.

Every bride wants that perfect day, but oftentimes, it’s never perfect, and that’s perfectly okay. That conclusion’s never reached ’til the day of, sometimes never, but the trailer made me laugh.

I’m in.

Brooke Marie

I’m definitely interested because of the details you mentioned (the cast, writers)…but it does look a little lady-Hangover to me as well. Perhaps the studio is just using the trailer to appeal to a general audience?!

I think that Melissa McCarthy looks thinner on the poster–do you think she was airbrushed/photoshopped into a more “appropriate” size? Also, notice how the only lady who isn’t a skinny mini is an overbearingly “masculine” character.

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