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‘Community’ Star Joel McHale Joins Mark Wahlberg In Seth MacFarlane’s ‘Ted’

'Community' Star Joel McHale Joins Mark Wahlberg In Seth MacFarlane's 'Ted'

While this writer doesn’t understand the love for the overrated “Community,” Joel McHale is undeniably funny and he’s long overdue for some big screen exposure — though it seems to be his year with “Spy Kids 4,” “What’s Your Number?” and “The Big Year” all on the way — and it looks like he’s found a new, particularly filthy vehicle that will allow him to continue his transition onto the big screen.

Deadline reports that McHale has joined Mark Wahlberg, Mila Kunis and Giovanni Ribisi in “Family Guy” creator Seth MacFarlane‘s “Ted,” an ambitiously conceived tale about a man and his relationship with a stuffed teddy that comes to life thanks to a Christmas wish he made as a young child. The bear has long been by the man’s side, but now, twenty-five years later, he’s a smoking, cursing, delinquent nightmare.

Wahlberg will take on the lead role of the owner of Ted, with MacFarlane playing the mo-capped part of the foul-mouthed bear. Ribisi will play a man obsessed by Ted, while McHale will be Kunis’ sleazy boss who continually hits on her even though she has a boyfriend (Wahlberg). Complicating matters more, she wants to marry him but his attachment to Ted is getting in the way.

Lensing on the film will begin next month and it’s a big one with a reported budget in the $65 million dollar range; a huge figure for an R-rated comedy. But Universal is banking on MacFarlane’s fertile imagination and limitless mouth to make the film a sensation. No release date yet, but it should hit theaters in 2012. As for McHale, he will be hosting the Independent Spirit Awards tomorrow night.

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the yapper

McHale is a great addition but what happened to adam scott i thought he was scheduled to play that part.


It’s just that I don’t come to this site expecting my favorite shows to be trashed on. When I want TV opinions, the AV Club is where I go. This is a movie news blog, and one of the better ones usually.

Oliver Lyttelton

OK, I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve pimped Community (which I adore) in articles, and Kevin says literally one word against it and you guys lose your shit?

It’s not his cup of tea. Grow up, develop some faith in your own opinions and move along.


I 100% agree with Shark. Also, if it wasn’t for the fact you guys somehow managed to get scoops on upcoming films, not many people would visit your snarky & biased site.


Playlist guys, just shut up about anything TV-related forever. Community is a legitimately great comedy show, and all of its actors are talented and deserve success. I remember when you guys were being pricks about LOST, and it wasn’t cool or interesting then either. Community’s NOT overrated, because it has a small audience, is constantly on the verge of being cancelled, and not even all the critics are behind it. Why pick on the underdog? Oh, right, because you’re hipsters, and now that Community is cool, you are obligated to hate it.

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