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D.J. Caruso Closes Deal To Direct ‘Preacher’

D.J. Caruso Closes Deal To Direct 'Preacher'

While “I Am Number Four” did decent, though not gangbusters numbers over the long holiday weekend, the results combined with the decent CinemaScore of B+ from moviegoers seem to have propelled director D.J. Caruso into his next project. The helmer hit Twitter late last night to announce, “My deal just closed on ‘Preacher.’ Going back to the dark side and pretty fucking pumped!”

The long-gestating project previously had Sam Mendes attached to direct, but he left last year in order to focus on the forthcoming James Bond flick. Based on the comic book series created by Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon, the story follows a possessed Texas preacher who teams up with a vampire on a quest to find God and hold him accountable for his negligence.

With a whole slew of vampire films in the works, it might seem like a strange time to get another project in a similar vein moving. However, audiences’ appetite for blood drinkers hasn’t seemed to diminished and for such an ambitious project, there is probably no better to time to find interested funders, distributors etc. eager to get another genre tale up on the big screen. No word yet on casting or when production might get underway, but those details are likely to be around the corner.

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Oh f*ck, please, cant you guys just bring Sam Mendes back to this project? Novel was brilliant and Caruzo did nothing good since Solton Sea.
Poor, really poor choice.


I rather him tackle Y instead of Preacher. The story is exceeds way over his head and i doubt he’ll be able to balance the film at all.
Is this a tragedy? Yes.


The first 2 books are fantastic… then it ends up in DJ Caruso territory. I liked Disturbia for what it was the rest have been awful, though I’ve always wanted to see Preacher made.


Please be good, i love this comic!


Since Preacher the comic ripped so much from Tarantino’s films, Tarantino should direct the movie version.

It’s really no “vampire wagon” unless they decide to take it that way, which would be extremely stupid.


Caruso seems to specialize in talking out of his ass. He recently mentioned that vampires are going out of fashion and the aliens are the ‘it’ thing. Now after delivering a crappy movie he wants to get on the vampire wagon.


The vampire aspect isn’t really that important in the comic. Hope it stays that way.

Also, I think Caruso is a really poor choice. Kind of bummed about this news.


hope this dies in deveploment hell, caruso is a hack and preacher not suitable for film.


welp this better be good. he has a lot of material to base this movie off of. I dont think he can handle it all. He seems just like a mediocre director.

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