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Daryl Hannah, Tom Sizemore & Thora Birch Join Adaptation Of Chuck Palahniuk’s ‘Snuff’

Daryl Hannah, Tom Sizemore & Thora Birch Join Adaptation Of Chuck Palahniuk's 'Snuff'

Update: Deadline says Daryl Hannah is not part of this cast. Someone evidently spoke out of turn. It’s been happening a lot lately.

So far, Chuck Palahniuk‘s work on the big screen has been a mixed bag. Obviously, David Fincher‘s “Fight Club” was great while “Choke” was, well, not so much. Anyway, an adaptation of his novel “Snuff” is brewing and it has attracted an uh, eclectic, cast.

According to the author’s blog (via AICN) Daryl Hannah, Tom Sizemore and Thora Birch have all signed on for the film. “Snuff” tells the story of an aging porn star who decides to cap off her career by having sex with 600 men in one day and story is told through the eyes of three men who are lining up to do the deed with her. So, typical territory for Palahniuk. Hannah will play the porn star, with Sizemore as the man who got her in the business and Birch as a talent wrangler.

Directing the film will be French filmmaker Fabien Martorell whose biggest credit to date is the documentary “Tromatized: Meet Lloyd Kaufman,” and his assistant director on that project, Karina Wilson, wrote the screenplay. Frankly, this all smells ambitious, if terribly low budget; when was the last time a Daryl Hannah led film opened at the multiplex? Or Tom Sizemore for that matter? Anyway, we’ll keep a skeptical eye on this but fans expecting the next “Fight Club” might want to take a deep breath.

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This story is total crap. NOT ONE of these actors is attached to this project.


It should be mandatory that only David Fincher can adapt Chuck Palahniuk’s books into films. Fight Club was so awesome and then Choke dropped the ball big time. I’m surprised his stuff, like Bret Easton Ellis, doesn’t get better big screen treatments.


Daryl Hannah is starting to look like Jennifer Coolidge.


it will be a crazy set and i agree with Elie on Hannah

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