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“E.T.” Sequel or Remake: Which Would You Prefer if You Had to Choose?

"E.T." Sequel or Remake: Which Would You Prefer if You Had to Choose?

A couple years ago the National Enquirer started a big, Internet-rampaging rumor that Steven Spielberg and Drew Barrymore were talking about doing a sequel to “E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial.” A source had told the tabloid the following: “Steven and Drew are being very secretive about this baby. But they want to do this project and work together. Steven has an incredible story in mind for the sequel that will bring E.T. back to earth.” It turned out to be false, of course, but today we get to see what that baby might have looked like. Well, that is if Spielberg was interested in really ruining everybody’s childhood by making “E.T. 2” more like “War of the Worlds” (and the specifically sampled, “Mars Attacks”) than the original family-friendly film.

A fake trailer for the imagined 3D follow-up was created by Robert Blankenheim and Derek Johnson Productions. The title is “ET-X: Extinction” and it features some pretty good mashing up of other films starring the grown up Barrymore and Henry Thomas as well as unrelated films starring Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman and the Jonas Brothers (as well as a cameo from Barack Obama). Apparently the plot also concerns the kidnapping of Gertie (Barrymore) for an intergalactic arranged marriage? In theory, such a satire of an “E.T.” sequel being darker and more violent is a bit too expected and obvious, but Blankenheim did a good enough job with this that it’s still quite amusing. Especially the Reese’s Pieces scene.

Watch the video after the jump.

[via Trailer Mash]

If you hate the idea of the sequel being about an invasion, how about the idea of a remake being initially about a robotic, breakdancing, laser-shooting alien who becomes the companion of an awkward 19-year-old? In a very terribly written (or are the misspellings intentional?) piece of satire at RumorMiller [via Fark], Spielberg’s beloved movie is reimagined as a “less shity [sic] and less boring” blockbuster from Michael Bay, retitled “ET: The eXtreme Terrestrial.” Here’s an excerpt:

In Bay’s rewrite- ET runs to the action. It is for this reason that the FBI will be recruiting, ET to fight terrorism, but ET just wants to hang with his bro Sam, play games, slam “teh Dew”, and get laid. Also written out of Bay’s version is the iconic scene of a cowering ET making a bicycke fly, because according to Bay- “bikes are not extreme, and no kid rides a bike anymore.”

Huh? Obviously this is an attempt to claim Bay’s “Transformers” films are just an extreme version of “E.T.,” which has been noted since the beginning. But it’s still worth citing just to think of the worst possible situation in remake land. Or, just to further see how much better Blankenheim’s sequel idea is (as a parody, at least). Regardless, if Universal ever went forward with either a sequel or remake of “E.T.,” it’s more plausible that they’d go the more family-friendly route. Either way, which would you prefer, a number two or a reboot?

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Gloria Brockie

I like the idea of the sequel of E.T. there should be one for the adults but steven Spielberg should make the sequel to E.T. and it should be called Et-x: Extinction


I hope a sequal does come back using most of the same actors. Why not have E.T. bring his children to see the original actors. I would love for my kids to have the same feeling we did as kids.

Steve Bailey

I had a very strange experience back in 1989. The night before I was to go into surgery to have a mycotic aneurysm removed, I walked into a lounge in the hospital. They were watching a video of ET. I watched for a while and then went back to my room as I had an early date with the brain surgeon. Sometime during the process, I "experienced" the entire sequel to ET. To this day, I don't know if it was during the operation or in recovery, but the "dream" was so vivid that I was actually a little disturbed.

I even had the title of the "Reunion". It involved Elliott becoming an astronaut and reuniting with ET to let we earthlings know that we are not alone and that what we do does have an affect on the universe. The plot evolves around the pair teaming up to get the children involved in accepting the premise of the ETs. It was so weird, because it climaxed at the Olympic Games that were to be held in Beijing. This was long before it was announced…

Steven was doing the opening ceremonies and when the ship landed, everyone thought it was part of the show. Everyone except Steven and his people.

Anyway, it was an amazing experience for me and for a long time, I thought the reason I survived, was to tell the story of "The Reunion".

Isabelle Marinozzi

Neither. They would ruin it if they remade it and Steven said he will NEVER make a sequel.


Well, let me put it this way…Im watching the original right now and I absolutely love it. Unless they get Henry Thomas and Drew Barrymore to come back they need to just do a reboot if anythng..however, Iwould be interested in a long as ET doesn’t die…


How’s ’bout we just burn all existing copies of the original (the only flm more over-rated than “Wizard of Oz” and “It’s a Wonderful Life”) and pretend the entire ghastly episode never happened?


How about we leave it alone. Just put it down and walk away. It has already been made, and nothing good ever, ever, ever comes from “rebooting” anything that came before. How about a new idea? How about something we haven’t seen that also isn’t full of gratuitous gore, over-hyped CGI, and a bunch of t&a? How about some original ideas from these so-called “artists?”


@The First Guy
Hey I know you! (we meet on youtube)

Aside from that, I think a reboot unless the sequel is good or what the one person said.

Jarom Ellsworth

I’ve already written the sequel. I even pulled a crazy stunt to get Spielberg’s attention. It didn’t work so I’m trying other options. The story is boss but I’ll admit the screenplay is still a first draft so it needs work. It’s going to be awesome!!!
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