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Gary Oldman, Guy Pearce & Mia Wasikowska Join John Hillcoat’s ‘The Wettest County’

Gary Oldman, Guy Pearce & Mia Wasikowska Join John Hillcoat's 'The Wettest County'

While we may weep for what could have been of John Hillcoat‘s original incarnation of “The Wettest County” that fell apart last year and featured Michael Shannon, Ryan Gosling, Paul Dano, Amy Adams and Scarlett Johansson, the cast that has come together for the revamped film is equally first rate.

THR reports that Gary Oldman, Guy Peace and Mia Wasikowska have joined the film, rounding a cast that has already Shia LaBeouf. Tom Hardy, Jessica Chastain, Jason Clarke and Dane DeHaan. Talk about a powerhouse of talent. The adaptation of Matt Bondurant‘s novel, “The Wettest County” follows the story of a trio of brothers (LaBeouf, Hardy, Clarke) who run a bootlegging gang during Prohibition but find their moonshine dynasty in Franklin County, Virginia threatened by the authorities wanting a cut. Chastain plays Hardy’s love interest Maggie, while Wasikowska will hang off the arm of LaBeouf. Pearce is lined up in the role of a violent deputy with the brothers in his sights while Oldman will play the gangster who employs the boys.

Nick Cave wrote the screenplay and will also be scoring the film (he took on both those duties on Hillcoat’s “The Proposition“), and pre-production is underway and will start filming on February 28th.

Basically, this is shaping up to be a big pile of awesome. What else can we say? The cast is astonishingly strong as if we weren’t already tremendously excited for the film, this puts it over the top.

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LOL i see you “chunkymonkey” going to every post just to hate on Shia Lame too bad for you i guess, he is in the movie and his in the lead deal with it


yeh looking forward to this watching it for Shia although the whole cast is wonderful
this gonna be gooooooooooood


Great cast. Dump LaBeouf and it’ll be perfect.


I love this cast. Sure, it sucks that we lost major talent like Shannon, Dano, Gosling and Adams. (Scarjo would have just been amazing eye candy.)
Besides Shannon is part of Boardwalf Empire and i think he might want to try playing some characters that aren’t total nutjobs.
This cast is fucking ace. It seems less hollywood and more realistic. Maybe even more mature.

Kevin Jagernauth

Sorry, its a trio of brothers. And THR confirms Clarke is the third.


But yeah, so far the cast is on fucking point.


“… ‘The Wettest County’ follows the story of a quartet of brothers (DeHaan, LaBeouf, Hardy, Clarke)…”

Um, no.

There’s only three brothers. And Shia and Tom are the only two actors confirmed for two of the three roles.


I like the fist cast better simply because of Paul Dano and Michel Shannon, but this cast is awesome too.

And Mia Waskowska’s looking busy, with this movie and A View on the Bridge on production.


It’s too much talent! My brain is overloading!

Edward Davis

back from the dead with fucking vengeance. Go Hillcoat!


Fuck yeah! Now that’s a fucking cast. This one is shaping up to be a tour-de-force.



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