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Greta Gerwig Finally Acknowledged By ‘Arthur’ Poster

Greta Gerwig Finally Acknowledged By 'Arthur' Poster

Don’t ask us why movie marketers do what they do but when the trailer and poster for “Arthur” recently landed, the film’s love interest, indie film sensation Greta Gerwig, was nowhere to be found. Well, Warner Bros. have rectified that situation with a new, horribly Photoshopped poster that crams Gerwig in there and even she gets her name at the top of the poster. Guess the indie thesp is moving on up.

The film stars Russell Brand in the titular role as the spoiled (and apparently no longer drunken) playboy, with Helen Mirren playing Arthur’s put-upon nanny and Gerwig as the girl who forces Arthur to choose between marrying for money or love. Jennifer Garner and Nick Nolte also star with Garner playing an heiress Arthur must marry to retain his fortune, while Nolte plays her deeply religious father. Yeah, we can’t say there is anything we’re really looking forward to in this one but at least Gerwig is finally get her due in her first major studio project.

“Arthur” hits theaters on April 8th. Check out the poster below. [ComingSoon]

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Not sure if I would call Greta Gerwig an indie film sensation. . .Maybe “mumblecore poster girl” or indie starlet, but not yet a sensation.

Sorry, not to nitpick, I think its that I hate the idea of the movie…and Brand, too.


Man, the lack of decent Photoshop skills and competent design sense bugs me. Clearly the marketing team behind this poster didn’t feel they needed to shell out for it. She looks so badly shoe horned in. Physically she shouldn’t be there. They’re all digital cardboard cutouts with fake shadows placed in a way that’s not physically possible for real people to stand. Is no one else freaking sick of this in movie posters?! For heaven’s sake painted movie posters do better jobs of imagining these physical placement of their people than these fake photo ones. I’m not even against photo illustration posters, but these are freaking terrible. Well, even if there are many many that are far far worse.


Who is Greta Gerwig?


you’d think they’d run a spell check on their tag lines.

Cory Everett

Garner and Mirren look like younger/older versions of each other in this poster. And both/all deserve better. :/

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