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Halle Berry Not Offered Role Or Starring In ‘The Student’; Paul Verhoeven Not Attached Either

Halle Berry Not Offered Role Or Starring In 'The Student'; Paul Verhoeven Not Attached Either

Recently, Badass Digest reported that Halle Berry will be starring in “The Student” for Dutch director Paul Verhoeven known for “Showgirls,” “Starship Troppers” and the excellent, late-career redeeming “Black Book” in 2006. The problem: This is news to everyone in both camps. Reps for Halle Berry, her CAA agents and Relativity Media, the studio behind this picture, call this story a “fantastic idea, but sadly it isn’t true.” Reps for Verhoeven also say this is untrue, his management goes so far as to say it’s, “totally inaccurate.”

The studio says the project is actually in development and doesn’t have a director nor any actors attached so consider the report incorrect across the board.

What is accurate is that Berry recently dropped out of Garry Marshall‘s “New Year’s Eve” and was replaced with Katherine Heigl as she is currently in a custody battle over her daughter reports the Associated Press.

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I don’t get it.

Edward Davis

There’s just too much hilarious irony about what you’re saying here Bunty. Gonna save breath.


Fair play. Faraci’s a turd, and has been bitching about you guys on Twitter for ages now. Accusing you of being content thieves, when in actual fact you break far more exclusives than his sorry Badass Digest site, which seems to just post “hilarious” videos from around the web.

The Playlist

oh and truth. A certain director called to apologize to us this week. Fact.

The Playlist

Not revenge. One was this: A director actively talking and working with Leo’s Appian way, but he spoke out of turn and there’s no official deal signed yet. But he is working on it and it could happen.

One is simply not true with 5 separate sources saying the same, 3 for Berry, 2 for PV.

Big, big difference.


Haha, is this revenge for Faraci debunking the D.J. Caruso thing? BLOGGERS AT WAR!

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