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Hermoine Meets Jacob: Emma Watson Top Contender To Join Taylor Lautner In ‘Incarceron’

Hermoine Meets Jacob: Emma Watson Top Contender To Join Taylor Lautner In 'Incarceron'

Taylor Lautner may have found his leading lady, and it’s an actress who, like Jacob himself, is no stranger to tentpole fare.

JustJared reports that Emma Watson is the top contender to join “Incarceron” taking the pole position against Jennifer Lawrence and Blake Lively who were also listed as frontrunners for the part. Based on the young adult novel by Catherine Fisher (why mess with a good formula), the story follows Finn (Lautner), “who has lived his entire life in Incarceron, a savage, futuristic prison society. He meets the daughter of the warden, who is trapped in her own prison, a futuristic world constructed beautifully to look like the 17th Century. She knows nothing of Incarceron except that it exists. She and Finn simultaneously find a crystal key that allows them to communicate and hatch an escape plan for Finn.” Watson would play Claudia, the warden’s daughter.

With both Watson and Lautner leaving major franchises that are about to come an end — “Harry Potter” and “Twilight” respectively — this is the kind of mega-pairing studio execs can only dream of, and for the actors, it ensures their bank accounts will remain very healthy as this is a potential franchise vehicle. The second book in the series, “Sapphique,” hit stores shelves in paperback this week; the studio has the rights to the entire series.

The 20th Century Fox film has a script from “Moby Dick” writers Adam Cooper and Bill Collage, but curiously, no director yet attached. But with Hermoine and Jacob now potentially powering this vehicle, expect some big names to circle.

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is that what happens in breaking dawn?


I get the feeling this film isn’t moving so they keep listing potential female leads to try and stir up interest. When they actually find a director, I’ll take all the casting rumors seriously.


Of all the terrible acting in those “Twilight” movies, this kid was probably the worst out of all of them. And that’s saying a lot.


Brown has a long summer break and you can do some independent story-my sister goes there. She can film both Perks and Incarceron. Watson and Lautner together would be EPIC!!!!!!!!!!! They look so beautiful together. The dark haired American and the blond English rose.


The article didn’t actually say she’d be taking part.. just that she was being considered. I honestly prefer it’s someone else over her, like Dianna Agron. I like Emma, but after reading Incarceron I can’t see her as Claudia. Personally, I’d like Dianna.. she could do great in this role:)


JustJare doesn’t say that, it says it “looks like” she’s the “top contender”… She’s filming “The Perks of Being a Wallflower” this summer and is still in school so this seems pretty unlikely IMO.

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