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Hollywood Hates Emma Watson’s Hair

Hollywood Hates Emma Watson's Hair

For an industry that puts wigs on everyone all the time the blow back that Emma Watson has gotten over her pixie cut seems bizarre. Emma couldn’t cut her hair for a decade while she filmed the Harry Potter films and the first thing she did when she was done was get a haircut.

Now it seems that she is growing out her haircut in order to get another job. Here’s what she said to People:

“If I want to keep acting then it’s more flexible for me to have it longer for different roles, it’s quite a specific cut.”

Bizarre. Why all the fuss? She’s not 12 anymore. Get over it.

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Daisy Kenyon

Her quote is a little odd as she can wear a dang wig!! Seems like one would be more versatile as an actor who can wear a wig with many hairstyles. And has been mentioned–Michelle Williams and Carey Mulligan!!!!!
Emma, just admit you want to grow your hair out!


Who is Hollywood????
She is Emma, she is unique and she looks great !!!!
She doesn’t have to be like most of Hollywood.

Also … See Bob’s comment on 2/21/11


Actually, I prefer short hair on a woman, but it does not look good on everyone. I would put Emma Watson in that category. It usually looks best on the most feminine women and therefore the women that I already find most desirable anyways.


Halle Berry has kept her hair short, and it’s a good thing too. She looks much more striking with short hair. I’ve seen her with long hair and it honest doesn’t add to her appeal in anyway.

If you’re naturally pretty, you will look good with short hair. Long hair adds to the appeal of women who are less attractive to begin with.

Besides, just about everybody in Hollywood has long swinging hair, I’m over it. I used to want it too, but as a black woman with super curly hair growing it long is next to impossible without wearing it in dreadlocks or keeping it loose and not touching it at all or allowing it to be touched by anything. Then, of course, I would have to straighten it with dangerous chemicals. No thank you.

Emma looks cute with her pixie cut. Only men with a hair fetish care about long hair on a woman. Also, men have been conditioned on tanned blonde women with long hair and big boobs as sexy and short hair being masculine. The truth is its just hair, long or short.


I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!


Hey Ron! Guess what? I know a lot of women who don’t, in fact, care about “what most guys think is attractive.” We care about doing what we want with our own selves. It is not the duty of women to look good for men. It is not the duty of women to keep their hair, faces, bodies, or clothes the way men prefer. It is not the duty of women to be “pretty.” The only reason men think it is is because of a little thing called “privilege,” which you should really do some research on. You should also consider not speaking on behalf of all men, as that is presumptuous and also likely inaccurate. I have had very short hair my entire adult life (starting at 16 actually) and my man loves it. He loves seeing, smelling, and touching my neck and ears, he loves how the short hair emphasizes my beautiful face, and he loves especially how the short hair is representative of who I think I am and what I want to do. I don’t make decisions in my life based on “what most guys think is attractive.” I’m sure that seems downright anathema to a man like you, who is obviously convinced that it is women’s “job” to look “pretty” for him. Please, grow up.


She’s trying to attract pedophiles like Mia Farrow did.


I don’t hate this haircut, but it’s not really pretty. If someone doesn’t care about what most guys think is attractive, go for it. And no, it’s ridiculous to suggest that men are “conditioned” to like long hair. It smells great, feels soft, moves gently and looks oh so magnificent. We don’t need to be taught what we instinctvely love.

Allienne Goddard

I think each and every one of you should be slaughtered. I want to see your flesh laid out on a table and sold. Oh, how I will laugh!

Seriously. Kill yourselves. Quickly.


Do you know whats funny? The article to have the most comments on it since the beginning of this blog is this one. Not an article regarding blatant sexism or discrimination. Not an article talking about new great upcoming movies by women. It is this article about Emma Watson. An actress who has not physically appeared on screen other than in the Harry Potter films.

It is also funny how, on a feminist site, the simplest thing can be turned into a story of empowerment or sexism by adding the right tone. Emma was to play the same role for eight films and the filmmakers thought it would be easier if she looked like her role throughout the series. Now she says one little thing to People, saying how she wants to grow it back just a little bit (followed by People saying that it shouldn’t really matter) and now look. We have people assuming that she is being beaten down by a bunch of sexist old men (also really powerful and successful producers) and being a victim of horrible misogyny.

Is Hollywood sexist? Yes. Is it possible that feminist sites will sometimes just look for excuses to say “YOU GO GIRL :)”? Yes.


As a male I think she looks very attractive with long and short hair. In my opinion its more about confidence and how you portray yourself than your hairstyle


Hi Melissa,

I have mixed feelings about allowing all comments. I remember you had a lot of comments from drudgebots when you were writing about Polanski. I think if the comments are clearly political with an agenda and written by paid bots, then they should be deleted. You can usually tell because they stay on topic with whatever agenda they are pushing.

If the comments are from someone who is simply biased or believes women are inferior, shouldn’t be directing, don’t have talent and our potential to have babies stands in the way of our careers…well that’s the attitude that we face everyday. I think it’s important that we discuss these feelings out in the open and that includes men, some of whom may be sexist, but many who are not.

Reading some of these comments I’ve come to realize there really still are people who believe women are innately inferior. Just like there was a group of people who got their white sheets out of storage when Obama became president. But they are behind the times, trying to hold on to privileges born of race or sex, that they never deserved to have in the first place.

Melissa Silverstein

Hi all- clearly this post has touched a nerve. I never expected it. Since I am new to indiewire there are many new readers to this site. I can moderate and delete the trashy comments, but I can also let readers react to them since we deal with trolls everyday.

I’m not exactly sure how I will deal with this in the future. This has been an interesting test.

Would love opinions.



Is there a reason comments on this site are not moderated? I know it’s a miserable amount of work, but may I humbly suggest it? It would certainly keep me reading more often.


She looks great! Yet another example of sexist Hollywood and the endless double standards for–and objectification of–women.


Or maybe… Just try it out. We think she looked nicer with long hair.

Just as an idea, it might just be a matter of opinion, as opposed to a male chauvinist conspiracy to keep the women down.


You people waste your life’s caring about the dumbest things.


anon, the movies were called HARRY POTTER, not Hermonie Granger. You are the king of idiots.


Emma’s got a beautiful face that can be seen and perfectly framed with the short style. Not every woman can rock a pixie, and she does. Hollywood is so weird.


Yeah, don’t be sexist…..bitches hate that.

Mike D.

whats the big deal? Well, the big deal is, it’s ugly. First off, she doesnt have the facial shape to pull it off, her forhead is waaaaya too big.


Not only should she NOT grow her hair out, but she should get the penis graft she desperately craves, quit shaving her legs and wear pants from here on out.

You GO girl-man!


So where is the proof that hollywood hates her hair? The only thing mentioning it is the title of the article. What a typical ruse. This story fails miserably.


Short, Long it doesn’t matter.
Let Emma decide how she wants her hair, pure and simple.
Anyone that recommends anything other than that, is a hypocrite.
She’s a big girl now, let her decide.


Only subhuman sexists could have anything to object to Emma Watson’s hair.

You go grrl! Stick it to the man with your short hair.

The man oppressed you in every single Harry Potter movie by failing to make YOU the real star.


I like short hair. I think it’s a shame women (especially actresses) are under such pressure to have long “girly” hair. If it’s necessary for a part, she could get a wig.


Ugh, I hate how people are making the “girl with super short hair” thing a stigma. That hairstyle has been around for decades. I think its quite sexist to judge a female because she has short hair.

I’ve had long hair all my life and I finally cut it all off last summer. Some people have given me flack about it but I don’t care. Its way more comfortable than long hair and I can actually style it more. The style is unique nowadays but its getting popular. I felt rebellious for doing it but it was liberating.

Emma Watson should keep the short hair.


I have to say I don’t get it. She looks plenty busy enough according to IMDB. I read she was by Darren Aronofsky’s side over the weekend. Between him and Weinstein who knows what she is being told. She’s very talented she doesn’t need those old men.


I bet this is what Harvey Weistein told to her. Everything isn’t about the look . Why the girls he supports think they have to look good to get roles: Blake lively, Gretchen Mol ,Jessica Alba and now Emma Watson ?

You are on the wrong track Emma.


She can not act and her look is of the things people love about her. She is just the cute little girl playing hermione in Harry Potter, so i totally get the point. Carey M has hort hair but she’s getting great roles. If you are talented and can show you versality this is not gonna be a problem.


Wigs, hair extensions if needed for the role. However, Halle Berry has kept her hair shor for much of her career and been successful. Ditto Michelle Williams.


What she should do is wear wigs at events, just to show her versatility. Hollywood has no imagination.

Tiffany Bildstein

I think that no matter what her hair looks like, it will look awsome on her. It should not matter what her hair looks like, people come to see her and her talent, not how long her hair is, really people get over it. Women with pixie hair are very cute looking, keep it up ladies!!!!


Huh? Like you said, they have wigs for this purpose.


I love her hair style. Long hair is.just boring! I don’t get why she can’t wig up or get extensions like other actresses. She’s in two movies after Potter. That’s pretty good.


She is so beautiful and I think the pixie haircut looks REALLY cute on her.

I had a pixie hairstyle last year and I kept getting shit from people about how I should have longer hair. Whatever.

btw, Melissa, I wanted to send you this article:


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