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I knew Lisa Edelstein was a fantastic actress, but I have newfound respect for her as a person. She could have chosen to advocate for something blandly good, but she chose to stick up for women on an unfortunately controversial issue that not enough people are willing to speak publicly about. Go her!


And in other celebrity news–did you hear Justin Bieber thinks woman who is raped should never be allowed to have an abortion?



What about the women who will DIE if they don’t have an abortion? Would you let them die on the hospital steps?

What about the woman who is raped while jogging? You would you force her to have her rapist’s baby?

You would make the ten year old girl who is impregnated by her uncle/father/brother carry the baby, even though her young body can’t handle the pregnancy?

Melissa Silverstein

I was going to delete the first comment because the guy is a jackass, but then I hoped that some of you would put him in his place.

So, thanks.

Deborah A

Thank you, Lisa Edelstein, for your courage, taking a stand and making a statement about personal choice.


@billy johnson – really? the MOST unnatural thing? More unnatural than boob jobs and botox and the plastic surgery that makes people look like cats? More unnatural than the artificial blood pumps that keep Dick Cheney alive even though his heart no longer beats? Miscarriage is extremely common, and abortion is just a procedure that induces miscarriage. So don’t get on your high horse about how “unnatural” it is, because we do things, medically, that are WAY more unnatural.

And secondly, and abortion can DEFINITELY help women mentally, physically, and emotionally. A woman in an abusive relationship who is impregnated against her will due to birth control sabotage by her abuser (which is disturbingly common) will ABSOLUTELY be better off physically, mentally, and emotionally than if she has a child who will tie her to that abuser for the rest of her life. The highest cause of death for pregnant women is murder by their partners. Getting an abortion means that those women are much less likely to be killed by their abusers, which increases the chances that they’ll be able to escape from their abusive situation, thereby improving their well-being across a spectrum of different areas.

As for whether it will improve their lives spiritually, 1) that is nobody’s damn business but theirs, 2) as a secular nation, spirituality is not an appropriate measure of whether actions should be legal and 3) all the people who think that another person’s spirituality and the laws of the country should be forced to adhere to THEIR beliefs are more likely to turn people away from spiritual relationships with a higher power than to bring them into the fold. Acting like a dick about how your particular beliefs are the only right ones, and everyone else should follow them exactly as you do is only making those of us who aren’t exactly like you think you’re crazy, and distance ourselves from you.

billy johnson

wow! this is so weak! what a poor choice of persuasion tactics. like the fear of the hanger is why women need to stand up for abortion rights. let’s be honest…we want to get an abortion because we are INCONVENIENCED! THINGS DIDN’T GO AS PLANNED! etc…

abortion is the most “unnatural act” done to the body. i would love to see someone show a video/psa/short film with footage of the abortion procedure from beginning to end with zoom lenses…complete with a beautiful triumphant score and an enthusiastic crowd of on-lookers cheering around the woman.

why are we so afraid to “feel guilty”? isn’t there such thing as healthy guilt that moves us to be better versions of ourselves.
how does an abortion MENTALLY, PHYSICALLY, EMOTIONALLY, and SPIRITUALLY help a woman be a better woman?

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