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James Cameron Says What We All Think: Christopher Nolan Should’ve Got A Best Director Oscar Nom

James Cameron Says What We All Think: Christopher Nolan Should've Got A Best Director Oscar Nom

‘Inception’ Wins Big At The Visual Effect’s Society Awards

Yeah, he can be mouthy, arrogant and brash, but credit where credit is due, James Cameron is right on point this time.

“I loved ‘Inception,’ and I wish that it had gotten more [Oscar nominations],” Cameron told THR. “I wish Chris Nolan had gotten nominated for directing that film because I think that it’s the most astounding piece of film creation and direction of the year, hands down … but now it’s not even in the running. So I diverge from the Academy’s taste in a lot of ways.” You’re damn right, Cameron. While we commend the Academy for generally moving toward more progressive and deserving choices, the snubbing of Christopher Nolan for a Best Director nomination (even as “Inception” landed a Best Picture nod) is a pretty egregious oversight. However, the folks at the Visual Effects Society know good work when they see it.

Inceptionpicked up four awards at the Visual Effects Society Awards ceremony on Tuesday night. The film took home trophies for outstanding visual effects on a visual-effects-driven motion picture; outstanding created environment in a live-action feature motion picture (for the Paris dreamscape sequence), outstanding models and miniatures in a featured motion picture (for the hospital fortress destruction) and outstanding compositing in a feature motion picture. Just reading that last sentence makes this writer want to bust out his “Inception” BluRay and watch those scenes all over again. Shame the Academy didn’t recognize Nolan’s work on the film.

“I’m often quoted in the press talking about visual effects like an actress talks about her use of botox… I know visual effects people pride themselves on doing the impossible. I’d just like to encourage you to say no to the unreasonable…,” Christopher Nolan told the audience at the ceremony once again proving why he kind of fucking rules.

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i wonder, if all this snubbing only spurs Nolan further !


I am talking about ” The Kings Speech”.


jimmiescoffee , I don’t understand the appeal of this mediocre film. One of the most overrated film in recent.


I thought the directors were the ones who sent in the nominations and the Academy picks the winner. In which case, why didn’t Cameron and the other directors vote for Nolan?


my thoughts immediately go to tom hooper as undeserving. that picture was immensely carried by the acting.


Inception may very well go down as Nolan’s masterpiece among a stellar career that has yet to produce a dud.

While True Grit was fun, the Coens should not have been nominated ahead of Nolan for BEST DIRECTOR. Inception was a bold and visionary film. True Grit was a solid western. Come on!


nolan is a class act for sure. he didnt always have a budget. people who hold that against him are assholes who need to look at ‘following’ and ‘memento’


seriously. this fucking guy got hosed. what a stand up dude and he just gets the critical shaft again and again. and if i know the critical shaft, it’s small and shriveled and old.

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