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Judi Dench & Michelle Monaghan Join ‘Better Living Through Chemistry’

Judi Dench & Michelle Monaghan Join 'Better Living Through Chemistry'

Cast Already Includes Jeremy Renner & Jennifer Garner

The European Film Market in Berlin is in full swing this weekend and film deals are happening left, right and center. A lot of times these attachments and or pre-attachments are made to attract and or entice financiers and don’t always come to fruition, but we’ll give this one the benefit of the doubt.

Michelle Monaghan and Dame Judi Dench have joined the cast of “Better Living Through Chemistry,” a 2009 Black List script which already has had Jeremy Renner and Jennifer Garner attached to star since last fall. Written and directed by David Posamentier and Geoff Moore the noirish thriller about a pharmacist (Renner) who begins a prescription drug-fueled affair with a trophy wife (Garner) that leads to the two plotting to kill her husband. No word yet on what roles will be slotted by Dench and Monaghan.

Posamentier and Moore recently unveiled “Peep World” at TIFF, and if all goes well with ‘Better Living,’ the plan is for the film to shoot in August. While Renner has used his post-“Hurt Locker” fame to launch himself into tentpole territory, we’re excited to see him tackle some challenging material here, and the cast surrounding the project is definitely promising. [Variety]

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No, Jennifer Garner has been attached to the “trophy wife” role since the fall, as Kevin wrote. She wont be Jeremy’s trophy wife, she’s someone else’s trophy wife (unknown who the role of the wealthy husband will go to) she just has an affair with Jeremy’s character. If you cant “imagine” Jen Garner in a role like that, perhaps that’s why she wants to play it? She’s already played the uptight wife role in Juno, I’m sure she would want to stretch out a little.


I read the script and I think Jennifer plays Renner’s uptight wife and Monaghan will play the trophy wife he has an affair with, that’s just my thought after reading the script. Judi Dench is the narrator of the movie throughout. Michelle is younger than Jennifer so I think that would make more sense for her to be in trophy wife role, also there are a lot of sex scenes in the script between renner and the trophy wife, can’t imagine Jen Garner in a role like that.

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