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Julia Roberts Locked To Play The Evil Queen In ‘Brothers Grimm: Snow White’

Julia Roberts Locked To Play The Evil Queen In 'Brothers Grimm: Snow White'

It’s been a long dance and a patient courtship that began way back in December, but Deadline reports that Julia Roberts will close on a deal this afternoon to star as the Evil Queen in Tarsem‘s 3D “Brothers Grimm: Snow White.”

The Relativity picture is running neck-and-neck with Universal‘s “Snow White And The Huntsman” which is already being primed for a December 21, 2012 release but Tarsem’s film might get to your multiplex first. Word is that ‘Brothers Grimm’ is moving fast and may even start filming next month, well ahead of Universal’s planned summer start on ‘Huntsman.’

The film would hew closer to a Brothers Grimm-like tale, and begins with Snow White’s stepmother killing her father, the young girl fleeing her kingdom only to return with seven contentious dwarves to rightfully regain what is hers. The script was penned by Melisa Wallack (“Meet Bill,” with Aaron Eckhart and Jessica Alba).

No word yet on other casting but with Roberts now on board, we figure everything else will now quickly fall into place.

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rodie, I think you are right about Julia R. She is a one trick pony, and practically every role she portrays is a variation of her role in ” Pretty Woman”. I have no interest in seeing this movie, but I am open to being surprised by a good Roberts performance.


This is stupid. Julia Roberts can only play two roles: Erin Brockovich and Julia Roberts.

It’s not like they need a huge name to sell this movie. It’s SNOW WHITE! They should have gotten more of a character actor to play the Queen.


About time Julia Roberts does something different. It’ll be good to see her stretch her talents and play something eccentric.

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