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Kevin Costner Joining Zack Snyder’s ‘Superman’?

Kevin Costner Joining Zack Snyder's 'Superman'?

Alright, Zack Snyder, you’re throwing us for a goddamn loop with this one. Updated: Latino Review says if Costner gets this role, and it sounds like he might, that he’ll play Pa Kent, Superman’s earth-dad, Jonathan “Pa” Kent.

Deadline reports that there is “heightened interest” in Kevin Costner for the forthcoming “Superman.” The actor, who has stayed away from tentpole films since the ridiculous/diastrous 1997 film “The Postman,” is apparently being eyed for a “key role” though it is not specified what exactly that might be. And well, that’s about all we know for now and it remains to be seen if this “interest” will turn into anything more concrete, but we can hear the cries from the comic faithful already.

Deadline speculates that Costner might continue his string of good guy roles of late in films like “The Company Men” and “Swing Vote.” But if we had to guess, we think the part might be a baddie, especially considering that Costner received some pretty decent notices for his darker turn in “Mr. Brooks.”

So, yay or nay on Costner? At this point, who knows how this will play out but at the very least, we hope those rumored script problems are getting solved.

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I loved The Postman! Not sure why everyone dislikes this movie.


Snyder is a hack anyway. It doesn’t surprise me that he would rip off the Smallville casting this way. It’s what he does in his motion comics. Rips a panel off the comic book page, and films a detailed copy. Rote copying of others’ ideas is Snyder’s directorial “style”.


weirdness, unlike what’s left of the Smallville cast, Cavill and Costner can act (in their day, O’Toole, Glover, Mack and Rosenbaum almost made that awful series watchable)…


They should have just used the cast from Smallville if Snyder is just going to cast their twins anyway. It was amusing when the nerds started pointing out how much Cavill and Welling look alike, a few days ago. Now with Costner, a trend is forming. If this keeps up, Snyder moves from pleasant homage into outright hackery.


I’m a Snyder hater, but I have to admit Costner would be a great Pa Kent.


Oh it’s just perfectly bland for a zack snyder movie. I bet he’s cast as Pa Kent in a flash back sequence when Young Clark is played by Snyder’s kid. Nobody should care especially me.


If you really want to bland up the film, just add a Kevin Costner to the mix.


Why not have Costner play someone else who works for the Daily Planet? I could buy him as a seasoned investigative reporter who takes Clark under his wing or even as Perry White.


Sources close to the production also hope they solve those problems that might not actually exist but blogs keep talking about on the internets.

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